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  1. That is so cool, I want one.
  2. I just subscribed to your channel. My newest video is I didn't post that video here because of a naughty word in a greenday song. Check it out it's car related.This is a older of mine not car related.
  3. This is what what I think of when I hear I ron Butterfly
  4. Uriah Heep, Black Oak Arkansas, I love this place just when I feel like the oldest guy on the internet I come here...... Any way just listened to Plain White Ts and now going to relax with some Eisley.
  5. Of course this is possible. I would make a sideshow with the pictures and save as mpeg. Then just use your favorite DVD authoring app to import the slide show and the .mpeg movies and burn.
  6. Didn't Oracle or someone like that show this about three years ago? I'll do some searching around later I know I see this before. This is something like it not what I was thinking of.
  7. I've been using apples newest N router and the range for both B and G has increased considerably. When connected to a N laptop I can go so far from my house I turned down the signal strength because I didn't need to go that far. I'm pretty sure it's using the same chip set as the Belkin N routers. Definitely worth a look.
  8. Is that the same Fastway that was a 1980's one hit wonder band with the real old moterhead guitarist? Oh and Greenday - J.A.R
  9. Death Cab for Cutie -Marching Bands of Manhattan
  10. Most phones need a sync cable that plugs into the phone port to usb. Check amazon or similar for samsung accessories sync. here
  11. All mac's will work with any usb keyboard or mouse. Apple stopped using that "weird circle thing" back in the 1990's so you need usb. The mac will also work with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
  12. It's a regular desktop Mac running os x. It uses a laptop hard drive. Check before you buy.
  13. isteve

    Igoogle Why

    The CEO of Google is also a iboard member of Apple. So it could be because whoever drinks the iJobs Cool-aid gets (i) attached to them. Or it could be that igoogle is the ihomepage for the upcoming iphone's browser. Maybe the irumors are true that Apple and Google are merging...Appgle Goople.
  14. The video is still somewhere in the itunes library. Changing it to a music video probably moved it somewhere else. Try making a smart playlist with criteria that you are sure matches the video. Or just search your hard drive for it and move it. It can not stay on your ipod if it's not in itunes. Every time you sync itunes and ipod compare indexes the ipod will change depending on changes in itunes index, so if you add or delete something in itunes the ipod will add or delete the file. If the file has moved the ipod will not change.
  15. Your going to have to find it in itunes and move it or uncheck it for sync. The ipod only will have media that is in itunes and if you did find it and removed it manually from the ipod, the next time you sync it will be on the ipod again.
  16. Are some of the words misspelled..I didn't notice
  17. Vista may be having a slow start but it is not a failure. I'm a Mac user but really like Vista "not so much the DRM" but it is very good and will get better. As for the inquirer they are the biggest source of FUD on the net. There stories are written just for hit counts. Usually their headlines are about Apple not surviving the rest of the year or about how Linus Torvalts is switching to Windows.
  18. I think they use the crudeness to prove their point that as long as they have a hit show and are making money they can get away with anything. It definitely is a adult show.
  19. I love Southpark they have the ability to expose taboos while pointing out hypocrisies all while being funny.I think 75% of people that watch Southpark miss the punchline completely.
  20. Go to the page you want to make your start up page and highligh and drag or drag the favicon to the home icon in the firefox tool bar. Or tools > option > Main set option and click use current page.
  21. I raced RC car's and trucks for a little over 15 years. Have won many state and regional events also raced some national events. I stoped about two years ago when I started playing guitar again. I have played with some indoor flyers airplans and a cheap little heli. Been looking for a small helicopter for the backyard will the CX work for that?
  22. Flash is the web 2.0 version of the animated .gif. The only thing worst is a link that opens a pdf.
  23. I don't remember but I think you will need a version for AMD 64. If this is the case and I think it is you may want to use the beta 7 version it should be out of beta soon if you want to wait. But ubuntu 7 is a real ready for prime time distro thats geared to windows switchers.
  24. isteve


    I know the feeling Honda Boy. I got a Kawasaki ZRX1200 R a few years ago thinking it would be a little more docile then my Ninja. Well I was wrong this thing is still a screamer, at any time a quick twist of the throttle can catapult you to 120+ mph in just a few seconds. The rush is awesome but the reality is scary as he!!.
  25. You don't really need to build a computer to serve files. There are a lot of cool network storage drives that all you have to do is connect them to your router. I don't know to much about them I'm sure someone here could be more help if you want to consider this option. I just got a apple extreme N base station that has a built in print/storage server. I just plugged in a usb 2 hard drive and serve itunes movies and music.