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  1. The second is better. But I would put the navigation on the left
  2. I owned a few of those cars. The funny thing is I had a 93 RX7 and bought a miata to use if the 7 wouldn't start. Got rid of the Rotary and had to buy a Ford pickup just so I could keep the miata and not have neighbors ask question.
  3. Some has XP running on a new imac, it's using Linux vmware. here
  4. Although this does prove somebody is trying to write malware for os x, these two really are not a threat. First someone has to send it to you, then you have to unwrap it, then you have to install it and enter a admin password. Many people that have installed the first one, "Leap A" have not been able to get it to execute it's payload. And the only people that have this worm are antivirus companies.
  5. Does this happen if he uses something other then Cakewalk? I'm not a windows or Cakewalk user but have done a lot of home recording on macs with Deck, Garageband and logic express. And sometimes these problems can be caused by the bit rate selected in the recording software and not being compatible with sound card or audio interface.
  6. I was having a similar problem with my neighbors wireless router. I have no idea why it was happening but changing my routers addressing from to fixed it.
  7. isteve

    Oil Leaks

    The seal failing usually happens when the filter is over tighten. And I have been one of those guys that have changed a filter and never check if the old seal came off with the old filter...oil everywhere.
  8. Thanks for posting, that was the first time I saw that. Now we need a Fender commercial.
  9. Being a Mac user I'm not all the familiar with malware but check you system for spyware. I remember the CNC Group from china was a big source of spam a few years ago.
  10. Liz, I checked ebay for pencil sharpeners. I never would have guessed there are so many types, and so many people buying and selling them. JDoors I haven't seen the guitar adds. I'm surprised to hear there are adds. Marty, I have some hearing loss in my left ear, I tried different ear plugs but had a hard time hearing my guitar. I now have some plugs that filter out supposedly dangerous levels. But I don't play nearly as loud as I use to. I play with two bands one we just fool around writing songs and do some recording just for fun. And the other is a acoustic rock/folk/jam type band we play o
  11. Yep, I'm the one with the old Super Lead and pretty much never use it...way to loud. I played out at the bar down the street last week, and used a Tone Works pedalboard with amp simulation plugged into the house PA no real amp. Doesn't quite have the sound of warm tubes but a lot easier to lug around. blim; What exactly is a unusual pencil sharpener?
  12. I played in a band about 20 year ago we would play out a couple times a week. Then life happened. A few years ago I started playing again with a bunch of other guys with pretty much the same story...we're having a lot of fun.
  13. I also collect guitars, well I never plan on collecting them... it just kind of happens. Well actually I didn't eve know i collected them, until I put them all in the same room and noticed I had no room to move.
  14. I have a video ipod. I download my favorite video podcast to it and use a dock to connect to my tv/home theater system. I don't know anything about the other one you mention but the support that itunes music, movie, tv, podcast video podcast and all the third party products for the ipods make saving $50 not seem as important. But if all you are going to do is rip your cd and encode you own movies to put on your player then the $50 savings may be worth it. Check out this cool new dock coming soon.
  15. The next version of Opera is supposed to come with a built in bittorrent component. And being a Mac user my favorite browsers are Safari, Omniweb, Camino.
  16. Well I have heard that Mac's inspire passion but... Was very funny thanks for posting it.
  17. The source page is what your browser see's and turns that into what you see. That is why some browsers will render pages differently. We all receive the same html code "well most of the time" but we may not always see it the same. To make a long story endless, when you view source of a page your just looking at the file that your browser has stored locally.
  18. I've been doing a little investigation and found that the problem getting windows XP running on the new Mactels is that XP doesn't support EFI. I also found that Vista will support EFI so when Vista hits the shelfs it should just install on a Mac...of course I said it should that's far from it will.
  19. There is a contest going on with a cash prize for the first to get windows working on the Mac but nothing yet. Also M$ at macworld said they would be making office for mac for another five years but have stop making other apps for Mac, windows media player, Internet explorer. My guess is that Microsoft is working on a new version of virtual PC that will allow windows to run at full speed but transparently alongside os x. I was also wondering if at this time can Windows XP run on the new Intel Core Duo chips. I thought the chip only work with EFI and not BIOS.
  20. Hey tictoc5150, I live in Easthampton not far from you, and the 50+ was great last week but 9 degrees and another six inches of snow the other night I can do without. But of course we in New England always say if you don't like the weather just wait a minute...
  21. I've been using it since the first beta and have had no problems with it. This latest is pretty much rock solid.
  22. Not working for me with safari. Maybe there servers down, try again tomorrow
  23. I'm sure someday we'll find that many popular utilities install Rootkits. Rootkits have always been a good way to keep malware from disabling antivirus software.
  24. While your at it you can get the Filp4Mac windows media component free for Quicktime from Microsoft. If you don't know what it is it let's you play Windows media files inside quicktime.