1. Tech Support

    1. Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

      Get all your Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP questions answered here.

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      Get all your Linux/Unix (Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc) questions answered here.

    3. Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod

      Get all your Apple, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and OS X questions answered here.

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      Get all your questions on MP3 players, Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, TV's, CPU's, Motherboards, RAM, etc answered here.

    5. Programming

      Can't get your program to work? Not sure what to do next? Post your question here.

  2. Malware Removal

    1. Malware Removal

      The BestTechie Malware Removal forum is where you can post your OTL logs for review and receive malware removal assistance. Please do not post your log into another person's topic.

    2. Spyware/Adware Information

      Not sure about a certain anti-malware program or need help finding information on spyware/adware? Post your questions here.

    3. Malware Removal Self Help Guides

      Learn how to remove even the toughest malware from your system with our self-help guides - use at your own risk.

  3. Website and Graphic Development

    1. Website Design & SEO Help

      General website design discussions including tips and tools, as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips and help.

    2. Graphic Design

      Post your questions about graphic design, Photoshop, GIMP, and other graphic applications here. Feel free to include discussions on tips and tricks.

    3. Web

      A place to share and discuss the latest web services, acquisitions, new feature roll outs, and other various topics around the Web.

  4. Updates, Alerts, and Rumors

    1. Software Updates

      This is where you post updates for programs, operating systems, etc.

    2. Security Alerts

      This is where you post alerts about the latest security threats.

    3. Tech Rumors, Updates, & Alerts

      The latest rumors, updates, alerts, and freebies in the world of technology.

  5. BestTechie KB Articles

    1. BestTechie Knowledge Base

      Malware, Windows, Networking, and Web articles and tutorials.

    2. Article Submissions

      If you want to submit an article to the BestTechie KB post it here. Once approved it will be moved to the correct section.

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    2. The Comedy Club

      Post your jokes here or just come in for a laugh. Please keep it semi-clean and non abusive.

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      Did you find an interesting article or news story? If so post it here.

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      This will have any current news information provided by administration.

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    6. BestTechie Garage Sale

      Buy, Sell, Trade, or just Give Away, any working hardware/software you may have. Computer related ONLY!

    7. The BestTechie UStream/Radio

      Post your questions, comments, and suggestions for the UStream and radio here.

    8. BT Blogs

      Get help with your BT Blog - here you can post questions and read helpful tutorials.

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    • Very interesting! The dream of everyone owning a 3D printer may be over. It's too expensive so I decided to buy a new home printer yesterday. Gaming svg bundle  - I want to print giftcards and stickers. 
    • Not sure why you have pop-ups Brian ! I don't have any ! Jeff i let take care of any Advertising so he probably removes them, if i see any i remove them also !! Chuck
    • Hey Brian, i am also a Tech dating back when the old 3.1 came out ! I still have that machine ! I have also had all the Operating system MS has ever came out with, I have been using Windows 11 Beta testing it & giving MS my thoughts on some of the new apps & programs ! I must say i don't like a few but over all i am very impressed with W11. There will be a newer version as soon as MS can get it out to everyone ! Sometime  between now (5th Oct.) and 2022 mid summer ! Windows 10 they are leaving it alone for 4 yrs. then it will go by the way side like W7 !!! You take care Brian & Be Safe !! Chuck
    • @flashh4 I agree with Chuck. There are lots of different antivirus companies And anti-spyware companies that tell us they are “the best”. It is up to you to make a decision as to what you think is appropriate as far as what you think is “the best”. There are other people who are of a mind, like myself, who rely on certain programs in certain tools to be used in an anti-malware removal process, or a scan process to remove any junkware.   Trendmicro may be a good program, but that would be up to the person using it. There are so many programs out there that it is hard to know which is the best unless you use them every day. without question in my mind the following programs are the best: Windows Defender, And Malwarebytes anti-malware.  When a Virus strikes my machine, I know that most times it can remove it. If it doesn’t, then I come to Chuck or another trusted individual who knows how to remove this garbage. I once went through Malware removal school but then had to drop out because I just didn’t have the time to be able to complete whatever they ask for, and not only that it became more difficult to complete what they were asking for. In the times of today there are many viruses and spyware programs out there or versions of junkware That clog up computers and cause more problems than not. This is why I chose to go with someone who understands how to remove that material, and you have to keep up with it as JACK has an order to be able to give a proper instructions.   Chuck, you may want to go through the forms and remove some of these “advertisements for services” that are popping up inside the forms themselves. I have read at least five posts in the last hour that are similar to that in my post feed. They might be helpful posts, but to me it sounds like they are spam, and they should be checked out and removed if either you or Jeff or another moderator believe that they are junk posts.  One of them is dealing with how to “write essays” and it seems to be some Advertisements. Take care my friend!  Brian