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  1. Hey all, I am running Vista, and am trying to install Peerguardian2, this is the problem, I have been getting this Driver Error everytime I try to open Peerguardian. It states the following: Driver Error Peerguardian is unable to load the packet filtering driver. This could happen if Peerguardian crashed and didn't have a chance to unload the driver, or if the file pgfilter.sys can't be found. If Peerguardian crashed, please run "Recover Peerguardian" from the start menu to attempt to recover from the problem class driver_error StartService: Access is denied I've tried to recover, no good. I'v
  2. November. (It actually takes place in November) -Joe
  3. May seem a little off topic, but: Where does the candle go? -Joe
  4. I don't drive, but our local force seems to be fine, I walk a lot to main street and just chill and stuff. We don't really have much of a force, seeing a cop is a rarity to be frank. Most of the time it's state troopers. Every once in a while you will see "Westminster Police Department" on the side of the car. Maybe they're just not on main street much.... But yeah no ones ever been pulled over. My brother speeds a lot on the long roads, not like main street, haha, but he's only been pulled over once and that wasn't here. They care more about like home stuff it seems, I see a lot more cops at
  5. Hey, found this site that sells computers: http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/ Went looking for a gaming laptop since I would like one to be able to take in between my parent's house. I found this one: http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Xplorer...onfigurator_top If you scroll down, you can change the settings. I set it at: 2.50 ghz processor 2g (2x1g) Memory 160GB 7200RPM hard drive BUILT-IN AC 97 SOUND 6-cell Li-On Battery Pack (COMPAL) Built-in 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium 32-bit Edition Microsoft® Office® 2007 BASIC Editon (includes Excel, Outlook, & Word)
  6. Haha, I didn't get it at first, but this ones good! -Joe
  7. LOL, that's amazing! -Joe
  8. haha, that's pretty cool! -Joe
  9. Hey I just got a job (I have training this Friday) and I really have nothing I want to get except a new cage for my Chinchilla and a new computer, a new gaming computer to be exact, so I am fine with saving for a long time. Well, is it possible to have a gaming laptop with the capacity to play Crysis or CoD4? If not, what about CoD2, GTA San Andreas and Halo? Also, how much would each cost? Even if the better one is possible I'd like to know the second one because if the difference is major enough, I'd just get the second one. Also, of course internet capabilities so I can play online, and che
  10. Thanks guys! Been forever since I've been here! I'll probably be here more often asking "stupid questions" since I'm getting more and more into computers every day, but theres still a BUNCH I don't know. Also I'm considering taking it as a career, building and fixing computers. Although like a secondary career. I want to teach, so maybe I'll do it as a summer job, ya know? Have a good one! -Joe
  11. Haha! I used to play GunZ! I loved it! Totally forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me! -Joe
  12. I read books, but I read them for about an hour at night before I go to bed. I can't sit down and read for much longer than 1 hour usually. I don't know why...... -Joe Are your eyes OK? Glasses? I only ask because I've experienced the same problem in the last few years. I used to be able to read books cover to cover in a few days. Now I get distracted easily. I think it's a vision problem. Just a thought. I get distracted easy, yes. My eyes seem fine. Everything looks as it always has...... Yeah I think thats the problem. I have the same thing, can't be many distractions or I get away from
  13. I read books, but I read them for about an hour at night before I go to bed. I can't sit down and read for much longer than 1 hour usually. I don't know why...... -Joe
  14. Thanks a bunch! I'm downloading Wolfenstein now, I'll check that one first. I played AA a few years back, but it was kinda laggy for me. -Joe