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  1. Ditto on that, Pete certainly has helped me over the years when I was a real novice and knew nothing at all, but he had the patience to teach me some things and I don't forget. Thanks!!! Many thanks to all of you here that have helped me to progress, each and every one of you have contributed and not forgotten. I try now to pass on that knowledge I have learned here to others. That is the whole idea.
  2. OMG I had no idea it was that long ago. Yes I do remember him and miss him...
  3. bar5

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my BT friends Have a good one Barb
  4. bar5

    Where are you ?

    Hi Ya Just dropped in to see what is going on. I do come by every now and then but don't log in. I saw this today and thought I would at least say hello. Have been very busy with medical issues myself and have had no time to do much of anything until the past few months. Doing OK now. Hope everyone is OK also. I'm also from the Tectv days which is where I met a lot of you. Got all my computer learning from most of you. Now I try to pay it back when I can to others. Have a good day. Barb
  5. R.I.P Marsh. You will be greatly missed.
  6. bar5

    just stopped by

    WOW, so nice to see you all stopping by at our old stomping grounds BT. Thought I would just stop by myself and say HELLO. Have a great day, I'm off to watch Baseball, one of my favorite sports. Hope you are all well. See ya.
  7. bar5

    just stopped by

    HI Just saw this one, a good one to keep going in case some of us decide to drop by and say hello. Hi to goliath, Pete, Flatiron...definitely remember all of you... Hi again to hitest and Jeff... Well of to watch Super Bowl later..much later..rooting for about you all? Bye for now..
  8. Hey Jeff, hitest, rv56 and Chuck..Good to see these familiar names again... It has been a long time.. I always liked it here because it had that small town atmosphere where everyone knew every one. Anyone going to watch the Super Bowl, and if so, who are you rooting for? I'm for SF... See you all later.. Barb
  9. Hi Everyone.. I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything on here, but do come by on occasion to check it out. Just saw this, and gave me an opportunity to say HI. Not sure you remember me, as it has been a very long time, but I don't forget BestTechie. It has and always will be a favorite place of mine. This is where it all started for me after Techtv. We all migrated to here and Jeff gave us a home. Some also went to G4TV. BestTechie was my learning place, and many thanks to you all for sharing your expertise with me, so now I can help others. A sort of give back for you giving
  10. Hi Marty: Glad to see you are OK. I was thinking about you when I heard about the earth quake. Take care Barb
  11. Happy Birthday Jeff Hope you had a great one
  12. Happy Birthday TK I hope you had a great day, take care my friend Barb
  13. bar5

    Up and Running

    Welcome back Jeff. You don't know how much you miss something, until you don't have it for awhile.
  14. Happy Birthday Marsh May you have many more, my friend.
  15. bar5

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone here at BestTechie. Hope the coming year is a happy and prosperous one for all.