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  1. I usually drive about 80 on the highway most traffic goes about 75 80 here in Massachusetts. But every time I go to Connecticut to visit the Apple Store (like I did Sunday) I have to take 91S to 84 by Hartford and they're nuts. 5 or 6 lanes with people in the middle lanes doing 90+ and in the left lane like 60, other cars in the slow lane do about 70. Then there are people cutting lane to lane slamming on there brakes after cutting you off. And then getting back on the highway someone stopped in front of me at the top of the on ramp with there turn signal on, like they had a choice. OK...I fe
  2. If you want to use other open source apps download Fink and Fink Commander. This will let you install and run popular linux apps. Fink Commander is a package manager like the ones found in the popular linux distros. Also you may want to download OnyX it's a free utility that runs maintenance and repair scripts and can change some os x features.
  3. So what your seeing is your local directory in your "Finder" when you click on Network "called Network Browser", not from another computer on the network, correct. This shows all servers that you can connect to and one of those is your own. This does not mean other people see or can connect to you, even if you were sharing it they would need a name and password to gain access.
  4. Go to System Preferences > Sharing there you will be able to turn on and off services.
  5. Can't help with Front Row "Don't have it". But you can not put photos into a iphoto folder the folder holds albums. What you do is create a new album and highlight photos and drag into album. Then you can drag collections of albums into a folder.
  6. I registered for the battery swap last thursday and my new battery is supposed to be here next week. They tell you when you fill out the exchange form not to use the battery. I figure if it hasn't blown up in the last two and half years another week won't hurt.
  7. Congratulations on the Macbook Pro. I use open office but you may be able to get Mac Office pretty cheap through your school. MS Office for Mac is really nice, if I was going to use it a lot and could get it dirt cheap I would.
  8. Actually it does do what you want, it comes with a set of cables that plugs into you game console and into the eyetv box. If you read down the page it says it works with games consoles eyetv ez. I don't know how good the EXLR8 works for games some are a bit slow and have some latency.
  9. There are a few devices but one of the most popular is the eyetv it probably does a lot more then you need.
  10. I hate celebrities opinions on just about everything, not just political. They are so far separated from reality it's not funny. Like Paris Hilton and the vote or die campaign, after telling people how important it is to vote she forgot to register. And I remember a few years ago there was a huge save the earth rally in hollywood and all the beautiful people showed up in Humvee Limousines. And I have always though most musicians and sports stars should never be give interviews, not because of their views just because most of them sound like morons.
  11. I just want to say I woke up to a whopping 61 degrees today, If this keeps up I may need to add another blanket. ;o)
  12. I like paypal been using it for a few years now. Much safer then using credit cards everywhere. And pretty much a must have for ebay.
  13. As rhema7 was saying most of what your seeing is just noise and should be of no concern. What your People Pc software is doing is just reporting more of this crap doesn't mean any other software wouldn't see it just other software doesn't report it to you. As for FTP sites trying to contact your computer are you sure it isn't software just looking for regular updates?
  14. MAC filtering is not real security, anyone that could get past WPA encryption will be able to spoof a mac address in a few seconds.
  15. I wouldn't go with AllofMp3 I know the price is great but many agencies around the world are trying to shut them down. And just in case you down want a bunch of questionable business people floating around russia with you credit card numbers. And although itunes uses AAC with DRM that doesn't mean AAC files are protected, it is just another music file format. Just like WMA and WMA with DRM.
  16. 75% But I was to lazy to read the 13 original states and went with the default C. And had no clue about the voting amendments. I guess that makes me a true american.
  17. I just saw this, never thought I would see the day when Microsoft would do a demo of their OS on a Mac.
  18. I had my friend update her new Macbook last night using the software update, and she had no problems. There's a itunes update today.
  19. Well can't argue with that, I'll go open a fresh bottle of health right now.
  20. I’m not sure Rush and Queensryche should be called progressive. After all they are all old men now. I remember seeing Rush about 30 years ago. It’s strange that a young guy like you listens to stuff like this and a older guy like me has bee listening to The Plain White T’s. It’s also funny driving into work today I heard AC/DC and Black Sabbath on the radio, like being in a time warp.
  21. Check your software update 10.4.7 is here. Remember it's always a good idea to repair permissions first.
  22. Macbook Pro, sweet. This your first Mac?
  23. As of late Mac users have been getting some breaks, but we have a reputation of being a little arrogant, and some of us are. But most of us have a sense of humor. I always get a kick out of the apple store openings where thousands of appleheads line up for hours to spend there money. To tell the truth every time I go to a apple store I feel like I'm on a trip to disney. Must be the apple flavored cool aid. Joy of tech.
  24. This has got to be the friendliest tech forum on the internet. We Mac guy's usually have to keep a low profile in most bulletin boards or become instant flame bate.