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    My interests are reading, watching tv/movies, playing games, listening to music, and computers. <br /><br />Right know I'm into security. I like to learn new things about computers and other things as well.

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    ubuntu 6.06, xp home. xp pro
  1. My friends pc just started acting funny. He says that all the names,words,etc is like some type of symbals or something like that. I told him to go into the control panel and go to the reginal/langauge area and turn them to english. I don't know if he did it all right or not but he says it fix some of it but not all of it. Got any ideas Thanks for the help. JDM
  2. Thanks for the help. Here is the output for lspci lspci 0000:00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 915G/P/GV/GL/PL/910GL Processor to I/O Controller (rev 04) 0000:00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family Graphics Controller (rev 04) 0000:00:1b.0 0403: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 03) 0000:00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) PCI Express Port 1 (rev 03) 0000:00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI
  3. I'm running ubuntu and I love it but I want to put windows xp pro back on my computer with ubuntu still on it. Last time I did this I couldn't get my Internet to work so I gave up and put ubuntu on it. After a day I realized I didn't install the drivers for my hardware. I was wondering if you could help me find the drivers I need and I know if I do this I will have to put grub back on, so I was wondering if anybody had any advice on this. Thanks for the help. Here is my machine: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product...mp;lang=en& As far as I can tell this is my machine. On t
  4. I'm looking at xp pro right now since I have a copy at home and I'm better with windows. If that doen't work then I will do linux. I'm okay with linux but not the best. I'm looking at xp pro because my dad doesn't want to do linux and because I can run my own itunes on it and not have to share the xp home computer that my brother uses for my itunes. Any suggestions for setting it up and hardware. Thanks for the help.
  5. I do have a couple of external hard drives but my computers get confuse with them since they are the same model. I was thinking of doing a server because everything will be in one place and I can play music off of it. Thanks for the help.
  6. I want to building a server for my family. I have 4 people in my family(that is includeing me too). All of us use Itunes and all of us have Ipods. I want to building a server that can hold all of our docs., music, pics., and video. I want to be able to put all of that on it then have Itunes look at it so that the individual computers don't have the music and videos but itunes and see it and so the user the music. I'm thinking of buying a computer then buy a case and switching the cases so that I can have room for hard drives. I have a copy of xp pro(legal too) that I can put on the server. The
  7. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. I haven't been on for a long time but I hope this summer I will be able to get on and get to know you all. Thanks again for the B-day wishes. I had a good day.
  8. Is Godaddy.com a good service porvider for hosting a web site? I'm wanting to have a place where I can have a message board also. Thanks for the help.
  9. I want to set up the option theat the user can't change their password. I'm running windows xp home.
  10. Thanks you all for the birthday wishes. I know I haven't talk to mainy of you but I very much appreciate the wishes. Thank you so much and i did have a good birthday.
  11. I have just downloaded a Linux Dis. and I don't know what to do next. I want to try and get it onto a cd so that I can do a boot CD. I was wondering what to do next.