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    Tax Returns

    My plan was to give it to my insurance company but my old tv died. So now I'm sitting in front of a sweet little 32" Sharp AQUOS LCD.
  2. isteve

    Tax Returns

    Same thing I do every year, give it to my insurance company.
  3. You think they introduced themselves with "Hi I'm an Mac and I'm a PC"?
  4. That Pachelbell video is good. Do you think theres a chance of embedding youtube vids in the BT Blogs?
  5. Are you planning on editing you movie. Many editors have noise reduction that does a fair job. I use imovie that does a halfway decent job of this I would guess Movie Maker would do the same. As said above a external mic is usually the best, much easier to not record noise than try to remove it.
  6. If you use line in the A/D will happen in the card. But the mixer will do two things, first condenser mics need to be powered some are powered by a battery in the mic, most use phantom power(get power from what they are plugged into) mixer. And second if you want a good signal you want the mic iimpedance to match the line-in called line level. A lot of line in's can work with some mic level but not ideal for quality recording. Now you could use a dynamic mic and get good results, actually for singers this works real well but condenser mic are very sensitive and warm perfect for instruments and
  7. The best thing about usb mic is the A/D (Analog/Digital) conversion happens outside the computer. This frees up some cpu because your computer doesn't have to do the A/D. The samson is very high quality and you will get a very good high quality digital signal. You should be able to get Audacity to record directly from the USB mic for a excellent sound. I'm a Mac/Garageband/Peak user so I'm not to sure of the details of Audacity on windows but I'm sure it's pretty straight froward. If you want to do recording through sound card you may want to get a cheap mixer with phantom power about $40 an
  8. Check out the Samson C01U USB. Really good price for a USB condenser.
  9. If the car dies I'm sure Cujo could always pull the car home.
  10. Blogs are another way to waste your time, write stuff no one but your friends read and then forget about. Thats why I try to do it everyday.
  11. I found this site about uninstalling. Looks like it could be a lot of work. Also just use that site for info, it looks like they want to sell you something that you don't need. Try this google search.
  12. Check out the Sandisk Sansa's. The 1gig is under $80 and has a nice interface. The 2gig is a little over $100, most of the other ipod like players cost as much as the ipod.
  13. I l I still secure it in the best way I can, (WPA + MAC Address Filtering + Hidden SID). If the sheep could possibly crack your WPA, then getting past MAC filter and trying to hide SID will only slow them down by a minute.
  14. I think it depends on where you live. I personally have mine secure and set the range to half power so the signal doesn't reach to much past my front door. My neighbors wi/fi covers most of my back yard and running unsecured. I told him about he said he didn't care. So in this case I'm all for it.
  15. isteve

    Learn From Me

    Many of these online stores are just someone that takes orders. When they get enough orders to get a large enough discount from their supplier they place the order, then fill their orders. This can take several weeks. I agree even if it cost a few dollars more it's safer and much faster to go with the big guys.
  16. Check with your ISP many give you plenty of space for a small site.
  17. The shuffle now only comes in with 1gb for $79 and she can just drag the songs or playlist she wants into the shuffle. I know the $149 nano is a big birthday present but it is worth the money for the features you get.
  18. isteve


    This is really strange, most XP users don't want to upgrade to Vista but a large amount of Mac users are really looking froward to installing Vista Virtually on their Macs. I myself was very excited about dual booting Vista until I read about the HDCP stuff, now I think I'll wait and see. I still think MS did a nice job with Vista and think many would be very happy with it, if your hardware supports it.
  19. Here in western Massachusetts it's 32 degrees and after a warm rainy weekend it's clear and dry. This is the most mild winter I can remember (so far). I think we just broke a record for not having snow this far into winter. Of course 20 miles north of me everything is covered in ice.
  20. The japan made opel "Isuzu I believe" came out in the mid 70's. The opel Manta and GT were made in Germany. I'll see if I can dig up some pictures of my old Manta. I somehow now am just developing a soft spot for it.
  21. You can't boot os x from a usb drive, only firewire. Cheap thing to do is just replace the dvd drive.
  22. There is really no difference between the two platforms running the same program. Most graphics people use Mac's because of tradition and once you learn to do things a cretin way you don't want to change. There may be some advantages to the mac not havening to run anti-viruses and spyware programs. But if Vista lives up to the hype I can't see any difference.
  23. What... you guys never heard of drifting.
  24. Suing will not bring James back. The only winners will be the lawyers. I do think the people that failed to do there jobs should be held accountable. But there are many things that went wrong starting with james driving a southern Calif. car in the backwoods of Oregon in the winter. The authorities should learn from there mistakes, maybe even close dangerous roads in bad weather. Make plans on what to do in case this happens again. We should learn to always plan our routes when we travel and tell someone of our plans. I think the best thing that could happen from this terrible episode would
  25. So what's it going to take to get you into this beautiful new Vista cruiser.