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  1. Is it possible to burn pictures to a dvd and show them on a tv? Also, is it possible to burn mpegs to a dvd and do the same thing? Renee
  2. Ok, I think my problem is the firewire I'm using...I think it's used only for capturing? This is what I have I believe I was on the right channel though because when I plugged the s-video cable into the tv, the screen went black and it said "SVHS" or something like that on the tv screen instead of the "AV2" like before. Does that even make sense? It's like the tv knew it was there, but for some reason the screen image didn't go through, if that makes sense. I even changed the channels to see if the screen was showing up somewher
  3. I'm still just getting a black screen...I don't know what the problem is...maybe I'm just not going to be able to mirror onto a tv? When I went into properties, it tells me that I am mirroring the laptop, but it's just not showing up, so maybe it's just not going to work. Hmmm Thanks! Renee
  4. Duh! Ok, did that, I am just getting a black screen. What am I still doing wrong? Thanks! Renee
  5. I have Ultramon on my laptop and it works great with another pc monitor, but I would like to be able to mirror the monitor onto a tv screen for presentation purposes (much less than a powerpoint projector if I can get it to work). Is it possible? I have a firewire that uses a usb port and I tried to use that, but no go. Any suggestions? Thanks! Renee
  6. Oh, heck no! BTDT! I don't like downloading junk like that. Thanks for asking though...I might not have thought of that otherwise. Renee
  7. Well, since I reformatted once before, I assume I have all the disks I need. Of course, the Dell support walked me thru it, but maybe I won't mess anything up. It took a number of disks...all the drivers and stuff.
  8. only thing is now is that I can't do any back up if I can't get on the computer at all...although I *think* I've got everything important backed up onto the external hard drive. At least I hope so. I'm reading the link you gave me before and maybe I'll get up the nerve....otherwise, wanna come do it for me? Renee
  9. Yes, I believe it probably was a repair install. I'm having quite another issue now...last time I was online, my computer was downloading updates that is does automatically. It was SP2 that it was downloading...anyway, I had to reboot of course when it was done, so I restarted the computer and now it acts like a broken record...the screen shows the "Dell" screen, then the screen it shows when it's loading windows and then it tries to restart again....over and over. What the heck have I done NOW? I'm having to use my laptop now... I have had to do a total reload of windows before and Dell
  10. I have tried that as well, but will try again when an update is done installing. Thanks. Renee
  11. Oh, and I booted up in safe mode today and ran defrag, spybot and adaware. I still get the error message even though I have also tried to go in and change the paging file settings in safe mode. Renee
  12. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply...with the holidays coming up AND my being sick as a dog....anyway, the disk I used says this on it: "Reinstallation CD Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Including Service Pack 1" Hope that helps. It had gotten to the point that using that disk was the only way I could even boot up the computer, so I actually used it a few times.
  13. Ah-ha...(duh moment) I actually didn't know this, but thank you! I think I did reload my windows installation...course, my not being totally knowledgable on such things, I could be mistaken. I booted from the windows disk, and reloaded it...That's one of the first things I did when I started having problems from the malware I had. I did reboot after changing, yes. And, no I don't use anything Norton's. I will try changing the paging file in safe mode and see if that helps. Thanks again! Renee
  14. I'm still getting the error message. I changed it again for the good it will do. Renee