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  2. I am very sorry to hear about Dana. This is compounded by the fact that I did not keep in touch with him over the years. Acts 24:15 And I have hope toward God, which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.
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  6. RIP Dana! You will be missed.
  7. May you rest in Peace & without pain ! Chuck
  8. Please join us in prayer and grief for the loss of Dana Turner to cancer. He will be remembered as a kind hearted soul. Please know. He did not experience pain and went peacefully in his sleep. Party on Dana with all the loud metal rock that one.
  9. Another new up-date yesterday ........................... Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.508) !! Some computers will NOT be notified by MS, you will have to download your self !! Chuck
  10. Microsoft announced that its Office 365 monthly active users are now over 200 million. With such a considerable number of companies gathering to Office 365, it's no wonder that many of these customers are looking for ways to handle their email signatures. Below are three difficulties we hear from Administrators when rolling out email signatures. 1 Standardization email signatures for all clients & devices Despite having full Office 365 deployment for mailboxes across the organization, most IT companies have difficulty in standardizing email signatures across multiple email clients and devices. Usually, users may use Outlook 2019 in office, Outlook app for Mobile, and the OWA at home computer. A new email signature web-based application like Sigsync will enable standardization across all of these email clients and devices. This provision will inevitably lead you towards a server-side solution. 2 Compliant without performing extra work Imagine that your Azure Active Directory setting is the origin of the data for your employee's email signature (Like Name, Title, Job title, Mobile number, email address, etc.). As such, this gives a foundation upon which to build email signature compliance. Server-side solutions can sync down user data for the email signature. Sigsync email signature solution merges the AD data to an HTML signature template which can be stamped at the bottom of every email sent from Office 365. What about the situation when a Marketing department wants to configure a different template with additional information? Or when the CEO wants to add a Twitter link to his/her signature for an upcoming campaign? It is essential to achieve compliance, but it is equally important to do so to give departments or individuals the flexibility to do their tasks most effectively. Sigsync Email signature software for Office 365 is compliant and helps to create company-wide email signatures. 3 Emails Signature as a Marketing channel Marketers recognize that the email signature as a great opportunity. They face a unique set of challenges and priorities on promoting the brand most efficiently while guaranteeing brand consistency, compliance, and sales performance. Can the solution that meets your company needs also meet the needs of your sales team? Is the user interface optimized to allow team members across the company to derive the value they need? When evaluating a solution, gathering input from the sales team will uncover the suggestions that perhaps the IT companies haven't thought. If you're looking for an efficient email signature management for Office 365, Sigsync is the best bet. You can get a live demo for better understanding of the service. Quick and easy to use Com
  11. Sorry to read this about an old friend, you are thought of often & will be missed ! I wish i had kept the emails you had sent me, some were funny ! May your journey be easly from here on ! Chuck Thanks Pete for the info on Dana !
  12. Pete that is why i have said to people that the best "free" antivirus out there is Defender that comes with W10 !! Chuck
  13. I have notified Jeff. Avast Antivirus blocks Access to as URL:Blacklist meaning someone submitted it and they have thrown it into the blackhole. Hopefully he can resolve this.
  14. Not sure how many people from the old days still stop in. Dana Turner AKA Cherokee Chief is in the hospital with brain cancer. His condition is deteriorating and they are moving him to a nursing home for hospice care He will be missed. He was a good friend and fought the good fight. Shannon posted this update " I spoke with Dana today. His hospice ase manager used her phone. He no longer k ows how to work his phone. He was telling me about cookie monster. And that he had been playing dodgeball. I asked him if he was winning and he said no. He was very perky and sounded happy in his own way. He had some chocolate pudding But upchucked it, he said. I said so you barfed? He said yeah, I barfed a lot! He even giggled a bit. Mom was then able to talk to him. He agreed that he does love red or orange jello too. He is not the same Dana, but we played along. And that made him happy. Our goal is for comfort and no pain. Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts.
  15. Another major update came 2 days ago, i just got them installed on all my computers ! Some computers will NOT be notified by MS, you will have to download your self !! Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.450) Chuck
  16. Windows 10 updates to come shortly if you don't have this one it will be on it's way soon, some computers will not automatic update you must do it manually !! Latest edition is >>> Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.388) Chuck
  17. After some personal tests and researches, I present you here some solutions categorized by issue causes. Follow these solutions in the order they are listed in the passage and your problem will be solved. 1. Hard Reset In case your iPad falls into a reboot loop, try hard reset to interrupt the rebooting process. To force your iPad to restart, hold the home button and the on/off button at the same time until the screen blackens and then shows an apple logo. With good luck, the iPad would return to normal again. 2. Try to Recover the iOS System I do hope that the previous suggestions will help you out of the trouble, but if they don't, you can try to factory iPad reset. However, a normal reset would erase all your data, not to mention it is difficult to achieve since the iPad cannot be used normally. To free you from all the troubles and loss of your precious data, I would like to recommend a useful iOS repair tool - TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Still searching for tutorials to reset your iPad? Forget about it! TunesKit iOS System Recovery has the full ability to deliver all you want. TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a user-friendly software - only three steps, most of which are automatic, to recover the iOS system of your iPad, and all you have to do is to connect the device with the computer and click a few buttons. TunesKit iOS System Recovery can solve more than 30 iOS problems, including iPad white screen, iPad stuck in recovery mode and various iTunes issues, and there is no doubt that the nonstop reboot problem will be dealt with perfectly. Certainly, it would cost you a small sum of money, but the time and efforts you would spend on finding reset tutorials and act according to them will be saved.
  18. tanausaha, it is not only showing up for updates but also when you're attempting to install a new application or also possible for it to appear when you upgrade to Windows 10 from an older version of Windows, like Windows 7 or 8.1 ! So you should investigate the error further ! Chuck
  19. When you try to install an update on Windows 10, on the disk partition page, the 0x80070057 error appears. This simply means that Windows could not format the partition on the disk. The error occurred while preparing the selected partition for installation. Therefore, you should make sure to update outdated drivers to automatically resolve the problem.
  20. Don't know how to export iTunes library before it disappeared completely? As we all know, iTunes media contents are protected by Apple's digital right management (DRM) copyright. Thus here we'd like introduce some powerful DRM removal tools such as TunesKit DRM Audio Converter, which allow you to get rid of the DRM encryption and then export all media content from iTunes to your computer in a common format such as MP4 or MP3, etc. TunesKit DRM Audio Converter is otherwise capable of removing DRM and converting all iTunes M4P songs and audiobooks to DRM-free formats like MP3, AAC, etc., without causing any quality damage, and then exporting them to any media device for playback with no limitation.
  21. After updating the latest version of iOS, my phone stuck on the Apple logo and could not be recovered. I tried so many ways but they were not working. And my friend recommend me to ues a powerful iOS repair tool named TunesKit, and it fixed my probelms without any data loss. I am so lucky. My iPhone returned to the normal condition again.
  22. thank you very much, very useful article
  23. There is so much more you can do with W10 ! Performance tests have shown that Windows 10 is faster across the board than earlier versions of Windows. ... Bear in mind that Microsoft will update Windows 10 regularly, though, while Windows 7 is now essentially frozen in its current state after 'mainstream' support ended in January 2015. In W7 when some programs stop working there will be no support & also the drivers when they stop working ! Also when some programs in W7 stop working there will be no support for them or replacement ! That is just for starters why !! Oh and one more important thing, Microsoft will give you free any replacement Windows in the future if you upgrade to W10 !! Chuck
  24. What are the most popular plugins for converting colors to HTML code? I need color picker for Google. Now I found this tool Will this be the only right choice?
  25. Why is Windows 10 better than Windows 7?
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