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  2. 6/16/21 another update this evening !! Version 21H1 (OS Build 19043.1055) Chuck
  3. Newest Windows10 updates >>> Version 21H1 (OS Build 19043.1052)!! Some computers will not auto update ! Chuck
  4. How do LED Lights Saves Our Money? Before we talk about our main topic, let's understand how LED street lights work. LED lights are basically a small piece of semiconductor from which when electricity passes, it emits light as the name LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Comparison with other light sources We also use many other types of light sources such as incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. To understand the concept of energy saving of LED light, we obviously need to compare other sources of light with it. Incandescent Lights In incandescent light la
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  6. Turkey has many beautiful and comfortable beaches for families with children. I love the beaches in Kemer. You can look at the website for an overview of the best Turkish beaches to choose the one that you like.
  7. Which beaches in Turkey are more comfortable for relaxing with children?
  8. @cherokeechief Rest in peace my friend, you WILL and are missed. Brian
  9. Stop sending jokes as a "reported content" to me ! Not sure what you are doing this, but stop it now or i will ban you from the forums !! Chuck
  10. You know what I want? I want to just lay on the couch and let Alexa do the groceries. I’ll just tell her “Alexa get this and this and this from” and then get it delivered the same or the next day. Wouldn’t this be perfect?
  11. hpg3, so says weboot that Webroot and Norton don't interfere with each other. There is no system slowdown and the system is just slightly slower as if using Norton alone (of course the lightest config is using Webroot only). ... Webroot and Norton play very nice together. No interaction or issues have been encountered Webroot is competitive, but Norton is the better choice as it offers more security-enhancing features and utilities in its security products. Also, independent tests prove that Norton is better than Webroot in terms of both malware detection and the impact on system performance.
  12. One virtual view for a salesperson pays off faster than people show their houses for several hours, so it is very effective. The smallest details are reflected better in virtual views than in visits. Therefore, such views will be superior in quality, time and visibility. Traditional home staging lags behind virtual staging, because everything is limited there (restrictions on decoration, decor, and much more). If you compare Virtual staging vs real staging, you will see the advantages of the first option.
  13. Thesis and Dissertation As usual, you can find a lot of health problems in your study, and ask yourself, what am I in the best way to solve this problem? Well, first of all, it’s a question how to make your study at university easier, without any difficulties, if you have a good soft skills and enough expertise in education and subject, you will have a good grade. For example, if you are study in the English course, it’s will be easy to manage with a lot of essays and articles, and you will have a better score. After this, you can feel free to choose the most comfortable methodology,
  14. The other program I was looking at was Webroot from Best buy. They gave it to me when we purchased new washer and dryer. They said it could run together with my Norton. My Dell is 11 years old and i will soon gt a new one.
  15. That's interesting, thanks! So far, I've been working with It was a really nice experience
  16. Howdy hpg3, no most antivirus do not play together nicely ! Some will even report the other as a virus ! Norton is a far better antivirus than weeboot but Norton is also a resource hog ! Why are you still using W7 when a lot of the programs will not have support like drivers & some will stop working altogether ??? You can get a free Windows 10 install if your computer will run it !! Chuck
  17. I'm using a Dell PC using Windows 7 Home.. I just made a purchase at Best Buy's, nothing to do with a computer. They offered weeboot and said it was an excellent program to use. I am using Norton now, can you have two anti virus programs on your computer.
  18. Is Virtual Staging Beneficial To Increase Real Estate Sales?
  19. That's interesting, thanks! I have my own videoblog, currently I record videos using my iPhone and a cell phone holders when needed. So this site would be useful for stealing some tricks
  20. Check out Rocketech mobile app development company, the range of their project is impressive. Here's their site
  21. What Is Store Location Data? How will you decide if a website is at a good location for a new store or not? Even if it is a good site in a good location, how can you be sure that your store will earn profit there? Sitting new store, location is everything. Location decides whether your new store will run or not. So, how can you be so sure that the location which you have selected the right decision and pick the location with the best business potential? Retail site sele
  22. kyo10

    renting a car

    I usually take tours and thus I don't need a car. By the way, here's a great company Maybe that's the solution?
  23. Well, as for me, during the lockdown, I had quite a lot of spare time and I decided to give my old hobby a chance and opened an online cosmetics store where I sell oils, soaps etc. Can't say it gives me lots of money, but it's mostly fun and I bet if I give it more attention and energy, it can be profitable.
  24. I wouldn't say I like Apple's software because it is quite complex and includes various functions that are entirely unnecessary for ordinary users. However, even in professional video editing programs, it is much easier to work than in programs or devices from Apple. In addition, to extract some sound from a song and insert it into a video, you have to do many manipulations. Movavi's Voice-Over Video Editing Tool helps me with this. It is a new tool on the market and very easy to use. You can find how this program works in this article.
  25. Newest Windows10 updates >>> Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.1023) !! Some computers will not auto update ! Chuck
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