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  3. Nowadays there are so many options. It simply takes time and experience to understand which delivery service works best for you. Like you say, shipping costs are an important factor in picking the right grocery delivery service. Lately I’ve been using HODXpress for my groceries and I’m very satisfied. Fast delivery, contactless delivery, fresh greens... I definitely recommend it if you’re living in New Jersey or NY City!!
  4. Custom Bobbleheads is a great way to show support for favorite sports teams or political candidates. It's easy to make custom bobbleheads at home with a personal computer and some scrap paper. Most custom bobbleheads are made-to-order and are shipped within a few days of placing the order. The exception are orders placed on the weekend and/or holidays because most commercial suppliers are closed during these times. One of the reasons that Bobblehead manufacturers choose to do custom bobbleheads is the proofing process. Many of the top makers use a mold system to manufacture these d
  5. Got my wife and i ...... 1st Moderna shot today & will take the 2nd Feb. 16th ...................... yahooooooooooooooo !! Hope everyone gets a vaccine so we can get back to some kind of normal !! Be Safe !! Chuck
  6. I read your issue, basically you facing a website speed related issue, normally WordPress website has a better speed to compares to other CMS. You need to Optimize your images, Optimize your content, Optimize your codes. then check your website speed, I guaranteed this will be increase. Please read the given post to optimize your website.
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    stock trading

    I prefer foredx trading over stock trading. Why forex? Because of the low spreads and transactions costs . It is the biggest advantage of trading the forex market. - here you can read more about fx trading and brokers.
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  9. Everybody keeps saying that Skype somehow missed the boom as a professional communication platforms. Everyone is using Zoom for everything, work, school, group chat etc...
  10. I like science fiction art especially stuff by John Berkey
  11. This list is so outdated omg ... for project management? Isn't that just a dictionary for looking up words and stuff??? Can someone please recommend professional project management apps for students 2020-2021? like for example: time management stuff, organizers, pmp platforms, schedulesr, reminders, team chat platforms, attendance taking stuff, good behavior reinforcement apps, feedback taking plats, project management software for teams, group documents other than GoogleDrive stuff like that. Skype is sooooo 2017 omg Thanks
  12. I hope you get it figured out ! Keep in touch if nothing other than to say Howdy ! Be Safe & Happy New Year ................
  13. Haha! I was wondering if I would be recognized! We don't quite yet have it figured out, but after all attempts, the only thing we can think of at this point is that there might be an issue through my ISP via the VPN that we have to use for work (Global Protect). Apparently several versions ago, this was a rare issue, but was fixed in a newer version of Global protect than we currently have. Unfortunately we can't test this theory yet as the firewall first needs to have some major upgrades to allow us to implement using the newer version. We are in discussion now to see when this might be
  14. Long time no hear from you nerelda, i wish i had an answer for you or a hint but i don't have anything that would help ! If you figure it out please let us know we might use it to help someone else ! Thanks & Be Safe !! Chuck
  15. So I've been working from home since March and have had no issues accessing Active Directory for work through the work VPN. I was on DSL and recently was able to have another option (Xfinity Prepaid). Now since switching over, I am no longer able to access AD. When attempting to access, it just hangs there and/or stops responding. Even after switching, I kept DSL for a short time to make sure that the connection was indeed better and more stable overall. So when I noticed the issue, I immediately switched back to the DSL wifi and had no issues connecting. I have tried via wifi connection, as w
  16. Searching for the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700x? Then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you what are the best motherboard that you can get for your Ryzen 7 1700x. The Ryzen 1700x is still a great and solid processor that will last you a long time. You will save lots of money, and to this additionally, the Ryzen 1700x comes with 8 cores and 16 threads, which is a great deal. As newer models have come out now, you can pick up the 1700 series for a relatively low price. If you are interested in getting this Ryzen CPU, you will also need to buy a good motherb
  17. Thank you so much! Currently working as a freelance writer at Upwork, there are lots of tasks from gaming projects or VR, like writing landing pages for well known games simillar to fruit cocktail slot, and for sure to do this tasks you should be experiensed with structure, that`s why better to practice it in writing essays
  18. As a web browser, Chromium is inherently less stable than Chrome, which means it crashes more often and can exhibit other types of undesirable behavior. So in my opinion as a Malware Removal Specialist i would stay away from it, i do not need my computer to crash ! Chuck
  19. Dont use chromium man thats a big mistake
  20. FKemp


    Wanted to reply, than noticed the OP is 20 years old. That's some hardcore necroposting! To not waste a post I'll recommend you a good thesis writing service: Make sure to order from them if you need help with your thesis.
  21. There are various methods we use daily to communicate with each other and share information over the internet. Text messaging goes in and out of fashion because we have access to different methods that allow us to interact with other groups or individuals faster. Video is the future of communication because it urges us to share more than just plain words. Movement and colour can draw out attention and help us connect with the person on the other side. Big Australian corporations understand the importance of video marketing. They know how to attract their target audience with persuasive animati
  22. Many people would be shocked, but I've made a lot of money at my place of employment. Photo Post-Processing through the Photoshop Clipping Path is the highest quality approach ever because an image is cut from the context. The direction is used to draw the picture pen tool method. Because the picture editing range is further expanded. What do you think of this?
  23. You might have heard about whiteboard animation, which is emerging as a powerful tool. These serve as a handy resource for creating animation videos. The possibilities that the field of whiteboard animation opens for us is endless. Over everything, whiteboard animation videos are a tool that has multiple and endless opportunities. This tool simplifies a complicated message. Also, it makes the news more entertaining and of a quality that is engaging for the audience. Also, it works in s different way. It makes any topic which might seem boring initially, interesting. A set of rules ne
  24. As we know Human minds are pleased with Photographs but what if the Photograph comes as a package which surrounds the object and provides us a 360 degree view of the object? Obviously it is a great sight and if this technique is applied to Product Photography then definitely it will raise the enthusiasm of the consumer to grab it. Well before starting with the 360 Product Photography/Video let us first have a brief idea on ‘what 360 Photography’ actually means. 360 Photography refers to that panoramic photo of a real-life object whose view covers almost the entire sphere or
  25. I really don't think Jeff would have posted this if it's not true ! He usually does a lot of research on these things !! Chuck
  26. Yeah, me neither... It seems very unlikely that it is that easy to fix a broken iPhone. On the other hand, everything is possible and if Jeff trusts this company then it must be at least a verified one. It's just that I have a new iPhone now and I'm too afraid it might break down, so I instantly even bought a phone case. By the way a cool one from where I could personalize it as I wanted, and now I have customized phone case with the photo of my family on it!
  27. Lol, I wouldn't trust this company... it seems so easy and usually the easiest things are wrong ones.
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