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  1. What you need is a DV Bridge that will convert analog to digital. Check Dazzle I think they're still in business. Or you can use a mini DV camera with Video pass through. I'm not a windows user but I know you can make DVD from video edited in movie maker.
  2. I just got finished changing out the hard drive in my powerbook, the old one started sounding like a light saber when I tilted the mac. And this week I'm going to concentrate on learning Logic Express, I've been pretty spoiled with Garageband and got lazy.
  3. Open Office, Firefox and jave are not windows apps. They are apps that has a windows version. They also have a version that works on Mac os an linux. As for java it comes installed on your mac when there is a java update it will appear in your software updates. You don't have to think about it. When ever your looking for Mac software check Mac update.
  4. Actually this is fairly common to all platforms. Sometimes installing or updating a media player will default to playing all it’s possible media types if it doesn’t see a preference for another player. A good thing to do on a mac before a update is to repair permissions. This makes sure that your system has the permission to make changes to the old and new software. If your system can’t change something like a preference the newer app will set to defult settings. There is a great freeware app called OnyX that makes maintenance task like repairing permissions easy.
  5. First a intel imac and a G5 imac are two different animals. It sounds like quicktime is set to play flash media what you want is for flash player to play flash media. Check your quicktime preferences somewhere you should see a menu of file types that quicktime can play. Uncheck the boxes next to the flash file types I think .swf. You may also want to just update the flash plug-in. I know the intel one has been updated a few times.
  6. PDF does a lot more then show up as a choice of documents and working on any platform. It can be secured so you can't change them, they can be used as a forms that will let you enter text but not change the original text. And that just some things. After saying that os x has been able to view and write PDF for years without adobe. This makes viewing pdf from web much quicker. Also letting you save any document made on a mac as a pdf for portability and compatibility. Of course you still need adobe if you want all the bells and whistles.
  7. This is really cool thanks for the link.
  8. So I download the video waiting to see someone playing the guitar... then I think well he is playing to the song... then I think he's just playing around...Now I got that song stuck in my head, it's 11:30 pm and I grabbed my guitar and I won't be able to sleep till I learn that song. Next time play a song a little less catchy.
  9. Could it have been a turtle with a bunch of moss growing on it's shell.
  10. I just saw this, apparently a lot of the new macbook (pro) that have been reported running really hot were due to people not pealing off a protective plastic strip over a air vent. Go figure.
  11. The problem I see with electric powered cars is that you have to charge them. And unless you own a windmill your going to pay the electric company for the electricity and if they use fossil fuel to generate the electricity the only difference between gas and electric is who you give your money to before they give the same oil company their cut. And the water car guy said all he uses is water and electricity to make his HHO gas.
  12. Of course even if you don’t apply updates there still is no way to infect a Mac unless you download something open it with a password and then install it with a password, not to mention there still are no viruses in the wild. The last “big threat†turned out to effect users using the IE browser, But how many Mac users use IE especially that MS hasn’t made IE for Mac in years. I know that there could be problems in the future and the rumors are that apple is working on a more secure kernel for OS X 10.5 but if your a mac user don’t run out and waste money and cpu cycles on a antivirus
  13. It doesn't make any difference what your using to download. It all has to do with how the podcaster encoded the podcast. You may have to go to the podcasters site and see if they offer a mp3 version.
  14. I've been using IceRocket for a few weeks, it's been working pretty good for me. I also like the new I was never a big fan of the old version ask jeves but there really doing a good job also. Does anyone use MSN search? I keep reading how MS is making improvements to go head to head with google.
  15. I hang out at a lot of the apple forums and most people who follow the instructions are finding the dual boot to be working almost perfect. Most of the people that are having problems are using hacked system restored disk, OEM disk or downloaded from torrents / P2P. Apple instructions say a new XP with sp2. What I think is even better and more useful is Parallels. It will let you run almost any X86 os virtually inside OS X.
  16. isteve

    First Cookout

    Thanks Pete just ordered 4 cases of the cans. I think I'll be firing up the grill this saturday, I can taste the steak now...
  17. isteve

    First Cookout

    I like to throw a couple of DelMonicos on the grill at least once a month...even if I have to snowthrow a path to the grill. Pete can you still get the Dr Pepper made with cane sugar in Texas?
  18. I just saw this. Apple has a beta called Boot Camp allows windows to dual boot with OS X on a Intel Mac. The Rumor is that it is part of the next Mac OS that will let Mac OS X , Vista, Linux to all work side by side without partitions or reboots.
  19. isteve

    Great Day...

    Strange thing is that there are plans to move Valentines day to April 14th.
  20. Yea I know the tornado will destroy it...but we all know the tornado is over after hitting the trailer park.
  21. No, a virus attacks the operating system Windows. Your camera is safe.
  22. I wish I had that list 20 years ago. Had to learn them all the hard way.
  23. I totally agree with you Macmarauder. I personally would never put windows on a mac. Up until recently I've been using linux at work just so I didn't have to run windows, the boss gave me a new Dell and told me not to install linux because he was worried about security "fill in your own joke". And after seeing the vista previews it looks like it's pretty much coping the os x ui. But I don't see intel in the mac as a bad thing. IBM pretty much jumped on the Microsoft xbox sony playstation bandwagon putting apple on the back burner. You can't blame IBM for the decision and you can't blame Job
  24. Get the ones that weight the least. A few years ago I started autocrossing my miata, The first thing I learned was most rims are built for Bling and not performance. It's hard to find affordable rims that don't weigh more then stock steel.