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  1. Hey there old friend, yes i am still here & come here every day to check on the new members making sure they post correctly ! Not doing to many logs any more cleaning computers but things have changed so much with the new Windows 10 & 11 and soon to be a new Windows 12 or what ever they decide to call it ! I do some work over on the Windows 10 & 11 forums ! But it's about more than computer cleaning ! Sure is good to see you, i have searched for you & some of the old gang but nothing comes up after the almost closing of Causehead Universary or something like that ! There is a f
  2. And Windows 10 will no longer be supported after October 14, 2025, which some apps will no longer work ! ..... Windows 11 will no longer be supported after October 10, 2023.some apps will no longer work also ! Relax Windows 12 or what ever it will be called is on it's way !!
  3. Happy Birthday Jeff Weisbein our owner ! May this day be full of surprise's !
  4. Caution to everyone, be sure & do a lot of research on places you intend on trying for a loan ! Chuck
  5. You do realize you responded to a post dated 2009 ? Chances are times have changed & some no longer work in today's Malware chase !! In fact AVG is just a hog for slowing down computers & not doing anything special, my opinion is to remove it !! Next time try & pick a topic closer to out time level !!
  6. You will forever be missed Sultan !
  7. Every thing can be hacked ! Chuck
  8. These programs will produce logs which you will need to post for help cleaning your computer ! Malwarebytes AdwCleaner >>> https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/ Please download AdwCleaner and save it to your Desktop * Close all open programs and browsers * Right click on the icon and select Run as administrator * Click Scan now * Allow the program to Quarantine what it finds except for Pre-installed applications if you would like to keep those or other entries you would like to keep * When completed click View Scan Log File * Copy and paste the c
  9. Thanks for letting us know this fixed the problem ! We hope you continue to enjoy our Forums ! Chuck
  10. Howdy Dennistaylor & welcome to the forum ! I will try & help you solve your problem ! Usually that message comes with a problem with the files c++ issue ! Download & run this and let me know if it fixes your problem ?? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 Thanks Chuck
  11. New update: Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.832) .... 7/22/22 Chuck
  12. New updates posted last night, some computers will not automatically download, so go get them ! 2022-07 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 11 for x64 (KB5015732) ...... 7/21/2022
  13. Happy Birthday to our owner here at BestTechie ! May you live long & Prosper ! Eat the Cake .............. Chuck
  14. If she is a great wife, flowers would be most appropriate ! But my wife always wanted just an apology & dinner out ! Chuck
  15. There are a lot of programs to keep an eye on your child & what they do online, so no matter which program you chose do some research about it then come to the conclusion if it will work for you ! Chuck