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    This summer a Tornado went through just 20 miles south of me. The quake gave us a shaking and Irene left ponds, streams and rivers overflowing and closing local roads and bridges. I hope it's a quiet winter.
  2. I really like what Microsoft is doing with 8. It's nice to see them trying to "think different". If they truly move in this direction I'll be in line for a Windows 8 touch screen laptop.
  3. Apple put out a update yesterday that will block this and remove it if you do have it. If ever you click a link and a popup says you are infected click here to remove it "Don't do it".
  4. This newest (non)threat can be avoided by going to Safari > Preferences > General and making sure "Open safe files after downloading" is unchecked. Also if you go to a site and get a pop up that says your computer is infected click here to find how to remove viruses. "DON'T CLICK."
  5. Because I rarely use office apps I prefer iwork . I just like the simplicity of using it and that it make pretty reports and graphs with just a click. I do have MS office for mac on my work laptop but it sees very little use. If however I were to recommend a office suite for a office power user I would have to say MS Office.
  6. Hey Pete I don't think ISPs use DHCP just because they can then charge for a static ip, although it is a added perk. With DHCP they can in theory have more users then addresses. But I think they use DHCP so they don't have to manually assign ip's and then remove them from the address pool.
  7. Lot of rumors about apple this week. New Macbook Pros maybe this thursday and maybe iMacs also, both with Sandy Bridge. I have a ipad and love it but not sure what they could offer in version 2 that would me update. But then again a little faster processor could make me think about it. I also think Steve Jobs has a birthday this week... well that one's not a rumor.
  8. Microsift needs to work on their marketing, statements like this are just stupid. You can't say something is superior if it doesn't exist yet. They could use terms like "will be or should be superior". But then again how do you know what the other product will be like at the time of it's release.
  9. I take care of 90 laptops used by school students in classrooms. I keep the laptops plugged in and powered off whenever they are not in use. Sometime during breaks this can be weeks or even months during the summer. We have never had a battery overcharge. We also have some that still have the original batteries that are going on five years old. With all the students and teacher laptops we service probably over 1000, I find most batteries last about three to four years.
  10. Check your local UPS. They hire young guys this time of the year to load trucks during the christmas rush. They pay great, it's usually nights and you can go back to your old job after christmas.
  11. Maybe a half shaft broke. Pop noise, no drive and oil could be leaking from around trans outdrive. And you really don't want to go from a Honda to Volkswagen.
  12. Many times problems like this can be solved by trashing a .plist file. Look in your Library > Preference folder and find the office plist files and move them to desktop to put back lated if you want or just trash them. Also run the Microsoft updater to see if you need any updates.
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    Picture thread

    Looks like she's trying out for Riverdance.
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    Picture thread

    Ridding the Mohawk Trail rt. 2 in Massachusetts came across this.
  15. The only thing that is really using any CPU is the task manager. Task manager is what you took a screen shot of. What exactly is slow about your computer?
  16. Most audio programs have their own volume control. What apps are you using that don't?
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    Picture thread

    Looks like a group of small time thugs.
  18. Actually I believe the Google tablet will be running Chromium not Android. I read rumors that you will need to sign a two year contract with Verizon, at least for the first round. I don't think Google has any plans for a Android tablet yet. But other manufactures will have a choice of Android or Chromium. I know Google has a lot of momentum and wants to be the only name in mobil but I don't like the idea of a OS that only works when connected to Googles servers. I like the idea of cloud computing but would like other people to try it out first.
  19. Of course as always there are still no viruses that have made it to the Mac os x, that is 10 years so far. There has been plenty of holes found but nobody has been able to take advantage of these holes. I have seen a few malwares make it but all had to be downloaded and installed by a user with a admin password. I think there is still DNS changer in the wild but only effects macs that haven't been updated in a few years.
  20. I use a Macally bookstand case. Works great for me but there are tons of cases that do pretty much the same thing.
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    Picture thread

    I went for a motorcycle ride to the highest point in Massachusetts, Mt Graylock. My first time there. At the summit there is war memorial light tower with a look out.. I climb up the stair case and stand at the highest point in Mass. and run into a old drinking buddy that I haven't seen in close to ten years, who btw lives 20 minutes away from me. It's a small world. Here are some pics.
  22. It all starts with I would never use a apple product they're evil and control everything. Then you use something made by apple and you think, this is too easy I don't trust anything this simple. Then it happens this ipad is kind of fun to use, "don't tell anyone I said that". Wow some of these free app are great maybe I'll spend a dollar or two on a app. Next thing you know you have 100 apps on the ipad and start thinking maybe I'll try a Mac. Hey OS X is't nearly as bad as I thought but again it is way to simple. If I use this to long I'll become one of them mac users who know nothing about
  23. Just one a springer spaniel.
  24. I installed one of these at my mothers house last year. She said it does a great job and no smell. I was skeptical when I put it in for her but it's seems to be working just fine.
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    Picture thread

    Cool, I go on motorcycle rides every saturday and take my little casio camera with me to take a snapshot of the places we go. I'm working on a Google map with pictures if anyone is interested you can see it here. From yesterdays ride.