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  1. I don't have a Intel mac yet waiting for 10.5 to be released. You could try Apple's support forums I'm sure your not the only one with this problem. It does sounds like a wireless driver issue. I'm just wondering if it could be a encryption problem maybe turn it off just to see if it helps.
  2. Are you able to connect through ethernet? Did you check in windows device manager, I think under network devices, to see if wireless driver is working? Shut off windows firewall. This is a windows problem if os x is working we know the machine is working. My guess is a driver issue bootcamp is still beta.
  3. What wont connect, your browser? If windows sees the network it is connecting. What you have is a windows setup problem you may need to ask a windows expert. Are you booting to windows or running it virtually? The new parallels beta is supposed to be great. It will read your bootcamp partition. Parallels newest beta
  4. I have read where the type of spam this board has been getting could have originated from a members of besttechie without them knowing. They could be part a bot network and when they login here the host will communicates back to the spammer, they automatically set up a account and the members zombie computers bot becomes inactive. If the spam account gets erased the next time that member logs in it runs again. This happens to every BBS they go to. These bots are installed at Root level on peoples computers where they can be run for years undetected. I don't know if this really works or if th
  5. Last night when I read this thread I was thinking gee it's close to 70, what a great start to the winter. Today it's 42 and it's so windy that I saw a Prius driving up hill.
  6. Doesn't sony provide software or instruction on how to take the video from the DVD?
  7. Sounds more like classic rock riffs played over a punk/metal drum with Geddy Lee like vocals.
  8. I've owned a Mityvac for a long time, not the one your looking at but a smaller one that I use to bleed brakes. They make good stuff. My guess is it will do what you want but you really should take the pan off clean it up and replace the screen.
  9. I would also make a new mail box to add all old email. Then create new account for new server. Make sure everything is working then delete old account. Your new account should have no problem using the address book. Mail is pretty straight froward I'm sure you do just fine.
  10. Being that it’s just a few months old call applecare and they will tell you where to bring it. If it is a hard drive they will do what they can to save your data and restore it on the replacement drive. The hard drives on the new imac's are pretty easy to change but have apple do it anyway. It won’t cost anything and that’s what applecare is for. And it's best not to try and boot from it, if the drive is toast the less you use it the more chance of them recovering your data.
  11. A report card is just plain stupid, it should be harder then that. So pretty much anyone reading this that knows your name and can fake a report card could become you. I'm guessing a name and a correct SS# is worth a few bucks for someone.
  12. Open Airport Setup Assistant, click through, you will see a window asking to name your network and a drop down menu next to Wireless Security. Choose between 40 bit WEP too WPA2 the last being the best. Then choose a password, finish the setup when the airport reboots the mac will ask for a password. You should be good to go and your neighbors SOL.
  13. Oh yea, it was fun to drive and went pretty quick, just not fun to work on. You know I had a lot of cars and trucks over the years from 5.0 stang a Fiero GT a RX7 and a few trucks and the firebird and the Opel. Don't laugh but my favorite car is my currant Miata. It's just a blast to drive.
  14. If your using itunes 7 then hold on for another week or so apple is working on a update that should fix performance issues with some PCs. If your not using 7 wait for the fix and give it a try
  15. I bought my Manta used back in 1980. It ran well but by this time Buick was putting the Opel name on the Isuzu and nobody had parts (kids don't know what it's like without the internet). I really wanted a Opel GT at the time couldn't find one but Mantas were a dime a dozen. The real reason I didn't like it much was I had a 70 Firebird that started on fire an was totaled, and going from that to the Manta was a downgrade especially driving to high school.
  16. This thread should come with a warning. I got'a go wash out my eyes...
  17. I once owned a 74 Manta except it wasn't as fond a memory for me. But I still have the Opel emblem. Oh and sorry about drifting from topic.
  18. Isn't that from Reno 911. I love that show.
  19. For a minute I thought that link may go to a adult site.
  20. For moving and renaming I just make my own scripts using Automator. If you haven't used it yet give it a try. You can get a good idea how to use Automator from Macbreak #3 it's a huge file but worth watching.
  21. Neo Office is OpenOffice just with Aqua. I can't remember the others and not even sure if they still exist. As for Browsers also try Omni Web real cool and Camino and iCab is worth a look. I still use Safari because of snapback probably the only person that uses it.
  22. Can't help with the direct X thing I don't have a intel Mac yet. X11 comes on your install disk if you don't already have it installed. If your not sure do a spotlight for X11.. I always do a custom install of the os first when I buy a new mac and install it then. Open it before trying to run OO. You may also have to open it from the terminal or find a script that will do everything for you. There are also versions of OpenOffice that run native in osx and have a Aqua UI. I have been using Neo Office but it's still in beta.
  23. This doesn't seem to be Mac specific After googling it I found many other forum post Like this one and this one.
  24. Yea, I saw that this morning. I don't have a intel mac I'm trying to hold off until 10.5 ships but it keeps getting harder. The good thing is by the time tiger gets here I'll be able to afford a Mac Pro. Oh and have you tried the beta?
  25. I just tried it and didn't have any problem all letters typed. What app are you typing in, are you using a apple keyboard? 10.4.7 powerbook in text edit and Safari. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Try going to System Preferences > keyboard & mouse > and reset keyboard shortcuts. Oh yea, why were you typing the alphabet with both shift keys down.