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  1. Have a Asus eeepc 1000he installed netbook remix on it works fine...the hotkeys don't work tried this tutorial and it does not work http://rhau.se/2009/03/27/ubuntu-904-on-th...fiwlan-working/ when I type sudo ./acpi-scripts.sh install it says command not found even though I'm in that dir I would really like to get this to work...complete noob I've been at this thing for about 1 hour and 20 mins cant figure it out please help. :wacko:
  2. I tried using Unipeek MSN Monitor 2.0 (freeware) to see what my younger brother is up to on the wireless PC parents wanted me to report to them on his chatter. It won't detect the msn packets which is should. Both hes running XP Pro with the latest version of msn. I'm hard wired to the router he is wireless (tried with wireless pc and it still didn't work) Maybe there is another msn monitoring program I can use preferable free...Thank You
  3. Is there something else...anything that would work without having to install software on the other PC
  4. Need to know what my younger brother is up to on the other computer ( if you have a teenage brother you'll know why I need this), which is wireless and running XP Pro. My PC is hardwired to the router and is also on XP Pro. I'm looking for an app that would allow me to see what he sees without him knowing (saw something like this a few years back...and it was not a remote assistance app)
  5. Bought an Auxiliary jack cable and the sound works just fine. Thx for your input guys
  6. Hey guys I bought a new TV that works great with my computer but the problem is the sound, the TV has nice speakers and I want to take advantage of them. The TV/Monitor has only 1 audio connection input from PCs, can I use a auxiliary jack cable to get the job done? thx a pic is included just for reference. Oh and I going to connect the computer to the TV/Monitor going DVI from my PC to HDMI via a connector (any suggestions on connectors?)
  7. Does not have a F-Lock key but does have a fn key....although there's nothing related to that with F8....I was hoping to use a usb keyboard I hope that works out...I know once XP formats the HDD it will ask for some propriety driver which I will have to find
  8. I tried to re-install my windows xp on a sony PCG-FRV26 and it wont allow my to agree to the EULA by pressing F8. Lost the original Sony CD which came with the laptop, but have one which I bought from Best-Buy 2 years ago...Which I know works because I've tested it on other PCs. How can I not press F8?....I can access safe mode by pressing F8 but I cannot agree tot he EULA. Whats wrong???
  9. Awesome great place to start... Now what can I use to create a DVD after I have installed Windows and a few other pieces of software? Norton Ghost? I really want something that I don't have to keep on the computer indefinitely, I just want the back up software for the backup DVDs sake. Thanks guys really helpful thus far
  10. just the files really don't care for the operating system, but the thing is files are scattered all over and I don't have enough time to search to the real important ones (to many things to do).
  11. Hey guys, I have a laptop which has 3 partitions and 2 different windows XP installed on 2 of those partitions...How can I back up all this data as it is to a external HDD? What should I use what is the best way to got about this?
  12. Ok, bought a Toshiba installed XP with all drivers (everything working fine) Now at the start screen it wont display any options (before it would say press F2 for......) after that it would go into a black screen stating NTLDR is missing. Which I can fix IF I could boot from USB/CD but I'm not given those options...PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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    Anyone know of any products like this?