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  1. what emails are you trying to use? (please don't type the entire email address, just the host; Hotmail, yahoo, etc.)
  2. what do you plan on using this computer for? Gameing? Photoshoppin? etc.
  3. yes, we all hope the whale had a good first day back at school. LOL
  4. That's a good place to start, but unfortunately they only have up to episode 12....they are now up to episode 17. Another good place do DL them from is Here
  5. *puts her stamp of approval on it* B, I don't think you have much of a choice here.....hehehe (I don't think you'd object either though.)
  6. Nerelda

    Hi B

    It's that TYME again! LOL Welcome aboard! Glad to hear you are ok, and doing better! Nerelda
  7. Yes, not only is is fixes helpful but get this......he also writes some fixes for microsoft's website as well.
  8. Here's a great site I found with Tweaks and Tips for Windows 95/98/Me/XP Doug's Windows Tweaks and Tips
  9. BD, did you install any themes for windows or any other program before this started? Did you do your thurough scans (antivirus, spyware, etc)???
  10. Nerelda

    Bad Mood Day

    JD, I wish my bf had the willpower to quit smoking that you do. He's tried, but goes right back to it after a few days.
  11. LOL! True....but here's a good site with Spelling Tips.
  12. just ran a full deep system scan with Ad-aware SE V 1.04 and had no problems. Win XP Pro, SP2 Downloaded from Majorgeeks, Mirror 2
  13. Make sure the old version was completely removed from your system before insalling the new one. (IE - no files or folders left behind after the installation.) Perhaps also cleaning out the registry might help. I'm getting ready to download the new version from major geeks right now. I'll let you know how it goes. (just for reference, I'm running XP Pro, SP2.
  14. I have an old HP Pavilion 7845 that still has the monitor it came with. I haven't had any problems with the graphics or monitor at all. Out of curiosity, I went to see what the refresh rate was. I not only saw it was on 60, but also that it had no other options.
  15. Nerelda

    New Memeber

    welcome aboard Sultan! I hope you don't have any trouble finding the potty. haha
  16. You might want to check out that keg before you send it Nerelda? You wouldn't want to send something that didin't taste right? Need any taste tasters? *BUUUURP! Ahhh! Tastes great! And now that the kegs are a lot lighter, shipping costs won't be so much!
  17. Nerelda

    Bad Mood Day

    Congrats on making it this far! Keep up the good work!
  18. Happy Birthday! As a present, I bought you each a Kegger! But first, I'll need to see some ID.
  19. well that makes ya feel safe, doesnt it?
  20. I have XP Pro with SP2, and using the latest free version of ZA without any problems.
  21. I had one idiot from out of the country, who sent me CASH..... 1) this person hadn't even won the item yet 2) I stated in the auction I don't accept cash as a payment 3) I also stated that I didn't ship outside the US. I got a hold of ebay and notified them of the problem, along with the fact that every email I tried to send the person who sent me the money bounced back. Needless to say, they are no longer members of Ebay.