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  1. Haha! I was wondering if I would be recognized! We don't quite yet have it figured out, but after all attempts, the only thing we can think of at this point is that there might be an issue through my ISP via the VPN that we have to use for work (Global Protect). Apparently several versions ago, this was a rare issue, but was fixed in a newer version of Global protect than we currently have. Unfortunately we can't test this theory yet as the firewall first needs to have some major upgrades to allow us to implement using the newer version. We are in discussion now to see when this might be
  2. So I've been working from home since March and have had no issues accessing Active Directory for work through the work VPN. I was on DSL and recently was able to have another option (Xfinity Prepaid). Now since switching over, I am no longer able to access AD. When attempting to access, it just hangs there and/or stops responding. Even after switching, I kept DSL for a short time to make sure that the connection was indeed better and more stable overall. So when I noticed the issue, I immediately switched back to the DSL wifi and had no issues connecting. I have tried via wifi connection, as w
  3. I'm working on rebuilding a machine for a friend's business and they need the floppy drive to work as it is still used in some of their industry machines. Well the floppy drive in the machine doesn't work and in trying to see if a USB floppy drive would be an optional solution for them, I borrowed my brother's USB Floppy drive. I can get it to load the driver's fine on my newer Win7 laptop, but not on the computer I've been rebuilding. It's an old HP Pavilion 700 running Windows XP (fresh install with SP3). When I plug the USB Floppy Drive into the machine, it starts loading the drivers, then
  4. Well, Although the estimated arrival was April 11th, I actually received it on March 29th and was able to use it this past weekend. I spent a good part of the first day setting it up and getting it to where I wanted it to be. This past weekend I had several assignments with the newspaper and it did indeed perform excellent. So far I am very pleased with it. My only issue was that in the middle of my first edit session, the computer went into a reboot without prior notification and said it was doing that for an update. I know when I set it up, I selected that I did not want automatic updates tu
  5. Hey guys, Thanks so much for all the replies! I've been away for a while and wasn't able to be online much, but I did end up ordering my laptop (waiting for it to ship). I definitely did NOT want to go with Mac as I have no desire to repurchase all my photography programs for another system. Several people suggested the Dell XPS line and after finding a great sale this past weekend, I ordered one. Marsh, I was actually going to see if I could upgrade the HD to a 7200 model. It seems almost all laptops have the 5400 still. I often found great deals, but they would put barely enough RAM in and t
  6. Apparently the price range I would LIKE to stay in would not cover what I need. LOL Someone else also mentioned the XPS line and I built one for $1103. Haven't ordered yet as I'm not sure if I want to do that right now, or wait. I do want to order within the next few months though. I appreciate all the info!
  7. Lightweight would be nice, but not an absolute necessity as I really don't need to carry it around too much. I'd like to keep the screen at 14-16" max. Most laptops I've seen are shiny and that annoys the **** out of me. lol I will need no more than 6 hrs of battery life (and that' probably overkill).
  8. I'm in the process of looking for a new laptop. I have a netbook that has done well, but now that I'm working with fast deadlines (I'm a photojournalist), it just doesn't cut it anymore. I currently have it running on the netbook (win xp) and mostly it runs okay, but lately it's starting to freeze for several seconds when doing basic things like switching views of one photo to the next. I don't know enough about win7 or the latest processors to know what works how well, which is why I'm asking for assistance. Basically, I need to run Lightroom 3 , I need an integrated sd card slot for transfer
  9. I'm currently doing some research on starting up a small website for a non-profit organization that is going to be created in the next few years. Because of current lack of funds, we're going to start off by using free message board hosts and Free webspace hosts, but would still like to be able to purchase a ".org" account that will link to the free site, and the message boards of course will be linked from there. As I've not built a website in a few years, I'm not sure where the best place to go for free webspace would be, but I was hoping people here might have some information. Please keep
  10. ok, I can get into the router right now, but I don't know how long he'll let me in. So far, all settings on there look correct. Nothing special really set up. Just the WEP encryption.
  11. Tried recycling both the router and modem. I rebooted the computer. No luck. Also tried MANUALLY setting my IP address (was getting the generic type of address). I set my IP address to be unique, so it was not the same as any other should be on the network. Rebooted the computer after that. All settings (IP address, Subnet, etc) are all looking proper. Connection is being made to the router, but it says I have no internet connection. I have been trying to get through to my parents to talk to my brother to give me access to the router's settings. Mom finally says she'll see what sh
  12. Well it seems That did not solve the problem. I started having the same issues happen again suddenly last night. This morning I returned the adapter and got a Linksys adapter. It seems to connect fine to the router, but takes a while to aquire a network address, then tells me it has not internet connectivity (windows says limited or no connectivity). I would LIKE to try recycling the router as well as the modem, but I can do neither until my brother is not home, which won't be until tomorrow afternoon.
  13. Thanks for the advice! Though I had tried 3 different ports already. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I'm not sure about the router thing. I don't think that was it. Will explain in a second though. As far as interference. That did come to mind and I went in search of any of those, but none. On a very much UP note, I do believe I have resolved the issue. *knocks on wood* Late last night I found a 12 page thread on netgear's forums where people were experiencing the same issues. I got through the first few pages and about halfway through, I noticed something I had not tried yet. Someone else sa
  14. I can't recall the exact model, but the router and adapter are both Netgear. The adapter and router are both not bottom of the line. If I remember correctly, the router was a mid-line. Also, both are up to date on firmware. I think I also mentioned that my machine is the only one that does this. We now have 2 laptops, and 2 other desktops that use the wireless here, but none of them seem to have any troubles.
  15. Wow it's been a while I know, but work keeps me terribly busy. >.< Sorry friends. I still think about you all though and hope I'm not yet forgotten. Anywho...onto the issue at hand. Quite recently (being about a week or so ago) I've started experiencing a very strange problem with my wireless connection. First, let me just say that the only thing that changed right before this issue is that my brother finally put security on out network and I have no way to get into the router settings to see anything. I did not install any new software nor did I change my settings when this started. T
  16. LOL Yes, she wants to make those annoying blinking things that people plaster all over myspace. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out and see if I can find tutorials for her.
  17. Hi all! I've got a friend who would like to make blinkies on her own, but does not have any software to do it. I'm not familiar with Mac software, so it's been a bit difficult for me. I am trying to help her find free software for her Mac (OS 10.???) and very simple instructions. She's never done any kind of graphics as far as I know, but is very interested in making little blinkies. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!
  18. I really wish I had more time to be around, but between work and school, it's been more busy than ever. I was hoping summertime would help calm things down, but I'm taking on more responsibilities at work, so I don't know how it's going to be.
  19. Thanks Joe! I had no idea you were 99! LOL
  20. LOL I'm so glad I'm not alone on this one then. I felt a bit dumb, being able to finally find the answer. Joe, seems that even though it is a fairly common issue, not many places have the information I needed.
  21. Once again, I must thank you all for your enormous help! Somehow when I post here, I usually immediately find what I'm looking for, even if I had been looking all day! In case this issue ever comes up again, here is the answer that finally worked:
  22. Hi everyone, I just recently got Paint Shop Pro from a friend who had upgraded theirs. I was playing around with it trying to make some animation, but when I try to pull it into Animation Shop (3), I get the message "This is not a valid Paint Shop Pro Image file." I have looked this up but had no luck. I tried updating the programs, as well as saving as a .psp instead of .pspimage, but I still get the same error. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me with this. Thanks!