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    Flood Control?

    *falls over laughing*
  2. *comes back with a Ding Dong* Will this due? The stores are all out of twinkies.
  3. Considering gmail never emails you about getting more invites, but just gives them whenever, I would have probably been leary about this anyway. Thanks for the info. I shared it with those I already gave invites to.
  4. Hey, I'm not taking full credit for what I said. I would give names, but I'll let them come in and do the talking if they wish to.
  5. Just a thought......I think if we did get this section, we should just host the images on our own free image hosting site accounts, instead of uploading them here. Uploading the images here would not only take up a lot of space on the server, but could also hog much of the bandwidth, causing the forums to be as slow as it is over at G4 sometimes. When I mentioned earlier about having a sticky with such information as rules about the pictures. (types of images, size limit, etc.)... By types of images, I meant the general guidelines like no nudity, inapporopriate content, and language. By size l
  6. make sure the mouse is on a smooth, flat surface, and that the surface is not shiny.
  7. I think mozilla should make it easier for us to browse through the themes. What I mean is that I would like to see a preview of the theme right there on the site before I consider downloading it instead of having to go to the homepage of the maker, and browse through that site to find it.
  8. actually, that's not really anything new. This has been discussed all over the place. PC magazine even had 2 issues back in Jan/Feb that addressed these concerns. HERE is a list of links to some of the articles about gmail that were published in PC Magazine. That being said, I'm sure there are still many people who don't know any of this information, so I thank you for posting it for others to be aware of.
  9. It's been a week since I put in to donate mine....still waiting for a response as well.
  10. I have yet to find a skin I even partially like...
  11. Your problem is already are two of the most popular variations on the market: or
  12. let me refrase that.....invisible to the NEKED eye.......but I had seen it anyway.
  13. *reaches over to grab a bag of cheezy poofs* What? LOL
  14. Yes, I found out about this a good while ago as well, but didn't really think to post it until I had to deal with it on my bf's comp, then I realized there may be a lot more people who still don't know about it. Glad I could help. Thanks for the information on spyware blaster as well. Just checked mine, and saw I had the same thing disabled. I went in and enabled protection for it.
  15. Hey Handplane... I noticed after loading v1.3 that unless I closed ZA, and my active Virus protection, that it took for ever to scan. Not so in Safe Mode... How odd......when I run my scans, I still have ZA and AVG both running in the background, and no problems.
  16. LMAO! It's the Invisible Link!
  17. I don't have the luxury of being able to watch it......I'll download it later and tell you what I thought....... "Cooking With Yoshi"?!?!?!?! *sigh* that just makes me feel ill....
  18. I think that's a really neat idea! I'd love to see the different photos everyone could share! I do have one suggestion for it though, and I think it would be a MUST. If we were to have this section, then I believe we would also need to have a sticky with important information such as rules about the pictures. (types of images, size limit, etc.)
  19. Hey, just a heads up! I was going through all my settings in the "advanced" mode of Spybot S&D when I noticed in "Ignore Products" --> "All Products" tab, that some items under there were checked as default to ignore. These were malicious items such as the infamous "SearchForIt" toolbar. I unchecked all the items that spybot was being told to ignore and rescanned. This fresh scan found several more items that needed to be deleted immediately. No, these items were not under the "Install/Uninstall Programs." I also go through that regularly to make sure nothing has made it's way in withou
  20. Hey, I'm running the same version, and also have SP2 installed. I'll tell you that I've noticed my spybot gets really slow at one point and doesn't seem like it's going anywere, but keep letting it run. Maybe start it before you go to bed, and check in the AM. Mine always runs all the way through, but usually takes about 15 minutes, or more sometimes.
  21. go to the manufacturer's website, and make sure you have the most updated drivers for it.
  22. Currently I'm using it for Free, but when I have to money to pay for the subscription service, I will. I absolutely LOVE the program, it's helped get rid of several nasties that not even Ad-aware or Spybot S&D could get rid of. I still use them regularly as well, but I also keep Spy Sweeper. The program is also highly recommended by PC Magazine
  23. I'm gonna have to teach this one to my BF. He's been doing some beta testing for a gaming company and could sure use this.
  24. How To Troubleshoot Program Compatibility Issues In Win XP How To Use Offer Remote Assistance How To Perform a Clean Boot In Windows XP How To Troubleshoot Hardware and Software Driver Issues In WinXP General Windows Troubleshooting In Windows XP How To Change Your Windows XP User Account Picture
  25. have you tried using another email client such as Mozilla's Thunderbird to see if you could get it working in there? I believe I remember that thread over at G4.....correct me if I am wrong here.... You tried running all your up-to-date antivirus and spyware scans with no luck there. You checked your settings in OE and nothing looked out of place. When you click on the link, you don't get any error messages or anything.....nothing happens. Did you try posting a HJT log?