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    congrats JD! Keep it up!
  2. Does it have the ability to make froth? If not, you can have mine.
  3. I completely agree with you, JD
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    thanks for the reply
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    I think that's a great idea as well. I, too would like to know where I can do such a thing.
  6. Thanks so much! great links again! I will be sure to bookmark and use them well.
  7. Thank you so much! What great information and knowledge you both have. (Either that, or good researching skills... ) My class is using Fedora Core 1. I am planning on installing Linux onto a secondary HD on my computer (which already has WinXP Pro on the main drive). I saw sonething one time about Fedora Core 2 and Win XP not getting along well together, with hazardous endings to both OS's. Have either of you heard of this, or maybe something else I should be aware of when installing Linux onto my secondary HD?
  8. I remember when someone edited that for a "special someone" over at G4.
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    Bad Mood Day

    Congratulations on such a great decision! I wish you the best of luck!
  10. Where is UT2004 only $30??? Everywhere I've looked, it's about $40
  11. Ok, in hitest's sig, he had a link to a page with lots of good links to other Linux information pages. I'm looking for some good Linux Tutorial sites for beginners. (My class is using RedHat Fedora Core if that makes any difference in the tutorials.) Yes, I know I can do a google search, but I thought that maybe some of you would be more reliable to get these links from since you know more about Linux than I do. Thanks in advanced! Nerelda
  12. I have a SCSI HD that was given to me from a friend of my Father's, and I've been thinking on purchasing a SCSI card, but I don't know too much about them. Where's a good place to purchase a SCSI card for a decent price, and is there anything special we should be looking for when purchasing one?
  13. Ok, I'm taking a Linux class this semester, so I'll be asking a lot of questions about it for the next 3 months, if not more. My first question, I would like answers not only based on opinions, but on facts as well. (Also some links to support them if possible, to increase my understanding and knowledge of Linux) In my class, we are using RedHat Fedora Core. Last semester, the class had used RedHat 8.0 (I have friends who took it then.) What I'm wondering is how much of a difference is there between them, and which one is better over-all? (If RedHat 9.0 is better than both, I'd like informati
  14. I'm taking a Linux class this semester, so I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot from me here for the next 3 months.
  15. True, it's going to depend on how in depth you are wanting to get into the photo editing. I've heard a lot about infranview, but I haven't personally used it. (Although I do plan on downloading and trying it sometime.) The program I HAVE personally used and liked is GIMP. NOTE: Both Infranview and GIMP are FREE programs.
  16. This is usually pretty good about clearing things up. Maybe I missed this as well, but what is your OS?
  17. I still don't have my linux back up and running yet, but I found this through google and thought you'd like to see it. It's someone else's linux screen shot... Linux Screen Shot
  18. If there was a sepparate stickie for 98 alone, then we would also have to do one for 95 and most of all, ME. Having all these stickies can really clutter up the boards.
  19. This is actually the best and safest way to do it.
  20. I guess it's still down??? I just got home about 20 minutes ago and still can't connect to it. It's a shame too....
  21. LMAO! That's the best one yet, Bozodog! 1,000,000,000 bonus points for you!
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    Thanks for the update marty!