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  1. Thanks Chuck, I finally found the partitioning function in Windows 7. The freezer method didn't help me in getting the data back. It was the hard drive because it made clicking noise. Although I set the hard drive into C: and D:, the desktop could only see some data on D: due to reading errors. Therefore; I suggest to everyone to back up data to an external drive instead of different partition on the same drive. Now the laptop is back to functioning well with a new hard drive and Windows 7.
  2. Fujitsu wants 15 bucks for each recovery disc. And my new hard drive has arrived so I switched out the hard drive on the laptop. I can see the data on my old drive with my desktop but I can't copy it all. So it is the hard drive at the end of the rope. I put it in the freezer and hopefully I will be able to copy more data tomorrow. Does Windows 7 has a built in partitioning software? If yes, I am unable to find it.
  3. Hi, Chuck: Do I lose all my data and files if I use the recovery option?
  4. Thanks, guys. I have tried to boot into safemode but no dice. I sent an email (max. allowed characters - 200, lol, you can't write much) to Fujitsu Support. In the mean time, I have ordered a hard drive. I have recovery disks but no Vista disk. What a bummer! Also I can see there is a hidden partition for recovery with Acronis True Image. Does it mean Acronis can copy it to my new hard drive?
  5. Another problem occurred when my other daughter was watching YouTube and Facebook on her Fujitsu laptop. It quit and refused to boot. The laptop powered on passed the splash screen, then nothing. Vista will not load. It would eventually say "error code 00420004" or "Disk read error occurred" - ctrl, alt, delete to restart". When I do the ctrl, alt and delete to restart, Vista will not load. Does it mean the hard drive is toasted? How can I run CHKDSK or any other commands when Vista does not load? Thanks.
  6. Thanks, Chuck. I followed the steps to "Click Remove one or more Windows Live programs", then no programs shown but a pop up window to say uninstall is done but it is not because nothing is removed. Well I think I just leave it.
  7. Chuck and Pete: I have a chance to work on my daughter's laptop. I have checked the the device manager and there is no Netgear adapter, so move on to Pete's suggestion. Before I ran chkdsk, I decided to uninstall old programs, update plugins and software. A few minutes into defragging the C drive, Auslogics Defragger quit and Vista went into check disk mode by itself. I didn't do anything and CHKDSK was done and repaired a few files. So I have to wait to see if bsod occurs again. Now I find that I cannot uninstall Windows Live Essential 2011in Vista. Error code 0x8028006. Googled it and ap
  8. Thanks, Chuck. I shall let her know. Since she is away from home at University, she may not be brave enough to tackle a simple update. I usually do all those things for her when she is home. Now I know how to tackle the problem, it is a matter of time to get it solve. Thanks.
  9. My daughter could not copy a folder from her desktop to an external hard drive. At certain point, her laptop goes into bsod and restarts. I told her to check the connections, clear vents of laptop to prevent overheating... but to no avail. Any suggestion is appreciated. Here is her information: "This is what the problem is, according to microsoft. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.0.6002. Locale ID: 4105 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 7a BCP1: C0588570 BCP2: C0000056 BCP3: 5AF008C0 BCP4: B10AE028 OS Version: 6_0_600
  10. I am ' Plai ' on G4. I haven't posted much for a long time just because my vintage XP is still chucking along fine and hasn't caught any nasty virus or malware on the web yet . However; I regularly log in to read the posts to see how everyone is doing and glad to know all of you are here.
  11. Just found out G4 tech forum was history when I tried to log in and everyone is here! Hello, everybody.
  12. "The Awesome Bar is a nice addition as you can tag your bookmarks, and as you type those tags in, the awesome bar will suggest matches." Yes, FF 3 is good but I don't like the above function. If I type something in the address bar, I know exactly where I want to go; otherwise, I'll use Google search. I don't want to look at 10-12 suggested matches because I would have finished my typing then. I have it tweaked to none. They should have made that function toggled on and off depending on personal preference. Then it'll be perfect.
  13. Yes. Updated to ff 3 and it only took a few minutes. Seem to load faster than ff 2.
  14. Thanks Matt. Should I uninstall FF 2 before I install FF 3? Or I just install 3 over 2?