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  1. $2.95 here and $3.10 in some places in town solution *deflate all 4 tires with ink pen* *walks back into the house as slips on old leg casting* *hobbles over to neighbors house* *give the neighbor the story of how some street kids beat him up and slashed his tires* then when the kind neighbor offers a ride you just simply accept
  2. *pokes head out from between couch cusions* but what if i don't like the new place?!? i like the old one! *pulls head back in*
  3. Happy Birthday buddy!!!! i made you your own personal robot servent
  4. Happy Birthday!!!
  5. Happy Birthday!!!
  6. Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Happy Birthday!!!
  8. that reminds me 1 of my mothers pets growing up. he name was fluffy and whenever he went out in the snow he all the snow would stick to him, slowly building up, until he was the abominable snow beast. That would leap upon you when you least expect it. he did it once to my dad when he was still asleep. never seen anyone fill in a doggie door so quick before.
  9. **puts on an extra big pot of coffee and hot coco as requested** i've also got some apple turn overs in the oven for you guys
  10. yeah, they're good enough to live on their own, and be adults and everything now, and yet they always come home with baskets of laundry. LOL
  11. Dan & Richard <---- a pair of twins in know
  12. yeah i've been through the same thing. the PC i had before this 1 was bought at an auction and it had copies of some really nice expensive software on it that i wanted but they hadn't updated it in forever and it was loaded to the top with viruses, spyware, you name it. i found a worm on it that hadn't been active in over 3 years. it took me weeks to get it all cleaned out. every time i turned around something else would pop up that non of the scanners didn't find and i especially hated finding lots of corrupted files.
  13. yeah this all reminds me of when i first went on G4s forum. no matter what their age, it felt like i trapped in a room of perpetual 2 year olds. but just like other online massive multi player games like this, it's really fun when you finally find a group of people that are mature. and unfortunately no matter what online game you play it's all the same. Trolls are everywhere