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  1. Hi missy. First I see Antonio (Pro driver) posting on G4 Tech support, and then find you here. Good to run into old friends after such a time. First , what do you mean by "Reboot". Do you mean you just shut down and restarted your computer? Or do you mean you reinstalled windows? If you reinstalled windows, then chances are you need to reinstall your video card drivers. Do you know what video card you have? Nvidia or ATI? If not , we can use Everest Home edition to figure it out. If you justshut down and restarted and suddenly things are the wrong size and won't change, then it probably mea
  2. chuck i cannot find any 2>> as you are describing in IE,,,maybe im looking in wrong place,do i go to tools to do this ,or do i open ie and look there,it only shows what upgrades in it box about 6x7 size or do i click on the whole page??? iam assuming that the briser is where you type address at when looking for something? there is no little 2>> s om page anywhere thanks missy51633
  3. hey,long time no hear,lost addy to you i do not have vista ,and i rebooted my comoputer and now i can't read hardle anything on the srceens at all even in email, yes i went rt click on desktop screen and it didn't do any bigger ,,,, so i webt to IE and clocked on settings to lower the dpi ?and it will not let me go anylower to sent the printing any bigger ,,,,so helpppppppp-p please,and love to all of you missy51633 please hurry so i can see this thing and my glasses are only 4 weeks old and i saw screen before i rebooted
  4. thank you j :thumbsup:cl i went there and clicked on the windows firewall and it showed a box and the top one had a green dot in it and is says it is on and that it was recommende to be onso i guess i'm good to go i surely do thank you i do not want any bugs have a great day and again thanks missy51633
  5. a message came up on my desktop when i turned my computer on this am and it said.your computer may be at risk,firewall not turned on ,click this balloon to correct this problem (it was in the start area,only on the right side of screen) but before i could get down there to click on the balloon it was gone and its not there now either... anybody know what it was or whats going on where can i go click to see if my firewall is on please give me directions i do have avast and it has already ran and is up and running for it always tells me and the ball goes round and round missy hey guys hurry befo
  6. yep its me again i have spybot search and destroy 1.4 and think i need to get updates my spybot menue has a whole list of updates for it and they have a red question mark by them ,,,do i need to download all the ones with the red question mark or ???what ones ( like the dialers or the trojins or pups detections for these) )or just download all of them? this is not the spubot run when you want to remove anything its for the update ( i clicked on updates) that have a red question mark by them thank you all missy51633
  7. hello again and thank you so much for the links and for the answer to my questions ,i downloaded it and its working great oh,thanks so very much also to all my other friends, tyme kyller,marsh ox,pete cover,whiskey man ,best techiei can't even think of their names and yes like i told you i hsve had a birthday and 74 now and still going good and playing still that bass and enjoying singing at the top of my lungs. hope you have all had a good spring and summer so far
  8. i want to start a website for my band but it has to be a free one, i do not know the first thing about building one and or where to go to get the things you need to put up photos,gig dates,bands pictures and name,and bios about the band can anyone help me ? missy51633
  9. need help trying to figure out open chat and where is tymekyller in the open chat rooms
  10. i am so very sorry for this loss of your friend, may God deeply nless you and family at this time missy51633
  11. want to know can they do what they are saying? since date time has run out on sp2 can they go ahead and put it on our computers wheather we want it on not?? boy i cant work everything with it on mine mossy51633
  12. i just went over there and read that newsletter martymas and thanks a bunch for putting it on here good idea i hadn't heard anything about it yet missy51633
  13. i finally found the removal tool that m$ put out today and i ran it on my computer and it said ,,,huh,,,no spyware was found,,,am i finally doing something right or has this thing got me buffalowed? missy51633
  14. i thank you so much curlingsteve i had though that somehow i had got a bug ,,you know like the santa thing that gives a denial of service but then i ran my antivirus and nothing was found so i was getting worried,,bless you and your and stay safe and have a happy new year thanjs so very nuch missy51633