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  1. Systm - Episode 60 - Build Your Own NAS
  2. Member key Group icons not centered?
  3. Depends on what you mean by "buy a server". I would set up a headless linux machine as the server. For the distro, you could use Ubuntu server (just 'cause that's cake to set up) with FTP (this is done during installation). Then make a user account for everyone who would be FTPing in.
  4. Nobel jury speaks out in defense of Obama prize
  5. Guess I'd have to see if the AP phrased it, as I thought when I was reading the article, to describe the original intent of the prize, or, as your example and many others show, how it is being used, regardless of the original intent. If the latter I'll give 'em a break. TT's video points out many other examples like that as well.
  6. TT, interesting video. What's your point?
  7. The links posted in this forum always amuse me Anyway... even I don't think Obama should have won the prize. Maybe in a couple years though, he may have been more deserving. He has great plans, they just haven't happened yet. What actually shocked me the most was Bill O'Reilly's reaction. I was expecting him to be much more critical of the situation. "Having a US President honored with a peace prize is good for the country." "President Obama was honored today, and deserved or not, the world is hearing 'America' and 'peace' in the same sentence. That's good."
  8. I was aware of the Nobility Clause... it was brought to my attention when Rudy Giuliani was running for President.
  9. sultan_emerr, Keep on topic. If you have a political post, you know where the correct forum is. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a PM. Matt
  10. My bad. I thought you meant he promised a quick withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  11. False. Obama campaigned on the idea that we were going to increase troops in Afghanistan:
  12. I can think of a certain media outlet owned by News Corp that would jump on Obama if he burped in public... and then call him a socialist. Wasn't the AIG et al bailout during the former administration? Shucks, I hate it when late night comedians don't cover the important issues! Wasn't the whole point of 70,000 people marching on Washington to make news? Yeah, those are the only people who would benefit from a public option. Certainly not a young post-graduate girl working two jobs and getting ready for grad school who lived my town who didn't have health insurance--and died. You're rig
  13. I think its a dumb argument. When I bashed Bush (which I did a lot) I got a lot of the "love it or leave it" replies. I was told that I was very 'un-American'. I shrugged it off. When people bash Obama, they should also expect opposition. Treason? Really? Freedom speech and opinion goes both ways, so everyone is going to face opposition. I don't understand why people feel that they are being persecuted. To those who feel that way I suggest: just shrug it off. If you have opinions, expect people to disagree.
  14. Couldn't really explain this too well myself, so I did a quick Google: In regards to Communism on the far left and Fascism on the far right: Edit: However... this doesn't quite fit the "ring" idea.