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    and a warm welcome from me as well
  2. I think someone just had too much geek time on their hands! LOL
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    Post About Tk

    Yes, I had seen that same post myself. I will be glad when he comes back. I'm sure he'll be venturing his way over here as well.
  4. Ok, so my grandmother had been trying to install the software for Earthlink on her laptop (Windows XP Home) and sign up with a CD she got in the mail. Well after trying unsuccessfully for several days, she calls me to say she can't seem to sign up. She had installed the software and entered in all the information they requested, then when trying to send it, she keeps getting an error message. (of course I couldn't get her to tell me what the error message was.) So today I go over there to see what I can do for her and get her set up before things get really violent with the school work. Well a
  5. hey il, Looks like a good suggestion to me; especially with all the problems arising with the installations of SP2.
  6. lots of good ideas and feedback coming through. For the google search, maybe in the sticky, it should say something like "Once you have followed all these steps and still seem to be having trouble with your computer, try to search the problem in google. Most questions are simply answered this way. If none of this helps you, and our gracious experts seem to be of no help, it could simply be an ID-10-T error. Google It!"
  7. wow......I didn't know they created a patch for that!
  8. yeah, I started getting my episodes from This Bittorent Site. They still have the first episode and it downloads well.
  9. hey, no problem. I never expect anything to happen immediately. I know this isn't an issue right now, but as rapidly as this place is growing, I thought if it was at least brought up now, then there would be plenty of time to work on it and perfect it before the "real" problems surface.
  10. hey B, Glad you liked it. If you need anyhelp with writing stickies, just ask. I'll help with what I can in the time I can.
  11. My suggestion for the windows support board is that we have a sticky thread there for the best ways to clean up your system if it is lagging. This sticky, I believe, should include the following: (If I forget any, please feel free to let me know) 1) cleaning out cache, temp and cookies 2) defragging 3) a link to the spyware info thread 4) windows updates 5) running your AV 6) keeping your programs updated Basically what I'm suggesting this sticky be about is the basic maintenace to keep one's computer running smoothly. I'm sure we will start getting those repetative questions about their compu
  12. Ok, I didn't see this suggested by anyone else, but if it was and I missed it, my apologies. What I'm suggesting is that we have a sticky in the spyware/adware removal board about the most common ways to remove spyware (such as what are the best programs to use, reminding them to not just rely on one, and tips on how to set up each program for maximum protection; also a link to that information I've seen in several places "How did I get infected in the first place").
  13. Hey Wayne, that's a good question I'm sure many people might ask the same the. If you are going to do a fresh reinstall, you do not need to disconnect any of the drives or anything. When you put in the CD to install XP, it will give you the option of which partition (or drive) you would like to install XP to. Then when it goes to do the format, it will only format the partition (or drive) you have selected. As with any reformat though, make sure you have hard backup copies of all the files on the secondary drive as well; just in case something should happen during the format/installation. Ner
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    Wtg B

    LOL Well some would say that they would lose their mind trying to keep up with so many, but in my can't lose what you never had, right?
  15. all the cleaning up was no different from my weekly cleanup, so that couldn't have been it.
  16. wow......isn't is amazing how people come up with their online handles?
  17. hey Matt, I know the feeling. Glad you'll still be around when you can though.
  18. Mine is actually a Drow name (dark evil elves) that I came across when looking for a name for my Drow character which I created for Darkon (a medieval war-gaming club much like SCA). It's the only Drow name that I really felt fit me and my character. After a few months, I just kinda fell in love with the name and have been using it almost everywhere I go online. It's also taken me a while to find an avatar and sig image that I felt matched just as perfect. Darkon's website for any who are interested -
  19. LOL yes, I'm afraid they'll fix that "fast boot issue"
  20. anytime! When I did my backups, I made one of those installer disks myself.
  21. I whole-heartedly agree with you. I have having to sit here and wait that minute to edit my posts. There have been several times where I've accidentall hit the enter button before I was done, and had to sit here, mumming the jepoardy tune til I can go back and edit.