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  1. Hi All As I have 3 XP comps ( Run Vista on this one) where can I D/L the stand alone upgrade from ? I have a faster connection at work and could do it from there, then onto CD for the rest. Oh as I own half the biasness I,m not stealing the net connection. Regards WW4 (Noel)
  2. I have a HP laptop, Duel core, with 1 gig ram with all updates.ran all scans, defrag,ect ect Tryed to install SP 1 first D/Led the full install from MS, installed it , PC would boot up then would lock up , ok. Used MS update to install it! same prob . Any ideas ????? System runs like a dream with out it !! since I fixed the bluetooth prob that vista has My specs are....... Computer: Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista Home Edition OS Service Pack - DirectX 4.09
  3. I D/Led and installed them 3 days ago, (thanks JSKY) it has made my boot times and other stuff like file transfers smother and faster
  4. Is your firewall allowing it to connect? it could be blocking it. It runs on all Win OS's, well all vers of XP including Vista,.
  5. Good one ! I now run Avast (free) as my virus checker plus Ad aware SE personal /spy bot and A2 squared, I have vista home prem as my OS had no probs with theses programs. Oh had Nortons as my virus checker till my pc's "date with death" with winfixer
  6. I have had the same problem with belkin tried updating the firmware /unplugging it / even used the reset button in the end I took it back and got a replacement one, told them its faulty, that fixed the problem
  7. Maybe macafee corrupted the restore point too ?
  8. Thank you for reply,s people After some research I worked out I had a virus/Trojan/mail ware "Win fixer" I didn't install it, however there are some people WHO are never going to use my Laptop again! I had running Norton's/ ad ware / spy bot and A2 squared plus UAC, the frools must have ignored it all So if anyone running vista and IE 7 has IE hang or lock up and or very slow starts, my advice check to see if "winfixer" has been installed Try this Tools needed for this fix: Vundo Fix VirtumundoBegone (if VundoFix does not work) Note: This infection is normally detectable by users receiving
  9. Agree with TT Try this is a good one and free "http://www.pcdownloadworld.com/internet/security/zilla-data-nuker.htm"
  10. Does he run and use virus protection,spyware/mailware programs? It could be a corrupt file in Windows preventing the firewall from running, If he has the windows XP install CD, he could do a "Repare install" to replace or fix missing or corrupt files.
  11. Sounds like your audio drivers are screwed up,try deleting them then restart, XP should reinstall them. Or download the latest drivers for your sound card (put on disk or CD) then delete the drivers and re-install manually without rebooting If that does not work, do you have your XP install CD ?
  12. 7 gigs (damm) better buy and install 14 gigs if you want 7 to run with any speed
  13. Greetings to all been a while since I last posted, my old PC up and died awhile ago (may she rest in peace) Now have a new lady (PC) in my life a HP laptop Intel duo core 1866 with 1 gig ram, running vista home Prem. The question I have is ! has anyone noticed when using UAC that it slows your boot time , and at times windows Explorer often hangs or needs to restart ? since I disabled this everything seems to be faster. Interested in any feed back Regards WW4 Maybe that the more you add/remove from your system (from its installed factory setup ) the more UCA needs to scan and apro
  14. I have one too!! It is brighter when its moving ,,,if you let it sit for a few sec's ,,it gets dull,,but never stops . Its kind of like a "standby' mode . There's nothing wrong with it
  15. Ever tried to remove or delete a program that windows has locked or run on startup ,,and wont let you do it ??. Instead of going though eveything to shut it down try this Remove On Next Boot its FREE