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    Halo 2

    I guess you could always but one from Europe if you are desperate.... well that explains why I couldn't get ANY information about it...
  2. hehe....I have an upgradeable one myself. It had a 64MB card in it when I first got it, but now it's up to 256MB!
  3. hey matt, I'm at the college right now, so I don't have access to my irc client. I use trillian as well. Perhaps the server is down again or something. I guess you could try again later and see if you get the same thing. I won't be home for another 4 hours, but I'll check mine when I get back. In the meantime, you would probably more likely get an answer over in the Classroom/Learning Hall.
  4. I recieved that message as well several days ago and reported it to him. He is aware of the flood control, and intends to keep it. I forget what all he said, but that's the basis of it. I'm sure the next time he logs in, he will find this message and will be able to shed more light on it.
  5. Nerelda

    Halo 2

    Hey Matt, I saw that same thing, but did you notice it was the UK's amazon site? I think they have a different release date, but it is still possible the US could have the same. I did search for it on the US amazon site, but could only find the one for the xbox, nothing was there about the one for the PC.
  6. I just wanted to comment on something cowsgonemadd3 said. "I was 100% new." (note to cowsgonemadd3: this is just a general comment, not directly to you, but to everyone here, but what you said made me think I should post this. ) B, please correct me if I am out of line here. This is a note to everyone here, and I think we should all take it into consideration. This forum was oficially opened to us on August 23rd, which was only 8 days ago; therefore, this makes ALL of us newbies here. Many of us come from different forums and for some, this may be their first. Either way, I think we need to k
  7. LOL it helps to look around a little. Welcome aboard the madness train! hehe
  8. Well since what I was going to say has already been said above, I guess all that's left is just to pipe in with another agreeance. I, too am a Zone Alarm user. Not to mention that wireless is less secure that wired. (Even with the WEP encryption.)
  9. Well it's like for the college that I go to, there are some classes that they EXPECT you to go out and buy this $300+ that you'll only need for that class that is required for your degree. I, for one don't agree with them making us purchase that expensive software since we already pay them so much for the classes. In a situation such as that, well I think some exeptions should be made.
  10. I didn't have the heart to tell her....
  11. Jsky, I remember in that post I was looking for, there was something about you could use HD's in any type of computer since they are not build for any specific type......thanks for reminding me of that.
  12. All my searches at G4 turned up empty....I think their search option may be faulted
  13. Nerelda

    Post About Tk

    Thanks for the update Terrorist! I just went over there to leave him a friendly note.
  14. I thought you all would like it! I was afraid I might have overstepped my boundaries for a minute there when I had only gotten that one reply.
  15. You're on a laptop?! That makes a world of a difference from my prior opinion of what you should do. I, too have heard of the many problems people have had with SP2 on their laptops. I have XP home on my laptop and do not plan to update to SP2 for at least several months when I hear that microsoft has worked on fixing many of the issues. Even then I will still be quite uneasy about doing the update.
  16. A similar (or the same) question was asked over at the G4 forums about a week or two ago. I'm not able to get over there to look right now but when I get home tonight, I'll try and look it up for you if someone hasn't answered with a working solution by then. Nerelda
  17. I was wondering that myself. Maybe I should stop "wondering" so much and actually start asking! LOL
  18. LOL he's a wanna be "meow-mix kitty" eh?
  19. I agree. That IS a great compilation of programs. Maybe we could also link to some helpful websites such as Symantec's list of Worm removal tools, and Microsoft's Help database.
  20. I agree with all of you about the google searches. What I would mainly like to see is people at least TRYING to research their information before asking everyone else to do all the work for them. Even if they did the research and are still unsure about what a specific website is suggesting they do, they could at least link us to that website, or copy the information into their post and get feedback to reassure them, or even warn them of bad advice. As with going to ANY website, you just have to use good judgement.
  21. Hey B, I just got a chance to give that post a good look-over and I must say it looks swell! Thanks!
  22. Would I trust microsoft to let them choose what gets installed on my computer? Not a chance in you-know-where! That's why ever since they've changed the windows updates site, I've chosen the "custom install" option.
  23. Nerelda


    LOL Just yesterday I was thinking to myself. "ya know......we need a support board for Linux as well..." Unfortunately I was at work at the time, and haven't been able to get online til now......glad to see my ESP still works though! hehe