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  1. Can't wait to get mine!
  2. I do! Welcome back.
  3. RIP Sultan! Master of links!
  4. Hey Brian! Glad to see you! Thanks for checking in. B
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    Same to you, Chuck!
  6. Hey everyone! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the TechieBytes podcast. Here's a brief podcast description: A (mostly) tech podcast hosted by Jeff Weisbein, an entrepreneur, blogger, tech guy, marketer, and early adopter. Jeff founded at the age of 13 and turned it into a successful online publication focused on technology. Each week, Jeff interviews different guests from the tech industry including founders, CEO’s, executives, journalists, and more to discuss important industry topics. New episodes released every Tuesday. Would love if you listen
  7. hahaha! thanks so much.
  8. Thanks Chuck!!!! B
  9. You can search Google for it.
  10. We all have those moments where we’re seated at the computer without an activity lined up. Maybe we’ve just finished up some work or just made a purchase at an online store. We stare blankly at the screen and ask ourselves, “What now? Should I go read a book? Should I do some cleaning around the house? Or should I toss myself down into the rabbit hole that is the Internet?” Let’s be honest: most of us choose option three. The Internet provides a nearly endless stream of interesting content and mindless distractions, and if you have time (and aren’t picky about how it’s spent), you too can fi
  11. Before long, our cars might drive us. It’s a cool idea–but are we ready for the cybersecurity problems that entails? As we’ve brought more of our lives online, the looming threat of cybercrime has grown ever more prominent, as has the risk that human error will see sensitive data fall into the wrong hands. Today, it seems like it’s impossible to even turn on the news without hearing about a new cyberattack, a new type of ransomware, a recently-uncovered data breach, or some black hat cyberespionage incident. And the bad news is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. See, we’re o
  12. In the month since the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal began dominating the headlines, we had Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress, learned that the number of affected Facebook users increased to 87 million, and have seen a growing number of people participating in the #DeleteFacebook movement. While I’m not happy about the way the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal has played out, I have decided to keep my Facebook account, at least, for now. Nonetheless, the folks over at Blind, an anonymous work talk app that lets you discuss things anonymously wi