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  1. do your home work.. bring us your answers and when your stuck we can help.. but this is basic.. so basic the only people who ask are ones who want someone to do their homework for them.. here is a hint for (int x = 0; x <=y) { ask for input.. } search for loops on google... tell me what this does.. for (; ; ) { // ... } try it in your code today..
  2. The sad part is that its not the ultimate version..That is a marketing trick.. its missing the best parts.. no hyper-V (a built at the Kernel level Hyper-V is the part that MS was bragging about, at there side conferences they have every month in Redmond. oh it has media center.. media center, its the same as the Vista version. what is so ultimate about this version?? maybe home ultimate?? Plus Too many versions confuse people.. Look at Linux for an example of that. They should have a home and a Professional version.. That is it.. and I Think that is too much. This is my thought.. this i
  3. wow,, thats great.. I know your tiring to cheer me up..
  4. if you tell me the settings you need, I will send you a file to put in your /etc/network folder.. there is a bug with the ubuntu network manager..
  5. sorry I am lost.. What Cable setting do you need set.. it should be standard tcp/ip correct.. do you have to enter a username and password?
  6. it turns out that windows was trying to install a sound driver (I did not ask it to and sound was working...) I noticed this after watching the logs.. I turned off auto-update and now it is installing software is easy.. no warning that it was doing something.. I did not have these issues with VISTA, The only issues I had with vista is it keep telling me my hd was bad, but that turned out to be because when Linux would mount the drive, Windows on its boot would assume the drive was compromised. As both Smart, win XP and Linux could not find any issues with the drive I have to say I am not impr
  7. ok, Windows is really getting on my nerves.. I don't like it in the first place.. but have to know about all version for work.. I have not been able to install any software.. it keeps saying that I have to be admin.. I look at my account and it say admin.. also updates are failing to install. This is from my MSDN subscription so I did get it from "good" download I tried add and remove programs, guess what no add programs option.. What I would not give for a simple apt or emerge right now.. any help is welcome. maybe after something can be installed I'll take back what I said.... well lets no
  8. I am installing it in Virtual Box for testing.. I have a new laptop coming in for work so it will probably go on it.. I am disappointed they removed Hyper-V from the beta build. I have been going to demos at MS headquarters in Redmond on windows 7 and Hyper-V was sits best feature. they showed using the Hyper-V to natively boot virtual drives as if they were the primary install.
  9. Urge to kill... rising. I can't remember exactly when it was that I realized that I hated everything about Ubuntu that wasn't Debian. The earth tones, the wallpapers, the name, the code names -- my God, the code names. Edit: And I had the same problem with the NTFS partitions on my external HDD. I don't with Fedora. I'll have to look into that. I'm running Windows 7 under KVM; I wonder if Hyper-V supports recursive virtualization.... Edit: No mention of Hyper-V anywhere I looked. According to My Microsofty neighbor hyper-v be a part of the Ultimate version (pro and Ultimate if they follow th
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DynDNS http://www.dyndns.com MonoWall Supports these directly.. Some Other firewall and router solutions also support.
  11. I can say I like in the latest patch the way wall papers are split across both screens. So it looks like one big picture insted of the same picture twice.. I have dual 24" monitors at work, , and I run my Work Windows partition in a VM,
  12. I went to a Demo That Microsoft and Citrix were holding (Living 25 miles from Redmond gets me invited to all the fun, I do one a month to get a free lunch They said that Hyper-V was built into Windows 7 and showed a way to boot virtual partitions natively, but I have a feeling the beta did not have the enterprise parts..
  13. Hey hitest, After a bit of a hiatus from linux I decided to throw ubuntu on my notebook and was more than irritated with its insistence on setting its install on the windows partition when I had a partition allocated for its use...I didn't want to manually create all partitions it needs but at least thought I could tell it to use any partition on the drive...besides that annoyance and the prism driver for my wireless not working like it did in previous releases I'd still probably recommend it as user-friendly that was to make things simple.. you know most windows user have now clue about part
  14. OK, Now I've found a problem. It refuses to mount either of my External hard drives. It gives me some weirdo message like the log file says improper shutdown and won't allow the mounting of either drive. This is NTFS issue... Ubuntu was trying to protect your data encase you try to use it in windows again. Ubuntu Does irritate me to no end, but it syncs better with my Windows Mobile 6.1 phone that Vista does.. Did the beta of windows 7 come with hyper-V? That is the only interesting part for me in the new windows. its still will not let me install to a USB device though.. Crappy windows..
  15. that is why it took so long ot diagnose the issue, we thought the same thing. I was Working With Dimensional Communications who did all of Microsoft's AV testing at the MS headquarters for VISTA. It was one of their engineers who alerted us that this was an issue. We were doing zero "protected Content" just the desktop.. VGA is not disabled, its using it with DVI, I can make it work at 1280x1024 but once I go higher I run into the same problem, if I havea DVI connections.. There is a chance I am wrong as always, but flashing screens are one of two issues, HDCP or a freq mismatch. and a dire
  16. if you get parallels or Vm Ware, You can run your Bootcamp windows at the same time as yoru Mac OS. And use the GPS software with out rebooting. Just A thought
  17. I'll talk now,, Damn Small Linux Would run great on this, along Puppy or an old ubuntu.
  18. not anymore, I just ran into with an install, where the sharp monitors were not HDCP compliment, and the Other was. when using only one monitor the screens were fine. when using two they would flicker. Since this is a Laptop the first monitor (the Laptop one ) is compliant and so Vista is running in Protected mode. so when the other come up VGA it will at a high resolution HDCP kicks in. Its like how Macrovision used to scrambel colors, but it causes you monitors to flick on and off. we fixed it by finding nvideo cards with the same chip but 6 onths oler, as they did not have the HDCP chip on
  19. then its a HDCP issue. you are limited by the resolution size you can send analog now. and both screens add up to greater than your size. if you can use DVI and your monitor is HDCP compliant it will work.. Don't you like being treated like a thief.
  20. is this DVI or VGA connection? Sounds like HDCP issue but I can't see a reason why.
  21. I on several occasions have had to pull a VISTA drive and ruin chkdsk with a XP (service pack 3) install to get it to boot again. It once reason I bought http://www.emtcompany.com/products/adapter...apter-cable.htm
  22. http://iase.disa.mil/stigs/stig/index.html do it the way we do.. securing a stand alone XP box is much harder since there is no group policy. there is a thing call limited user account.. This will stop people from installing software but I don't understand the true restrictions.. VDI is how we lock down our workstations.. or stateless installs. if you don't know how to create groups and apply policy to them, then you have a lot to learn before messing with the registry. but I guess not working domain is your problem since you can not set group policy without it http://mcpmag.com/columns/ar
  23. to add, Like buying memory from HP or Dell, Apple is expensive for Ram upgrades.. Look at people like http://www.crucial.com or http://www.ec.kingston.com/