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  1. I need to install some tools, I just rebuilt my laptop... (yes it running windows for developmet and I need to reactivate my ubuntu partition.. ) so as soon as I get that done I'll test these command on my NTFS partition
  2. it makes samba buffer request and sends into compleat packets, instead of mangling packets the way Windows does.. This make the client not have to process packets as much..
  3. progress.. I love (I have gotten more than 3 hours of sleep... oh ya your issues:) ) please run fdisk -l /dev/sda and see what partitions are listed then run ntfsfix /dev/sda and see what it tells your, please post the output (a simple way of doing this is ntfsfix /dev/sda > /tmp/fixntfs.txt and post the contents of that file.... some light reading.. ntfsfix
  4. thanks I always add this line socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192 it helps speed up samba transfers are you logging in If not add guest ok = yes also you can set permissions on the folder you are sharing (or drive) chmod 777 -R /foldername it will keep these setting, the reason NTFS used the UMASK at mount is because of the differences between windows and unix permissions. what is the error your linux users are getting, permission denied on write or mount? how are the linux users mounting the samba share... it could be in there permissions. or are these users on the s
  5. this is progress, sorry it was late last night. This means that hda is your cdrom/dvd what ever and sda is your harddrive, but NTFS has not unmounted it or has damaged it can you as root type ntfs and hit tab twice and post what ntfs tools are showing up on your system.. we may be able to fix this.. superblocks are were the drive markes sections in a partition.. you can normally fix superbloc issues in a UNIX FS, but I am not soure about NTFS
  6. sorry but I am totally lost with your post.. you have a windows box you are tring to share out or linux box.. you can not use chmod on a NTFS partition as windows uses a totally different format for its permissions.. and windows can not read and ext2 or ext3 format..with out commercial drivers.. in the samba (smb.conf) config (if its a linux box sharing) you set anonymous access, where that is is hard to say, but there are two ways of finding it open /etc/init.d/samba and see where it points to its config try under /etc/samba/smb.conf or as root cd to / then do a find . -name smb.conf if it
  7. open a command console if its an IDE drive sudo - su enter your password (live cd ?? it may not ask) type mkdir /mnt/windows1 mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/window1 if its a sata drive (or SCSI) do the same but the mount command is mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/window1 post any error that pop up and we can go from there... with out more information its hard to say... also that live cd may not have ntfs3g and in that case will not be able to mount the NTFS partition...
  8. I sometimes run it on 2202 or 2222, but it does not really matter as long as you are not using the port for anything else.. putty lets you set the port for the command line -p with set port. same will need done for scp and sftp since they both use ssh
  9. does it show up but not print, or is it not showing up at all.. there is a bug posted for feisty and this printer, if its showing up we can go down that route. it has been reported that if you open a browser and go to localhost:631 (also known as the cups administrator page, CUPS is common unix print system) select new printer on lpt1 and select by brand and model.. hope that works.
  10. good luck, I don't think you'll need it. I had no issues following the debian guide. if you are going to use ssh, I recommend that you change what port it is run on. I have not received one attempt to hack my sever since ssh has been moved. I used signed keys, so it would be hard to hack, but I like removing the attempts
  11. for those that do not know Realistic what a Radio Shack Brand when they used to make things... and they were great equipment, not top of the line but no where near the bottom. ah the good old days when you need a 74 series chip, and could pick it up for under a dollar, and the sales person had a clue what 74 series logic was. .now they have no clue and when you do find them they are $3. thanks for the walk down memory lane.. ps Vinyl is all the rage with collage students.. your speakers my be worth more then you think
  12. so its another front end for wine.. its nice that its free, but dose only the directX stuff cedega pushed back and was accepted. Cedega may still be the better option for most direct X games. but I would give this a try first.. now if some one could get C&C (the newest one) to run.. that would be great but it crashes on windows alot, so maybe it is running just as well on linux..
  13. last one, ignore the rest this is a messed up project with too many versions on their sites (they have three diffrent sites I have found) here is the newest version http://atterer.net/jigdo/jigdo-win-0.7.2.zip and you will need the links to the jigdo files here http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/4.0_r3...i386-CD-1.jigdo http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/4.0_r3...i386-CD-2.jigdo http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/4.0_r3...i386-CD-3.jigdo http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/4.0_r3...i386-CD-4.jigdo this is a horrable program and after getting it to work, well it ask no less then 5 questions
  14. sorry, I see now it wil speed up download but there script is broken replace there jigdo-easy.sh with this #! /bin/sh # jigdo-easy: highly portable textmode full-screen menu-driven jigdo client # Copyright 2001-2002 Richard Atterer, J.A. Bezemer # License: GPL version 2 # NOTE: This code was tested on a multitude of systems, including many ancient # ones. Be sure to re-test if you make any change, however small it may seem. # Some defaults jigdoOpts="--cache jigdo-file-cache.db" mirrors="mirrors.jigdo" tmpDir="jigdo-easy-tmp" # is rm -rf'd, DON'T use "." or similar! tmplistFile="tmplist"
  15. also it looks like you may need to install cygwin to make it work, they say they contain cygwin technology, but I don't see cygwin.dll which is needed for cygwin stuff to work
  16. would not this work http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/4.0_r3...386-netinst.iso its a net install cd image. why do you need software to download an ISO image?
  17. some notes that don't fix your problem but may help in the future. first I never use magic numbers (that is I never test values against a number explisitly, this way you can change the test condition latter with a configuration file when the code is more complex. example int sentinel = -1; while (x != sentinel) this way in larger code projects the test case also means more to you, after a while you may not remember what -1 is. also you could change this to int sentinel = 0; while (x > sentinel) this way any negative number would end the loop another thing you can use += instead of item
  18. iccaros


    you should still need a password when running the update program. This way your system is still protected while your user account is open ..
  19. either the person is kidding, or plan stupid on what dev/null is.. in any case it should be ignored
  20. i can boot to a cd and mount both partitions , I thought it was a HD crash I dont know if it is disk (0,0) or hda I have not run the fsck yet , how do you run it once you boot the cd, do not mount the partition but (as root) run fsck followed by the location you mount for root, what is the location, if its not hda or sda then your issues is that root in grub is pointing to the wrong place. when you say both partitions, what are the two partitions? root and boot or are you talking about swap http://linux.die.net/man/8/fsck
  21. so you can boot a cd and mount the root partition, have you run FSCK ? is this disk (0,0 ) (or hda0 )
  22. so it will not turn on even when pluged in... sounds dead..
  23. well it not there, so I am assuming that Mac Mail deleted the mail wen I removed the mail box, this is really unacceptable behavior, but its too late now.
  24. I just switched over to verizon from comcast, so I deleted the comcast account after making sure verizon worked, a week latter all my email from comcast disappeared? any one know where email is storied, I did not tell it to delete any emails..
  25. first lets grow up words like Haxoring or Haxing or what have you just shows ignorance. it is a joke language that people in the industry can not stand (leet) here is how you become a good hacker, you hack your system, secure what was hacked, then hack it again. or you penetrate networks you are asked to check(by owners or admin) and you give a report to only the admins in charge of the site/place to allow them to secure there vulnerabilities. hardware hacking is a different story as I see it as a item you bought and you harm no one else if you break it. getting equipment to do things the ma