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  1. I have a file in excel that has a connection data in access, now, when I click "Refresh All" to refresh all of the connected data in all of the sheets in my excel file, there are still some pivot tables that aren't refreshed. I have to refresh those pivot tables one by one to get the data I need. How can I not do that (one by one refresh) and why is that the data is not all refreshed?
  2. "Microsoft Office Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" i have data in my excel file via access that needs to be refreshed every time the .mdb file is updated. then, i get 'that' error message i tried: refreshing my connection repairing my connection disk check error checked all the queries needed when i open the task manager to see its status while it is refreshing, the status fluctuates from 'responding' to 'not responding'. i thought the file was too big for my pc to handle but i tried to lessen the file and i still get the same error re
  3. when the data is in thousand, the comma is automatically generated. how can i undo the automatic generation of the comma?
  4. hello, i can't seem to have a hold of the right syntax in the formula workshop>sql expression. i can't even write the correct syntax for just selecting a field from a table. what's the right format of syntax in crystal reports (sql expression)? oh, i'm a new member by the way, seasons greeting to you all P.S. pls help me, i really need it now. i'm at the office ^^;