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  1. what type of router, I have had this happen with routers that are less expensive as they seam to break up packets when encryption is on. This happened to my Mac Book, where the mac Book was sensitive to this packet breaking, a patch from apple fixed it. the only suggestion is to try a wireless adapter made by the same company.. but other then that..
  2. Marty, There is no difference in using wireless Keybaord and mouse and a wired except the transfer mechanism, which your computer will not know what that is.
  3. Fixed... I had an open tag <td><%= link_to task.title , task %></td<td style=text-align:center> it should have a > after the </td
  4. with more research its the two tables on the same line, here is the html Ruby creates... Thanks for any help.. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" /> <title>Tasks: index</title> <link href="/stylesheets/scaffold.css?1202316543" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> </head> <body> <p style=
  5. I have this View that is from a Ruby on rails app, <h1>Steve's Task List</h1> <table style="text-align: left; width: 100%;" border="1"> <tr> <th colspan=2>Title</th> <th>Status</th> <th>Percentage completed</th> </tr> <% for task in @tasks %> <tr> <td><%= link_to task.title , task %></td<td style=text-align:center><%= link_to image_tag("edit-32x32.png" , :size => "12x12", :alt => "Edit Entry",:border => 0), edit_task_path(task) %> <%= link_to image_tag('delete-32x
  6. ok I have a basic task scheduler done, it lets you create task and give notes and percentage completed. it also let's you tag task as closed. if you would like a copy I can email it to you, I have a new server I built last night, and as soon as I get subversion set up I will give out its address.
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    sorry Jeff, should have qualified my response. I know you guys help out through an IRC channel, if was kind of a joke, IRC is old I mean old, I remember by BBS (used to run a renegade setup, the good old days) connecting people to IRC channels. it just amazes me that it is still around, also I just switched to verizon for DSL and they have news servers.. wow now I feel really old.. (NOTE: for those who do not know, a news server is not a place that post the "News" but allows posting messages using a news client. sites like this have mostly taken place of news servers.. but they are still arou
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    a quick search brought up this page http://www.dennisgdaniels.com/tiki-index.p...nstall%20Config it looks strait foreword good luck, I have not use IRC in years, and am supprised that many people use it, unless its to pirate software/image/movies/music like it used to be..
  9. some may find this useful http://apcmag.com/node/5162/
  10. side note, I am looking at a ASUS Eee PC for my daughter, its not a Mac, but it will allow her to do homework. also most of the games she plays are online.. so no big issues.. I have a Macbook with a gig of ram, and run Zoo Tycoon for my wife in parallels (got the PC version free from my Brother in Law when he worked at Microsoft)
  11. open office is always a choice (neo office on the Mac) for school the kids save as a PDF, at first the teachers had a fit, but then I stood up at the PTA and suggested they buy me MS office, after that they agreed that PDF was fine. as for games, that's why the kids got a Wii, but seriously, a lot of games run on the mac and the Intel chip set is no where near as bad on the mac as it is in windows..
  12. I like it, but it is always replaced by something more useful. I find that with enlightenment, the desktop becomes the toy and distracts me from the applications. it uses a pull down (best way I can describe it) desktop system, that is interesting to use. its also been a little while since its been upgraded if I remember correctly, but they list DR17 as coming out soon.. its fun, but I end up going back to gnome or KDE
  13. hello all, NOTE this is not to be taken as an advertisement.. so with that out of the way, after a painful sharepoint install and learning curve, I will never understand why you have to find the hidden pages to allow anonymous access, as allowing it on the main page does nothing, have been searching for a good product for Linux to do the same job. after trying a few I started to look at OpenXchange. I know its history and had played with it as an exchange replacement, but at the time it was hardly more than that. now I started looking at it as a solution to what we (my new company I am star
  14. sounds like the monitor is not compatible with Windows power saving, and is not waking up. I have one that does it on XP but not on the Mac for some reason. If I am misreading this, and he(?) never sees the screen after booting, I would say its misdetecting the monitor. XP does this on my Arcade monitor and I had to hard set the settings using VNC.
  15. we should have jeff set up a audio section. I find it more fun then technical stuff.
  16. Audio-Technica is a great company, I bought three mic's for like $50 thinking they would be good enough for stage use but cheep enough where I did not care if they got stolen or broke. They ended up sounding as good but with better responce then an SM58. great mics, I'll send you the model number if you care
  17. I use ClamAV, not that I need it on the Mac. but to protect Windows users. So that when a windows user gives me a file, I know I will not spread it to more windows users. also I use the same program on Windows and Linux http://www.clamxav.com/ also there are a few (not new) Viruses written for UNIX along with Trojans and root kits. Now that OS X is a certified UNIX, some of the POSIX vulnerabilities my exist. and no matter what OS you are still vulnerable to web jacking. this is where data is taken from your browser, or my Fav, DNS poisoning so that when you type in www.besttechie.net it ta
  18. try the Phillips, I have a pair, and exchanged with a guy on the plan to see the difference with the BOSE. here is what I got out of it, My Phillips cost me $70 and did just as good of a job, with less static noise (white noise created by the noise reduction) and still have a nice case. also my headphones work with the power off (no sound reduction but you can use them as standard headphones) while the BOSE could not. http://www.jr.com/JRProductPage.process?Pr...eed.PHI+SHN9500 I bought mine at FRY's on sale, and they also had the BOSE set up. after trying them on different sources, the Phill
  19. Bose came on the scene with the first affordable speaker set with separate sub and satellite speaker. as my buddy who builds high end home theaters for people, will tell you Bose has never been out standing equipment. their new surround sound with only one box, is a scam based on delay of signal, which does not give you a true surround sound. after taking apart may of their system, I find their best material being there advertisements, convincing people that they are the leader. but $100 for speakers now a days is cheep.. also wattage means almost noting for speakers, its current the coil c
  20. if you select the files and drag them on to Itunes it should import them for you. Viruses, With out beating up a dead horse, while there are viruses for the OS X they are few and far between, and with the User admin structure on a OS X it will be hard to just write a virus that self installs, unless of course there is vulnerability in an application you are using on the web. This is what I suggest, And I see Isteve said the same thing, create a non admin user to do almost everything with it. unlike windows no application except system maintenance, will require any thing more, and even that w
  21. I thought that most of the features were to make the system Unix compliant.
  22. I like this marketing term, I like it better than snap over that net app calls it. you should have a dedicated partition or disk. as far as I can tell, what is happening is that the OS creates a soft link, then as things are changed it changes those specific soft links to hard links with a soft link of the new version on the next run. Time capsule seams to use hard links so that you do not need the original partition. so if this is true then this does little to help for disk failure, so the Ipod would be mostly useless with out the original partition. you can do this with bash, but its a p
  23. try the OSX install disk to boot and see if you have keyboard and mouse.. if you can not do that then try the battery as it must be a hardware problem
  24. I am in the middle of learning RoR. It seams neat if not a little different. so as always I need a goal to help focus my learning effort. I figure a project management tool like basecamp (http://www.basecamphq.com/) maybe OpenBaseCamp or more Ruby like open_Base_Camp.. but in any case. does any one know how to manage a ruby project. I guess I could use subversion or GIT and use zip files for distribution. if you have ideals please let me know. I am have these goals in mind the software must have a Calender (compatible with icalender is a plus) way to keep notes between team mates on the same
  25. I like the pro and used it on my last studio recoding, but have not owned it.. its a good deal, I use guargeband when I need something fast, but I hate the interface, I want to feel like I am sitting in front of a board adjusting sliders (I know so old school) I was looking at the Zoom for church recording, right now they send out tapes to older folks who can not make it in but would like to here the service.. but I am now leaning towards doing Video, as a lot of the children stuff is visual. It's amazing what you can get for the money.. I bought the HD24 because I did not want to trust a co