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  1. Phonedog has some good reviews of droid I don't like the term Iphone killer.. That is a bad press way to think about electronic devices.. Iphone has more apps.. and some way better apps.. but that is not the phone. its the app I have stayed away from the iphone because its service is expensive.. I pay $80 a month for unlimited internet, unlimited texting and sharing 700 min a month on T-mobile. looking at the same contract for ATT was over $100 sorry there is more to it than the phone..
  2. np, I have a bad feeling it was A ) a hick up in the install for some reason only gave 8 gigs for / I think you need to sudo df -h
  3. can you run the df- h I need to see what ubuntu thinks is your partition table.. Thanks
  4. so you partitioned the drive for 80 gigs and left windows the rest? can you give me the output of df -h? Thanks
  5. good work the computer shop here has a Imac in the display with a sign saying do not by a Mac it would Cost $800 to replace the hard drive. I am sure that is what the apple store said it would cost.. but dell says the same thing.. But what is worse the guy told me it was so expensive because Mac created their own disk drives.. This is why I buy more and more stuff on line.. most of the "computer" guys have no clue.. glad to see there are people who still care..
  6. ok I have pluged in my Ipod Touch after syncing my old 5th gen ipod, and for everything compatible it transfered.. it just asked a few questions I clicked yes to. not touch to iphone.. but I see no difference in function.
  7. I believe you must reset and reload the songs after setting sound check in itunes and then on the ipod.. as I believe (could be wrong) but Itunes sets the volume when it writes the files to the ipod.. or at least to the database.. from the user guide Setting Songs to Play at the Same Volume Level iTunes can automatically adjust the volume of songs, so they play at the same relative volume level. You can set iPod nano to use the iTunes volume settings. To set iTunes to play songs at the same sound level: In iTunes, choose iTunes > Preferences if you’re using a Mac, or choose Edit > Pref
  8. from the user guide Setting Songs to Play at the Same Volume Level iTunes can automatically adjust the volume of songs, so they play at the same relative volume level. You can set iPod nano to use the iTunes volume settings. To set iTunes to play songs at the same sound level: In iTunes, choose iTunes > Preferences if you’re using a Mac, or choose Edit > Preferences if you’re using a Windows PC. Click Playback and select Sound Check, and then click OK. To set iPod nano to use the iTunes volume settings: Choose Settings and set Sound Check to On. If you haven’t activated Sound Check in
  9. what is the wireless adapter? can you turn that off?? Yup just a WUSB54G. I can just unplug it. The live CD doesn't have any problems with it though which is why I'm so confused. I'll let you know after I try it.. ubuntu for some unknown reason, seems at times to use a different kernel to boot the CD than it installs. This looks to be recurring bug with ubuntu.. my next suggestion was to have you boot the live CD and run uname -a see what the running kernel version is on the CD and do the same for the install (ctrl-alt f2 should take you to a log-in console not reporting errors)
  10. what is the wireless adapter? can you turn that off??
  11. ok I have not played with Fedora in a long time.. Started to mess with 12 and it seams a lot better than Ubuntu.. its faster and the new KDE looks good.. but here is what stops it short.. I can not install the Nvida driver. the kmod-nvidia does not show up from rpmfusino and using the NVIDIA installer get me this # cat /var/log/nvidia-installer.log nvidia-installer log file '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log' creation time: Thu Oct 29 11:08:28 2009 installer version: 1.0.7 option status: license pre-accepted : false up
  12. When you plug in the printer, you may not get any feedback.. According to the Mac Genius, "well you plug-ed it in, why do I need to tell you what you just did?" I bet if you plug in her brothers printer and tries to print, that it will be there ready to print to. I spent 3 hours messing with my printer before I just tried to print.
  13. also when people call, if you have not accepted that number before a voice prompt will tell you who is calling (it ask them ) and you choose 1 to talk to them or 2 to send to voice mail you can also do per number handling.. like I have people who call for work I do not care to talk to, so I route them strait to voice mail. then the voice mail shows up as text on my Google home page using the google voice app.. I can see it as they are talking and decide to pick up the call or call them right back.. the best part, is I give people one number.. and I change which phone it goes to.. when I am on
  14. IMHO VISTA needs every mhz it can get.. and then get some more.. if the processor was like $5 $10 I would go for it and overclock it to the max.
  15. if you are running windows 2000 then no.. Other systems maybe.. what is the cost.. a 2.6 should be cheep. like pocket change.. but mostly no.. no real difference.
  16. I have not used Joomla.. and your host who provided the install may have some things locked down. .but I would bet the adds are referenced in a CSS page. I will see If I can install it on one of my servers tonight. then I'll let you know what I find.
  17. now that is awesome.. Can they get root access? did they not sanitize there input? http://xkcd.com/327/
  18. I would agree with that but... now is see the Mac add PC: Windows 7 is as secure or more secure than Mac. but to run your games or CAD or some .net software you have to just do these easy steps first you must create a new limited user on the computer (I know it came with out the need to log in ) then only login as that user.. then right click the icon of the software you want to run and select run-as click the little circle and select a user or type in your user account with admin rights (see web site for definition) enter password.. your done Mac comes back and says.. in Snow Leopard you ju
  19. sad but true.. features people want take space.. the nice part.. you can trim it down a lot by building your own..
  20. which was my point at the top.. if everything needs administrative privilege to maintain backwards capability. it dose not matter what other protections you add. your already the admin.. so this media war about who is more secure does not come down who has the most features.. I also said it was not a good argument.
  21. ok argument that ALSR is not a very good security mechanism in Windows the PE header DLL Characteristics set to 0x40 turns on ALSR in windows vista SP1 and better and presumably in Windows 7. so using a hex editor its not hard to chaange or .. better. edit the ASLRdynamicbase.py from http://www.nynaeve.net/?p=100 could allow you to unset the bit in windows programs.. (if the user as admin.. which most out of the box are.. ) since WFP doesn't protect the PE header itself, only the image, resc etc. not a good argument but it is one.. if it can be turned off, malware will turn it off.
  22. I find it interesting.. Charlie Miller has never gained Root access from his exploits.. and he does not claim that windows 7 is more secure than Snow Leopard. what he does say is that Apple should have added Memory randomization to the OS. one small thing being over looked. Memory Randomization has not fixed any windows security issues. so why is it touted to much.. answer: it is one more thing to get through. Windows underling issue is not number of users or sales or any unrelated excuses. its account escalation. To do anything on windows you need to be admin (root in UNIX like Snow Leopar
  23. yes that is called raid 10 or 01 10 striping and then mirror the strips or 01 mirrors that you strip across in any case I do not trust an operating system to do this as when you loose power you loose changes (well ZFS is an exception) so expensive raid controllers with built in memory and battery back up are needed
  24. I am getting ready to do my Mac Mini.. wanted to make sure that handbrake worked first as I have it hooked to the TV instead of a a AppleTv.. hopefull the new quicktime allows 5.1 from front row.. I could do it from the DVD player and from Itunes but not quicktime.. ?? which is weird as both use quicktime. I like that my wifes Mac book is much faster.. Iphoto and Iworks apps just seam to run much faster, and I like the face recognition software.. it really speeds up adding meta data to over 7 years worth of pictures.