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  1. explanation of 64bit on Snow Leopard http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/913...n_Snow_Leopard_
  2. wow.. let see the PC world article is just wrong.. all of those features were there, and why boot into a 32bit kernel first.. lets see, the first intel macs have a 32bit EFI and while that can boot a 64bit kernel the Driver translations need to be all 64bit, which is not there yet.. but you can boot 64 bit with a keypress at boot time.. something windows can not do. the rest goes on and on about features that were improved (expose has been around since tiger, long before vista was released) so they are written by people with no clue or have never used the system.. sad but let me share this..
  3. Ok I updated my Macbook running Tiger to Snow Leppard.. no issue strait upgrade.. no whip and install just upgrade.. now if only MS would let you upgrade to 64bit not whip and install. its a little faster.. depending on the app some are really fast, other are not at all. but I got back 7.5 gigs of hard drive space.. so far the wireless has stopped dropping out.. will test more..
  4. http://www.420.am/mediawiki/index.php/Free...allingOnDebian5 this should do it.
  5. also for Icons first Google hit http://www.ganato.com/free_icons/free_icons.php
  6. Web 2.0 just means Web as a platform.. from wiki (a web 2.0 ideal) so you have Ruby on rails, wordpress, wikipedia, facebook, which is it you wanted information on?
  7. still have to enter a password.. this is news to let people know that you can install something and it can do bad things.. Word is a perfect example of this.. it keeps locking up my Mac like the great denial of service app it is.. I get tired of the see you can be hacked, you just need to install this app, enter your admin password and we own you.. Duh.... but dumb people do it,, and it keeps me getting paid.. so let them.. its computer natural selection there is no software that can protect you from this.. so the only cure is to teach people how to use the internet...
  8. if anyone is having problems updating or upgrading ubuntu and are getting the error hash mismatch try running this at the command line sudo aptitude update -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True this seams to force a download of the headers and not time out or use old information. This has been a big problem for me since we are behind a Proxies at work.. good luck
  9. This why Apple did not want to fix this issue.. not all SATA drive for laptops can operate at the higher speed. Also intel chip sets are known for not being backwards compliant.
  10. I'll play with this at work, I have a new desk top, No sli but its 64, I need to load 9.04 and video driver.. I have seen some post.. but I need to put hands on.. even if you never use it it may help others.
  11. are you hibernating the PC.. That is the kinit resume image message.. after you boot does a simple startx work? \
  12. yes, Did not say you did not earn it.. I just don't have money for new systems (I have 3 kids.. and a Motorcycle.. ) Motorcycles are expensive.. at work we have in my lab hp bl460 with dual quad processors and 128 gigs of ram.. (16 per blade center X2) but I don't use them for games. X windows can be tough for advanced graphics.. good luck.. your console screen means something is wrong with the xconfig.. the command I gave you should fix.. it good luck.
  13. wow, I wish I had your money.. but try this sudo nvidia-xconfig --sli=AFR
  14. with a file server (depending on what the base OS) anything over a gig will show no real performance increase. if you are using windows as a base.. well that may change but I see no difference in performance for that task in the two processors you propose.. I would get the cheaper one. your network will have a much bigger effect on performance of a file server.. With FreeNAS I have a 350 Pentium and 256 megs of ram. I am not using the ISCSI which would need some ram. I moved it to an AMD 2500 to see if there was a difference.. nope.. bench marks came out the same and real world worked out
  15. was that not in the big patch just released by apple??
  16. oh.. important part: on multiple platforms, including Linux and Windows so all systems
  17. I am confused.. So Apple, and Linux distributions tell people that there are issues and release patches, and are said to have more security holes based on this number.. so the only thing you need to be secure is to not tell people of the issues, like some companies do. the number of published bugs, shows that they care more about security because they will let you know when they find them, and not hide them to protect their image.
  18. the issues I have found is Windows dose not understand CUPS.. so Apple came out with bonjour . I also found that you must install http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/appl...forwindows.html on the windows machine..
  19. you can turn in Remote Desktop in the Vista and under accessories you Microsoft Remote Desktop.. over the internet I would add a VPN for all connects so you need to work that one out. but If I was administering the system.. I would give here a limited user account. you have to set some permission for MS Remote Desktop to work (Microsoft set permissions and registry keys to keep it from running, but its there and installed.) This is why I do not like MS Vista and Windows 7 strategy.. Sell the same product and make more money.. http://portal.tonychan.org/Default.aspx?ta...amp;EntryID=123
  20. I have to hook mine back up, but if you can set the settings in the dvd player I would assume you do not need the plug in.
  21. get it strait from Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/ but not until the 5th)
  22. this was a comment on that page that showed that the file did not exists in Leopard. the went to the preferences of DVD player to set it.
  23. the best one.. Firmware password.. do not do this.. at most it makes it so the Mac is unusable by some one else but does nothing to protect your data.. just pull the drive and put it in another machine.. data mine These are good to look at, but are old (leopard), and most are what not to turn on.. not what to turn off. the Virus software is the next best.. and no you never need 24/7 virus protection.. only when you do things that could introduce a virus.
  24. I agree for fine particles but since the flue is transmitted from "Snot" and that does not get small enough to pass though the mask.. but sine they are not waring gloves as soon as they itch their nose they just negated having the mask so I say try this or this MOPP I say People should be at MOPP 4 at all times Plus it protects their computers from most viruses.. since they can not type in those gloves.. they cant use it. give the malware guys a break for couple days.