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  1. Hello Folks I have upgraded SUPERAntispyware to the 4.26 version but found that I can not get it activated. It says that I need OKD on my harddrive to be able to use it. I have never heard of this before. Kindly inform me what it means, and how to activate it. I have not had this problem with the previous version of SASpyware. I have lots of free space on both my harddrives. I use Win 98SE on this PC. Your advice will be most appreciated. Thanks. Gerry
  2. Will do as advised and report back. Thanks for your assistance so far.
  3. Thanks for reply. I am using Firefox 2.0, and Win 98SE. Kindly advise. Thanks
  4. Good day I have been exp. problems with the downloading of stuff from the Internet, such as e-books, programs, etc. A download would start in the normal fashion but would simply stop after a while, even if it has only completed say, only 3% or 5% of the download, and then show that it has completed 100%. When I then try to open the set-up file it would say that the file is corrupt. Please tell me what the reason for this problem could be and advise me on how to solve it. I use Outpost 1.0 Firewall, but I doubt if it is a Firewall problem. Thanks. Gerry
  5. Hi I have been able to resolve the problems. Matter concluded. Thanks. Gerry
  6. Hi Thanks for taking the time to assist me in this. My attempts to rename the folder failed. ( I rightclicked on the name, then on Rename, but nothing happens) In the hope that it would assist you I have attached screenprints of the following: 1. A scan by HJT. From this you will see that it stops short of the end and does not complete. It simply stops responding. 2. Copy of the folders that are on the PC. (In my attempts to rename the folder I have rightclicked on the first name (HijackThis.exe, dated 09/03/03), then on Rename - no response). Your further instruction
  7. Hi Folks I suspect that my PC is infected with Spyware, Trojans, etc. I wanted to post a HJT logfile for the experts to examine but I have come across the following problem: When I do a scan with HJT the scan does not complete. It simply stops responding just before the scan reaches the end. I have uninstalled and re-installed but the problem persists. I would really appreciate good advice on how to resolve this problem. Thanks. Gerry
  8. Thanks for the sound advice. I realized that I would have to do some upgrading but was not sure exactly what. Unfortunately computers and parts are expensive here where I am (South Africa). Internet services are the most expensive in tjhe world. Regards.
  9. Hello Folks! I would like to wish all a very happy and prosperous New Year, with good health to be able to enjoy it. On a PC that I purchased in 2000 I have been using Win 98SE. As it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find good programs that could still be used on this I would like to upgrade the operating system to XP Home. But, I would first like to make sure that my PC will be suitable for such an upgrade and for this I would appreciate the advice from our experts on this. The following are the important details of the PC: Processor : AMD-K6 3D Motherb
  10. Thanks for your advice. I will try, and report back. I have also thought of disabling the firewall to do the updates, but have been very concerned about the security risk. You don;t think this could be a problem? Gerry
  11. Hi Preston Thanks for the advice. I would love to use Comodo but my problem is that I still use Win 98SE on this PC. This is not suitable for Comodo. Agnitum does not run a forum anymore. It is administered by members only. I think that is where the actual problem originates. My problem remains unresolved. Gerry
  12. Good day I have been experiencing problems for some time now with Outpost 1.0 FW and in particular with the updating of the definition files of SUPERAntispyware. When I attempt to update this the usual message "Checking for updates, please wait ..." appears as it should, but then disappears after two seconds and no update is done. I have been advised by the experts at SUPERAS that the downloads appear to be blocked by my firewall, which is Outpost. Perhaps the following info may help to identify the problem: 1. In my "Trusted Applications" on Outpost I have, amongst others, the following l
  13. Hello Folks I have a "silly" question regarding CCleaner for which I would like some advice. This is: How does one restore the registry back-up? As you know it is filed in the My Documents folder. How do I get it restored from there? (I use Win98SE). I have exp problems before, after I cleaned my registyry with CCleaner, and am hesitant to use it again until I am certain of how to restore deleted entries. Any advice will be apprecioated. Thanks. Gerry
  14. Hi Folks! After I have updated SUPERAntispyware Free Edition to version 4.21.1004 I have been unable to download updates of the definition files. It simply won't respond. I have tried to rectify this by un-installing and re-installing but the problem persists. I will appreciate it if the experts could advise me on how to fix this. Furthermore, I have been using this program for some time now but I have not really been impressed with it. Can you possibly recommend a better (free) one that I could use? (I use Windows 98SE on this computer). Thanks. Gerry
  15. Thanks for the advice!. It is much appreciated. After a second un-install and re-install of AVG the problem disappeared. I have never exp this type of problem before with this program. I have been using Firefox now for a long time (in fact, I have disabled Explorer on my PC). Is it still necessary to keep Windows updated? Looking forward to your advice!