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  1. I have found the software useful. Its 64 msgs because it contains things like OCR and Scan software that lets you hit scan on the printer and pick which computer and which application to scan to on that computer all from the printer. The all-in-one printers use Their own Scan format (its been open sourced in the SANE project) and use IPP by default on the printer. Connecting to the router could be the issue as Pete_C stated. The router is probably dropping packages, use wire-shark or some other packet scanner to find out.. You probably can not span ports on that router so do the best you can.
  2. mysql on Linux takes the same commands as on windows.. I'm confused on why you would think its different. mysql> Drop table Inventory; mysql> CREATE TABLE Inventory -> ( -> ID SMALLINT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, -> InStock SMALLINT NOT NULL, -> OnOrder SMALLINT NOT NULL, -> Reserved SMALLINT NOT NULL -> ); Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.06 sec) mysql> INSERT INTO Inventory VALUES (101, 10, 15, 4), -> (102, 1, 9, 3), -> (103, 5, 2, 13); Query OK, 3 rows affected (0
  3. what is the output of ifconfig and do a cat of /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf This will give us a starting point
  4. so what do you need??? there is no question here.
  5. sp 3 all up to date have installed , before, after and during. tried it all. used the Windows Cleaning tool to remove all traceses of an install. then go the gambit again The error "there is not enough storage to install the driver." is really throwing me.. never see this error? just to test this only happens with audio drivers, look in Sys32 and guess what driver is there.. install any other type of device no issues.
  6. yep, went through all of these, even tried a logic tech camera.. same issue with the logic tech..
  7. never seen this one, Helping a neighbor install a web cam (Microsoft life cam nx-6000) when installing the USB audio, it gets an error that there is not enough storage to install the driver. there is over 400 gigs of free drive space, and 1 gig of free ram. Page file is at 500 megs of 4 gigs. I put in my logic tech web cam, same issue on the USB audio. remove everything and start over.. same issue. (rebooted between each removal) never seen this error.. Anti-virus shows no issues.
  8. sorry, I have been trying to figure it out. in KDE I have an option to open programs in the screen the mouse is in.. This is how I manage where they open.
  9. Thanks for the Reply We use expensive ones at work, NETIQ has one in a bundle we use, we use them to untangle cross entries, and old entries, and dead entries that are left after many years of group policy changes. We do find when you do things like Install Citrix Xenapp for example, that it has over 300 registry entries. Add to that publishing apps and de-publishing apps, can leave a lot of dead links that you are not going buy hand to remove. I will tell the guy who asked that there are no reliable automatic registry checkers for the consumer, as I am not going to loan out the $90,000 NETI
  10. do you have more than one disk? what is the drive layout All boot loaders are loaded in the same place or else bios could not find them. the fix mbr should have made it boot only windows..
  11. what tool would my windows cohorts recommend for scanning and repairing the registry?
  12. That is a Good point, I am just working on the point that you can not edit that file as a user and need elevated privilege. The ubuntu tool for monitor configuration asked for your password. The nvidia one is a standalone tool and does not check if you have privileges.. it is letting him change the settings, then it sets to monitor to the correct setting, it just will not let him save the settings (its creating a tmp xorg.conf in his folder and restarting the xserver.. I am assuming from his statement ) its when he reboots he has to start over.. but now that I think back it does give a fai
  13. I think for his error, he needs to run gksudo <name of the nvidia settings tools> (then it can read and save to the xorg file)
  14. /boot/grub/grub.conf if for some magical reason its not there do cd /boot sudo find . -name grub.conf
  15. I am assuming ubuntu or some other GTK desktop with gnome.. instead of launching a root session as you did, just open the program you what with privilege gksudo <program name> the Gray screen is the X session so with out that you have no gnome session.. normally its hidden by the display manager GDM you could also do a xhost + as your user and then from the root shell launch your app (I think xhost + localhost: will limit ti to only people on your machine) and then a xhost - when done if this is a server you should always run as a user who uses root tools with sudo or su - This way i