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  1. here is a link about this direct from Steve Gibson on Leo LaPortes Twit podcast video. jsut seen it today on FB and thought i would pass this along. here is a link to the video, and it starts around the 13 minute mark of the video. this is a heads up and there is a temporary work around for it. please watch it. windows will not have a patch yet for it for another 3 weeks
  2. well i got it updated on my and on my Mac Pro, and my Macbook Pro and on a friends laptop, and another friends new laptop. it went real quick for the newest laptop with the I7 and SSD, the other laptop i had to try at least 3 times, since it is an older laptop. my Mac Pro went quick on the download and install. my Macbook Pro went daily good too, but did take a while to download. yeah i am still playing with multi booting on the big MP which i now have 2 quad core Xeons in it. i think i will have to download the update and burn it to a DVD for my mom since she is only on a 1.5 mbps dsl.
  3. so flashh4, how big is that update that took 3 hours to download?
  4. well here is a video clip form a show, from someone we all remember from the TEchTV days, at tree beginning is an interview with Gibson Research about the threat to the Intel and AMD chips form Meltdown and Spectre. plus also right after that interview is also some bak about the new iMac Pro. enjoy here is the link,
  5. if i may add here is a link to have the move to copy to from the right click, the link is there and it adds this feature to your registry. it works with all windows versions
  6. i use a couple of sites for my macs, this one, and i have also used Hrutkey Mods they both haev been very helpful in getting more life out of my Mac Pro 1,1
  7. Its going to be a beast Chuck, i just ordered the Xeon X5355 matched pair, 2.66Ghz quad core CPUs. should have them on Saturday. then i will pull the old ones out and clean the heat sinks, and install the quad cores making it a 2,1 8 core machine. would have went with the 3Ghz, but just did not have the money for it right now. prices on them have come down a lot. its going to be fun. just like the old days when i had nothing better to do.
  8. here are pics of my project. it is the first gen Mac Pro 1,1. it now shows it is a Mac Pro 2,1 and will soon have 2 quad core chips in it. Running 4 operations systems at 64 bit. and one 32 bit system. 32 gigs of and will be adding another hard drive. go to this page, and i have more pics of it posted
  9. i did not notice it til just recently. and true Macs don't get infected like some would want you to think.
  10. MAlwarebytes has made a version for Mac here is the link, it is for Mavericks and up
  11. This is sad news. RIP TT. another former TechTV regular is gone.
  12. Hi Baker7. i bet you remember when XP service pack 1 came out. it had so many problems with installing, that on the techTV forums i ended up posting a cure to make it install with out the slowdowns. i even played with the beta versions of SP1 and SP2, of course they were beta versions and had bugs, until the RC came out then the final versions were released. but as with any Beta versions of anything, that is why they are beta. they are for testing.
  13. oh the days of trying to run beta versions of an OS from MS. those were the days.
  14. cherokeechief


    sounds like the old days of TechTV. i remember having to notify casey back then about spammers. no matter what forum it is, or Facebook group, there are always going to be someone trying to spam with stupid stuff. if i remember we called them trolls back then. keep up the good work there TT, Pete, and Flash.
  15. i'm still around. i just have my good days and bad days. mainly retired and on disability now. i miss the old TechTV days.