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  1. @flashh4 I agree with Chuck. There are lots of different antivirus companies And anti-spyware companies that tell us they are “the best”. It is up to you to make a decision as to what you think is appropriate as far as what you think is “the best”. There are other people who are of a mind, like myself, who rely on certain programs in certain tools to be used in an anti-malware removal process, or a scan process to remove any junkware. Trendmicro may be a good program, but that would be up to the person using it. There are so many programs out there that it is hard to know which is the b
  2. @flashh4 as I normally do: I will not install windows 11: it is too early for anyone to do this, and there are things about windows 11 that are not in windows 10. My hope is that Microsoft will not force the installation of windows 11 on anyone. You spend more time trying to stop rogue installations of Windows software than anything else, and I hope that after Microsoft got their ass sued from doing what they did before, they learn a lesson and let us decide went to install windows 11. They told us way back when that windows 10 would be the “last“ version of windows, but unfortunately thi
  3. @cherokeechief Rest in peace my friend, you WILL and are missed. Brian
  4. Hello Everyone: With all these windows updates, I have had to go to PRO because everytime there is an update, MS just deploys the update and a few times, the results have been crazy - My advice: Be careful with the new updates, and if you can postpone them for 30-60 days, I would do that. Take Care, Brian
  5. Good Morning everyone: Just thought I would check in: Lots going on, and I am preparing to start work again in 2019 for our cycle. Will post again soon Brian
  6. Chuck: I understand that, but the new Creator's Update won't let some programs even launch without disabling the SmartScreen filter, and in some cases it may stop some of the Antimalware programs we may ask users to run: I had to do that once when I was trying to clean an infection - it would delete the tool that was trying to remove the infection. I know that you may have to disable the SmartScreen Filter though. - and sometimes it would make the tool useless because it detects it as a PUP or a Hacktool or something along those lines. Brian
  7. hpg3: That's no problem at all - a lot of the time, they try to throw stuff in a download that you do not need. Google Chrome is notorious for doing this, and another program that do this include Mcaffee AV, and other adware and Junkware. Chuck is very good at what he does and he keeps up with this pretty well. I do understand that some of this stuff can be challenging for older folks - I have had to assist my Dad and Stepmom a few times because they run into trouble sometimes. My Dad is 71, so I try to answer his questions as straight as I can - My stepmom can get really e
  8. Hello Everyone: Because there have been people that have to be able to download files from Internet Sources, I figured that I would provide a Tutorial Here for this purpose. In past setups, before defender, you could simply turn off your Antivirus, and download the file. then add the exception. Chuck has provided instructions for disabling Windows Defender for Windows 7. so I will provide information on how to do this when you have a machine with Fall Creator's Update installed. You Will Need: · A windows 10 machine that has been upgraded with the Fall Creator's Update [Eithe
  9. You are welcome hpg3 - Glad to be of service I do not recommend running Google chrome - This is because I do not believe it is as safe (secure) as the latest version of Firefox. Google seems to want to have EVERYONE running it, and whenever you download anything nowadays, you seem to get a Google Chrome download as part of the process. I would be very mindful of this when downloading anything from the net - Choose to Install a program with "Custom Installation" options, because if you don't, it will install everything bundled with the software. Custom Installation lets you UNCHECK the
  10. root·kit ˈro͞otˌkit/ noun Computing noun: rootkit; plural noun: rootkits a set of software tools that enable an unauthorized user to gain control of a computer system without being detected. You should scan for rootkits, so it should not be a problem for you to place a check in that box - If it detects it, they should be removed. Good Luck!
  11. Happy Birthday Chappy - Hope it was a good one Brian
  12. Chuck: I understand: However, I will have to post the way that you do that in Windows 10 - Because the Windows 10 Fall Creators update makes it hard to turn something OFF in the event you have a VIRUS, and need to run Malware removal tools: You have to also disable Windows Smartscreen, because without that, you cant even RUN some of these tools that may be needed, so I figured I would add a post for doing this on Windows 10 Brian
  13. baker7

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all: May 2018 bring blessings and prosperity to everyone Brian
  14. Hi Guys: If you are using Windows 10: You will have to do it a little different, as all this has changed. I will post these instructions in a separate Thread Brian
  15. baker7


    Same to you Chuck - May you gain a blessing today, and I wish you all the best in 2018!! Merry Christmas! Brian