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  1. So there is'nt anything i can do except hook up with DVI or get a monitor with USB or HDMI inputs?
  2. Extended view, but dual view has the same results. I've tried several different resolutions, even the max for it, which is 1440/900. the only refresh rate available for the external monitor is 75mhz. thats what its set to
  3. I'm trying to run Dual Monitor's off my Acer Aspire 6920 laptop. It's specs are 2.5 pentiuim core 2 duo, Nvidia GeForce 9500m GS, and 4 gb ram, and I'm running Vista Ultimate. I'm trying to hook a VeiwSonic 19" widescreen monitor to it. Everytime that i do, both screens flicker as if the signal is being lost and found constantly, until i unplug the 2nd monitor. I can use the VeiwSonic as the main monitor and have my laptop screen off without problems. Sorry for the length, but any help would be greatly appreciated. ~thanks - eric