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  1. I a have a small recording studio made up of a Behringer 48 channel (a/B) board with a Alesis HD24 connected to my Mac with a MOTU 2408 where I use ardour to do mix down and add effects. I have used Cakewake and cuebase but once I stated using ardour they did not seam to be worth the price or limitations that the version have that come with hardware. for windows I would use ntrack pro as its is simple to get started and make work.. but I don't work in windows after some bad crashes in the middle of recording. If I was to buy any DAW software I would probably buy either Logic Pro, or change
  2. The Laptop makes it tough, but you only need one mike, and Dynamic is the way to go with a Piano and vocals. I will tell you how I would do this.. I would get a firewire pcmica card then connect a http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MOT...face?sku=241880 I would buy at least one http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ART...eamp?sku=180581 then I have had great luck with http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Beh...hone?sku=270491 as it takes abuse and keeps going.. you would do well with any good mic and this system.. plus you can use hydrogen to get drums or procusion and better softwa
  3. the WPA key is the encryption on the access point, not the PSP. The PSP needs the key to connect. go to the access point from some other system and look under security.
  4. I found in collage that if a program required Windows, but was not directly related to windows, I could successfully protest as the school did not provide windows software (I used fire fox with Linux my entire time in school) but there is also vmware, boot camp or parallels to run windows apps if you need them. I like the build of the Mac over the HP any day, and with boot camp you can run XP or Vista on the MAC and boot into OSX when your done.. if you do that use a thumb drive or create a fat32 partition so you can share files between the different OS..
  5. which type? DLP DLP (LED ) Plasma LCD OLED they all look different
  6. you can do the same with KDE, also some Linux distros, SUSE for one, like -Y better then -X as -Y means trusted.. also you should use a signed keys for authenication.. NX server (freeNX) does this for your with a simple gui connection and works from windows..
  7. yes it is enough for most things.. I have 1 gig in mine, but Mac OS is different in that ram is more important than CPU speed. so the more you put in the better. as for where to get ram, any where that sells ram. the Mac does not take a different type of ram then other laptops, but they do check for speed and type. this is one reason they have better customer service numbers, they pick ram that is stable and not necessarily the fastest. I have bought from Crucial for a Mac http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.asp...%29%20MB062LL/B Anti virus.. this is the part that is hard for windows u
  8. if its an OEM disk, ask the computer manufacture, I know dell will replace the disk if its not OEM I think microsoft charges $25 for the disk if you need it.. good luck
  9. here is my impression you may be better off creating scripts that will do what you want, but I don't know your level. as for security I do not like remote access controlled by others, and I think it leaves you open if that company is sold, or compromised or just has a rouge employee doing port forward can be dangerous also so the best thought is VPN, using openVPN is simple and creates a routing between both networks, and using shared key security you can make it almost impossible, not almost, to hack into it. then you can use XP's own remote desktop to access or use vnc with out worry. in a
  10. to number 5, its dangerous and will leave a big hole in the system open to any attack. if you are already clearing problems off of the computer, it can be compromised and get your system in trouble. to fix that I use VPN software like, OpenVPN. many router have it already so it's easy. this will allow you to connect to their network securely, and not to just their computer, but entire network. I suggest you use IPsec for encryption protocol, along with a strong password. if you have the option choose something like blowfish instead of DES3 (DES3 encryption can be cracked in under an hour) b
  11. if you have monitor and stuff, they are not bad, but if you don't an Imac is my better choice. but its all up to how you will use it. also I really want a Pico itx board.. but I can't see spending 250 on something I will just play with.. well except the the wii ..
  12. try typing this knoppix screen=800x600 at the boot prompt. also if its an Intel video chipset, there "open source" drive comes with a binary non open source core, that limits the resolution to what is programed in the card, meaning low resolutions. this is hard to fix on a live cd see http://roland-lopez.blogspot.com/2007/03/a...lution-fix.html why did Intel do it this way.. well they suck.. but really they probaly assumed that normal users would not use Linux and that only people who are system builders and understand Linux would be the only ones to see this issues, as people like dell
  13. a few questions? was it source or did you use the package manager to download the kernel but for any Linux this is the generic way first you need to know where the files are, or better do you mean that its not the default and it does list it at boot up, but the default no pick option if the older kernel in any case open a terminal as root (you can open a terminal use the sudo command if that is how pclinux works.) change directory to /boot cd /boot check if your grub.conf is in this folder, some distro's keep it here. if not you should see a grub folder so cd to that cd grub using a text edi
  14. the only difference is that the switch (4 port ) is Gig on the new one and 100mb on the other, but do you need another switch? how about the airport express, it also has speaker outs so you can place it at your stereo and have Itunes use your stereo as its output speakers..
  15. if you are not using the driver from the manufacture, and are not upgrading through them, then I would use the MS driver. Its the Approved driver, but in the case of video cards my not be the "Best". but if its a matter of trust, no matter how bad MS has done in my eyes, I see no reason not to trust that the drive they push is stable and will not hurt your system
  16. the service pack may help, but you probably will never get the the same performance until games are written specifically for vista. the 64bit version should be faster, but the games are still 32bit so it does not matter, as you get a slowdown translating 32bit to 64 bit, instead of the run side by side of other kernels. I know of no advantages to running Vista, right now, It has a more secure under-structure, but in our security labs for the DOD we have shown that they can easily be defeated because of attitude of a majority of windows users, and software that is installed that requires ful
  17. sorry, I had a brain freeze that should be gpg... the Free version .. for XP.. and higher.. also most UNIX and UNIX like OS.. http://ftp.gpg4win.org/gpg4win-1.1.3.exe
  18. encrypt them using PGP.. seams the best way to me.. http://www.haltabuse.org/pgp/win/index.shtml
  19. the signs I made, the box is a candy box called Penguin Poop, Chocolate Covert Almonds, its a Christmas gag like Snow man poop that is marsh mellows) I made this as a shot back at my neighbor, who happens to be a higher up in the Xbox 360 division (I do live 15 miles from Redmond), and I have a big inflatable TUX in my yard for Christmas. Well he put up a sign on it while I was out that said Vista Rules, Microsoft Rules. so I made this and had his 6 year old daughter, who my wife watches after school, take it to him.. as a gift:)
  20. my google photos I made this for my MicroSoft neighbor
  21. iccaros


    wow you have caps in NZ? most of us are used to unlimited, but in eaither case. you do not need all security updates? I say agian, you do not need all security updates. here is why, in windows the security updates are for everyone, because windows updates only fix the OS in Ubuntu there are 100 of other non os progrmas and they put out patches when they are ready, and most are not security they are bug fixes. here is the rule of thumb, if you do not use the software that is being patched, then uncheck its box. or note the patch and ask one of us to mail you a disk with them, I can do that.
  22. hmm the update I track this error code to is this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/936357 it is suggested that you can retry to install the patch or roll it back but the one you found may be intertwined..
  23. can you post the BSOD error message ? I see nothing in this log out of whack
  24. Line one of the "Function" is opening the rs232 FIFO and assigning its buffer the name #1 reading in random mode and not sequencal next they are creating an integer and two strings. next comes the work a$ = CHR$(27) + "P": PRINT #1, a$ this is really two lines in one see the : so we assign ascii char 27 (see http://game-editor.com/tutorials/images/ascii.jpg) followed by the P so we have a$ = "^[P" and the second half puts that string to the serial port (in basic you print to a port like you do the screen, and read from it like a keyboard) s1$ = "": c1$ = "" this is also two lines that a
  25. this may be the problem 1 long 1 short: DRAM or M/B error by the way, nice system :-) Thanks shanenin it's more two short beeps. At the post screen there is no error code shown. It seems that once I install the motherboard driver cd that came with the motherboard thats when it started acting up. I'm not 100% sure though. Thanks again Sceeter32 two short beeps are normal.. if you get a bunch of short beeps after that it saying it can not find your keyboard. as is listed above more than three short beeps is a bios problem, try hard resetting your bios with the jumper , and see if that end