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  1. jcl.. I use vmware for this .. at $189 its well worth the investment.. runs in linux or (winders).. under I have. dos 4.5 - 6.0 win 1.1 win 3.1.1 win 98SE win 2000 win server 2000 win XP win server 2003 Fedora core 1 & 2 Suse 9.1 Pro Slackware Gentoo Redhat AS3 whitebox linux Solaris 9 solaris 10 FreeBSD OPENBSD and I use it to test live CD's (I build with slackware) I see it as at $189 its cheeper that a new system.. plus I can logon to my works windows network and get stuff done with out exiting gentoo.. also I can design networks and test them on my laptop.. with 1 gig ram I can run
  2. just for the record I have always used the Kernel driver for the nvidia network card with no problems (since 2.6) .. but as it seams he is using red hat (9?) and its using probaly a 2.4 kernel the Nvidia nforce drive is probaly the best choice http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_nforce_1.0-0283.html but they must have kernel development installed.... before this will work also I belive you need to do a export GCC=gcc3.2 before running..
  3. there is a big debate on most Linux boards on what is the best distribution to learn Linux on. here is my opinion. one what do you mean by learn? if you what to learn how to navigate then www.knoppix.org or www.morphix.org,. one is gnome based and the other KDE based. but like the standard windows user, running programs does not mean you know anything about the OS. running programs in Linux is the same as running programs in Winders... there is a standard to making GUI based applications. after you run Linux from Mandrake or SuSE (put in the standards here) it will be the same as running wind
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    Bittorrent is a P2P software like kazza or "napster" insted of downloading music its a comunity of sharers to help speed up downloading of large file like knoppix or fedora. while there are probaly people sharing music and movies, bittorrent if not controld by anybody. the indavidual user is the one makeing decisions on who, what and how they share. Sun java is a programming language. java workstation is a catach word for sun. Sun java workstation is a user workstation with lots of java based tools. they also have a linux distrobution that they call java workstation. you have to buy suns jav
  5. yes the problem is with anaconnda (teh Red Hat installer) and *some* motherboards. anaconda was not rewritten fro the 2.6 kernel so on some older drivers it gives a wrong block placement for partition effetivly over writing part of the partition. this is fixed easly if you supect your motherbaord may have this problem or you don't what to risk windows ( I say wipe windows but your not me) .. use a knoppix disk. use qtparted to make your linux partitions and then install fedora. tell it to keep exsisting partitions insted of auto-partiting. if you have ever used partition magic you'll like qtp
  6. first you need to knwo what type of scsi.. is it scsi 1 ,2 or 3... then their are diffrent connetions to both.. but once you knwo the type you need you should find good cards for $20 on pricewatch.. mine came with my CD burner (yes it was SCSI).
  7. linux.org http://www.tldp.org/tldp-redirect.php?url=/ http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/release-notes/ http://lfs.osuosl.org/lfs/news.html (will tell you haow to build linux from scratch) http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook-x86.xml http://www.tonywhitmore.co.uk/core/ (best step by step guides) http://www.linuxquestions.org/
  8. to add to what hitest said.. Red hat 8 in the linux world is old. its samba client did not work well with windows and it uses a old version of GNOME and KDE. both have imporove a lot since Red Hat 8. we now have a whole new kernel branch and a new soud system to linux ALSA compaired to the old OSS of red hat 8.. does that mean Red Hat 8 is dead..no you can up date red hat 8 (argubaly you are makiong it fedora by doing so) see http://fedoralegacy.org/ he Fedora Legacy Project is a community-supported open source project. It is not a supported project of Red Hat, Inc. although Red Hat, Inc. doe
  9. Linux has decided that reading a file while writing it is a secuerity risk. it is a risk and I am glad they are thinking of secuerity to exploites that have not been used yet. but this does break cd burning. for most aplications you must now be root to burn cd's with kernel 2.6.8 . fixes a NFS problem iwth the secuerity updates. a new growisofs and cdrcord utilities should be out soon to fix this.. if you burn lots of cds stay away from the 2.6.8 kernel until the new cdrecord and growisofs is out. also there is a memory leak in the new kernel that breaks audio cd (sometimes). the 2.
  10. most old apple hard drives are SCSI not IDE. you need a SCSI card to use them.
  11. " is a firewall really neccessary when I have a wireless router" since a router is not a firewall I would say you need at least one. i use m0n0wall as my router and firewall and wireless router.. have stateful package inspections vpn access from the outside. as for software verses hardware (in case some one asked which is better) ..its all software its where you install it. at your gateway a firewall stops (or slowes down) people from searching your network. a router does not do that (not even with NAT). the firewall on your system stops programs from getting out side your computer. as a u