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  1. So I got a cool wireless keyboard and laser mouse kit for my laptop so I could type easier without hurting my wrists so much. It is really awesome but when I go to take my laptop out and use it as a laptop I can't even type on it because some of the keys either do not do anything or they type another letter than what is printed on the key. How can I fix this? This is in Windows Visa.
  2. It seems to work fine on my other computer with XP on it. But then again the installer does not seem to be working as it downloads 3-4mb and then resets. Does anyone know where the full offline installer file is at?
  3. I tried google chrome and it said the link was broken. Can you guys download it? Maybe one of you can download the full version and upload it for me.
  4. I need version 3.5 for a program. Microsoft IS NOT working so I can't get it to install at is is trying to download more from the MS website which is DOWN STILL. Can someone help me find version 3.5 full?
  5. So I REALLY need the .net framework to use one of my programs and well microsoft has had a broken link for 2 days. I find that pitiful for such a large company. Where can I download the FULL version for Vista? See I did get the 2.8mb one downloaded but when it tried to connect to the server it does not get it. I had to download that installer from cnet because MS site is DOWN well for that link.
  6. "VIA_VT8237_SATARAID_Floppy\VIA_RAID_Floppy\i386\NT5" I did not see that option. I just hit add to the files by hitting driver on the program. Now it see's the HD and is installing windows. Thanks a lot! What a mess. I hope this thread helps others like me new to SATA drives and saves them some time. Oh and one more thing, wow do sata drives move. XP installed in like 5 minutes!
  7. That is VERY confusing even for me and I am the computer geek around town. Are these the right drivers, I dont see a floppy thing on them. I am lost and my parents are impatient.
  8. I don't know how. When I hit the delete key it does not have "disable raid" anywhere.
  9. Can I somehow do a repair install through a IDE to USB thing like I got to repair windows on the hard drive as when I put it in the PC the windows disk will not give me the option to repair it.
  10. I am back from my beach trip. I plug my drive in again and make sure the jumper is set on the number 2 prongs. I use a new jumper I found.... Anyways it shows the drive in the bios now but windows disk can't find it. When I hit tab "to enter user" it says NOTICE: The number of disks is not adequate to create a raid. I have just one hard drive and it is set on the "SATA 1" port. What do I do now?
  11. How do I set it to IDE mode? If I don't get it done tonight then my parents will be without a computer till Sunday.
  12. I did it like this and the bios nor the windows disk still does not see my drive. The bios saw my drive before....;p_topview=1