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  1. Thanks folks..nothing special planned...but i do have my youngest home from school with a fever and a'm too old to have a 5th grader..
  2. Hi Liz...well i meant to set the updater to notify...but put it bit me again... so i guess i'll back up some critical data...check my internet settings...and try to follow the sticky procedures and give it a go...i too wish i knew how to disable the "install updates before shut-down feature.." but i have learned a lesson about how i have my updater configured UPDATE: well..followed the sticky and let the updater do it's mess no fuss.. ADDITIONAL UPDATE: both my daughters machines updated using the updater with no issues...i did follow the stickies advise and cleaned up the c drive(defrag..sfc etc)..turned off the anti virus and tea-timer..ones a Compaq and the other is an e-machine... just to let you know..
  3. for various reason i have put off installing xp sp3...i see that M$ has kindly downloaded it to me automatically(i'm set to download but not install until i say so..)...since i like to turn my computer off at night...this means that it will try to install the update if i want to turn off my machine... so...shall i follow the instructions in the sticky...or has it been made stable enough to just let the updater do it's dirty deed...?? Thanks.. wayne
  4. see my post below about mapping a network drive in vista...some of the links in that thread may lead you in the right direction...
  5. Well i must say my first hands on experience with vista has convinced me to hang onto XP as long as i possible can..i spent another 4 hours today mucking through the file sharing morass that is Vista..while i understand the added "security" that they have built into the networking and file sharing protocols..the lack of clear and concise instructions and help...combined with a lot of misinformation and down right simply conflicting and vague stuff on the internet..makes the set-up a can of worms...for example one Microsoft article about setting permissions for file sharing goes into some detail on the subject for 2 pages...and then at the end of the article recommends you don't change the setting because you might get "...unintended results." !!! in the end i also had to edit the registry to fix a "known" vista database sharing protocol issue which requires you to disable the SMB2 protocol.. bottom line is a job that would have normally taken me2...maybe three hours..took 9 on site hours over a two day period...client had a fit when the bill came i had to discount a bit to keep him "happy" the hard thing is i had set this club up 4 years ago on a 4 machine wired network on XP desktops and they ran over 40 meets with nary a hitch...i would just update the software and run some basic maintenance once a year before the track season started...but the president of the club just "had to have new vista laptops..!" well at any rate i worked out all the kinks and they're good to go for another season...until another vista bug rears it's ugly head..LOL thanks for the help folks...much appreciated.. wayne
  6. well after spending all day trying to configure a simple wired Ethernet network and not having much success i'm inclined to agree..however the client is not about to do that so i'm stuck trying to muck thru it all again tomorrow..glad i get paid by the hour on this one.. the drive mapping was a piece of's the setting of permissions and the fact that the network wizard only tries to set up an internet connection..which i do not want to do..i'm having a hell of a time getting a simple file sharing network to work..good grief wayne
  7. I do some consulting work for the local Track clubs and high schools setting up small 4 computer Ethernet networks and hardware and software interfaces for their timing systems.. I have a client that just updated his computers and they are all Vista OS of the machines we set up as a "server" and we map a network drive on it to share data with the camera and the meet management software.. All my setups have been on XP machines and i'm quite adept at mapping the drive for our set-up...but i have very little exposure to my question is...are there any things i should know or might be different in vista..when mapping a drive.. i'm meeting with them tomorrow morning so any help would be appreciated... thanks wayne
  8. screi

    McAfee shows it all green... wayne
  9. oh i do remember those mornings...but for me as a kid in meant hours of shoveling snow for my neighbors for 50 cents...75 if you had a fully paved driveway... but here in SoCal today high of about 65...low this morning was actually 31...frost on the
  10. screi

    An American Hero

    For those of you who may not have heard of army major named Andrew Olmsted was killed in action in Iraq a few days ago..he entrusted a blog posting to a fellow blogger to be posted in the event of his death... a must read... i don't believe i have ever been more affected by something i've read on the internet than his last post...i also recommend you follow the links in the above post, to some of hie earlier blogs...i doubt you would disagree with me that America has lost one of it's best... wayne
  11. screi

    Tech 10 Years Ago...

    bought my first machine in 1987...Motorola AT..20MB hard drive..i think it had 32kb of ram...really slow modem...(but got us connected..)..dos 3.something...paid over 2 grand from QVC..that machine was still running kid games in 1998..
  12. screi

    Happy Birthday Screi

    i suppose it's a bit of bad form to bump a birthday thread to wish you all a Merry Christmas...and a Happy New Year..but since the "damage" is done... ..all the best to all of you..we hope your holidays are filled with happiness and peace.. Wayne
  13. screi

    Happy Birthday Screi

    thanx marty..pat and echobay...all the best from me and mine to you and yours..Merry Christmas..and Happy New Year..!!
  14. screi

    Happy Birthday Screi

    did i say CHOCOLATE Cake...really..really big CHOCOLATE cake....LOL thanx...