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  1. shanenin...That's probably a very good idea. BTW...nice to see a fellow Minnesotan here!
  2. I don't sign my credit card on the back and have no problems whatsoever presenting my driver licence for signature verification when asked. (I know that this is not an answer to your question...but, I just wanted to throw that out..) If the card gets stolen and I am not aware of it, it will be a little harder for someone to use it. (I hope!)
  3. He is so adorable! Kids are such a blessing and joy to be around.
  4. jlwohac

    Blizzard Of 06

    Sorry, but had to chuckle when I looked at the last picture. The shovel stuck in the snow like somebody had taken a break after shoveling ALL that snow is funny. Now...I'm not saying shoveling snow is funny... I thot they said on the Weather Channel this morning that some roads are closed yet. Maybe heard it wrong...5AM is not my best hour. Usually the "Banana Belt", which is what one of the eastern South Dakota TV station calls the Rapid City area, has better weather than us, but NOT this year. We (eastern SD, southwest Minnesota) had a pretty mild winter and not much snow...for which I a
  5. My step brother got a new Dell and printer with the deal and we CANNOT convice him that he doesn't have to order replacement ink cartridges from Dell. Funny thread, but the best part was the smilie beating the dead horse. Hadn't see that one before!
  6. (Signed by:) Your Favorite Aunt, Mom.............
  7. Creepy snakes! Yikes! Looks fat enuf to have eaten somebody. Makes me REALLY count my blessings when I see pics like that. (Talking about the piles of metal now.) My heart goes out to all the people down south facing the devastation of Katrina.
  8. Nope, can't because they took away our Internet (cuz the guys were looking at porn). Know it was the guys because there are very few women control room operators where I work (3 women and dozens of men). And...they know exactly who it was, but ONCE AGAIN they punish everyone for what a few do and don't even talk to the naughty ones. Blah to them! Oh well...I'l do my surfing at home where I can go where I want, when I want for as long as I want in peace.
  9. jlwohac

    From The 50's

    Oh oh...I still call it an "emergency brake:, not a "parking brake". What does that mean? (Don't REALLY say it, I'm in denial...I can't be THAT old!)
  10. Congratulations on the birth of your son! It's been a lot of fun checking in on the "Baby Page" and I'm looking forward to further adventures! (Even the teething part in a few months.)
  11. Keith, I am truly sorry to hear of your loss. God bless ya and keep ya strong.
  12. Shadow...so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother.
  13. Just had the same trojan (8 hits) on my sister-in-laws computer this morning. We ran PandaActiveScan online scanner and it took care of all of them. I'm not really sure how to put a link in this message (yeah, I'm a noob), but if you Google for PandaActiveScan, you will find the link very easily. http://www.pandasoftware.com/activescan/co...n_principal.htm That's the URL for the online scanner I copied and pasted, but like I said, I'm not sure if that's how you put a link into this message. Hope this helps. All I know if the Panda online scanner took care of the trojans she had.
  14. 1918? Next question: What is your New Year's resolution?