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  1. Made it home for a couple dayss after the hernia repair only to have my dialysis center to become concerned with my blood pressure before they could begin my treatment. The charge nurse called in the ambulance crew to take me back to the hosipital. During the 40 minute trip my pressure stayed in the normal range. After sokme cussing in the ER I consented to be readmitted and checked out. During this stay I started having bloody bowel movements. They performed an endoscopy and colonoscopy which found that I had a couple of esophageal ulcers.During this stay I also ended up with a bad case of ly
  2. Some of us are getting old and have many issues to deal with to even login to the forums. The surgery on my leg kept me in the hospital for 12 days. I made it home only to return for a blocked ventral hernia. I ended up with sepsis and still hospitalized. On top of that my platelet count was low along with my hemacrit. I have been receiving transfusions plus under went a bone marrow aspiration & biopsy to determine why. I finally got someone to bring one of my laptops to me only to discover they grabbed the one I was working on. I've got about 3/4 of a viewable screen so I have spent two d
  3. TheTerrorist_75


    I saw the notice about the license key. Good to know it's reactivated. The anti-spam feature helps a lot. My surgeons had to postpone my bypass surgery until March 10. In the mean time they have me running the gauntlet with pre-surgery tests. At least I was able to get everything set up so my step-father was taken care of while I recover. My niece is willing to do any running I need done and doing some of my household chores. Basically looks like I will be on vacation until spring weather hits.
  4. TheTerrorist_75


    They should give me a medical degree with all of the procedures done on me. I usually don't let them knock me out so I can watch and ask questions. Most of the surgeons actually enjoy that I take an interest and study my issues. All I'm doing is paying for the abuse I put my body through in he past..Thankfully insurance companies can no longer drop me due to costs of my treatments and pre-existing conditions. PS: That Chinese spambot is now taken care of.
  5. TheTerrorist_75


    Last Thursday I went in and had three stents placed in my legs to allow some blood flow back. In two weeks I'll be having a bypass done on the main artery from groin to knee on my left leg. The 4 to 6 weeks recuperating will drive me up the wall. Of course it'll give me time to study Windows 10 and what laptop I want to install it on. I'll try to check in now and then. Still busy working on this house. Old houses need lots of attention.
  6. TheTerrorist_75


    I just banned every reported spammer going way back. Just keep marking them as spammers, no need to click the report button. I haven't been checking my email too often, damn doctors are keeping me busy as well as alive. Found out that my leg ulcers are slow healing due to a blocked artery in my leg. I go into the hospital again after the holidays. This time it is the better hospital in this area and my vascular surgeon will be taking care of me.On top of that the eye doc said my cataract has gotten to the point where he wants to remove it. Hopefully it works well and I won't have to buy a much
  7. TheTerrorist_75


    I did a complete banning of several months of flagged spam accounts a couple weeks ago. I went into the hospital last Monday to get a couple units of RBC for my anemia. While I was waiting in triage I mentioned the swelling in my leg that was injured transporting my step-father in his wheelchair. I told them the edema seemed to get better, but I think it may be turning into cellulitus. Good thing because It was and an infection had set in. I just got out after several days of IV antibiotics. After fighting with the idiot "doctors" at the local state run teaching hospital about them wanting to
  8. TheTerrorist_75


    I just banned a few hundred marked spammers going back to April. Just mark them as spammers and move their posts to the trash and I'll take care of the banning when I check in. I am still dealing with my multiple doctors seeing as how I lifted too much weight that I shouldn't have and tore something in my groin and back. Some day I'll listen to the docs and do as I am told. LOL!
  9. TheTerrorist_75


    It's not real people. They are spambots. Just keep doing what you are doing and when I get the chance to pop in I'll place a permanent ban on them.
  10. Wow! Where did the time go? Happy 10th. BT!!!
  11. Flag them as spam accounts. Posting privileges should be removed when this is done. Also move them to the trash bin so I can review who they are and properly ban them in the admin cp. I have been super busy the past few weeks so I only log in every 7 days or so. Bad enough taking care of my medical issues, but my step-father got careless and leaned over in his desk chair that has wheels to pick up a feather and took a face flop. His bad landing twisted his leg and snapped the tibia. Now I have to pick him up at the rehabilitation center where they placed him and drive him to dialysis then wait
  12. Those are scripts written by the orginators of the spam. Most are from third world coutries. Most of the IP addresses are from CloudFlare servers. I have been dealing with this crap since I became an admin. Right now I am doing proper bans on these spambots in the AdminCP.
  13. Most of them are spambots. They can't read this.
  14. With Windows 7 some programs may be running in the background when you decide to shutdown. It will flash the warning that it is waiting for the program to stop before continuing the shutdown. Many times it is Taskmanager on my Windows 7 setup. I consider it normal.
  15. It's good to see some more of the old timers posting that they are still around. I don't log in as much anymore due to dealing with my medical issues, but I also have been dealing with taking care of my unappreciative step-father who is in worse shape than I am.