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  1. The word is that the powerbook will go as soon as the new ibook gets the intel chip and changes it's name to Macbook. And the Macbook Pro line gets a 12" model.
  2. Well you could use one of the mac to erase the others by connecting a firewire cable between to macs. Restart the one your going to erase while holding down the T key. The mac will show up as a hard drive. Open disk utilities choose the drive you want to erase, pick secure erase. Also there is a utility called Super Scrubber that will do it, cost about $30.
  3. The powerbooks are still being sold they just added the Macbooks to the line up. There is also a intel dual core imac and some real cool updates to old software and some new software like iweb.
  4. Start up from a install disk go to disk utility > choose erase and pick your security options. Also if you just want to secure erase data put everything in the trash under finder click secure empty trash. This is with 10.4.
  5. Did you guys see the microsoft vista demo from CES, Here.
  6. I'm not a iriver user but it sounds pretty straight forward. I would definitely click finish before disconnecting. As for the device rebooting just wait a minute or two when nothing is happening it's done. If you do loose your data it will all sync up again when you plug it back in. Make sure you music is backed up anyway. I'm sure you'll have no problem with it. And if you are still worried, remember if your not having any problems with it you don't have to update.
  7. Here is Leo/Dev Null singing on the Site.
  8. Get the newest version of elements well worth it search the net you can find it pretty cheap. Both version 3 and 4 will automate some nice photo webpages. If all you plan to do is resize images for the web there are free app. But I think elements is a good investment.
  9. The pings are coming from your local area network not the internet. Are you on a wireless network?
  10. After she tossed it in the trash I asked if she wanted me to try to get it running and she said something about her blood pressure and where Bill Gates could put his windows. So I just shut up and took the box home. And hitest, I am very happy with ark so far everything just kind of worked after the install the only thing that I needed to install was flashplayer that I had to apt-get. It's still a beta but I would still recommend it to newbies with a fairly new machine. I don't think hardcore linux users would think much of it, it's to pretty and does most of the work for you through simple gu
  11. Yea...ark isn't one of the most popular, I tried it about a year ago and really liked it. Then after a kernel update I couldn't get it to work so I was using ubuntu "still am at work". But the newest version of ark is working like a dream. I would definitely recommend it to first time users it's pretty much geared to someone who needs some hand holding.
  12. My neighbor put a P4 1.8 in her trash yesterday said she couldn't get it to boot and if it did it would freeze up after a few minutes(win ME). She came home with a 20" G5 imac. Well I took her P4 and installed ark linux and here the screenshot.
  13. Pirates of Silicon Valley was just recently released on DVD, not bad for a made for tv movie.
  14. Anyone that can mix 24 tracks in garageband with a dual 400 G4 should have no problem getting OS 9 installed.
  15. Not many companies made usb adapters for macs seeing they have had airport ready macs for the last six years. But you may want to look at this one it works with pretty much anything that has a ethernet port.
  16. Are you getting graded on content or structure? Both need work, a lot of your facts are more opinion then fact. There is no drought that Bill is a great businessman and he did a little programing but he did and is a lot more <bite tongue>. And IBM and Apple have always been mainly hardware manufactures as opposed to MS being mostly software. Also I think bill dropped out of Harvard that where he met Steve Ballmer.
  17. Yea.. I understand the imac G4 was really not meant for high end apps. Although the new imacs are pretty upgradeable he really needs a powermac, of course even a mac mini will out perform his old imac. He still should put some more ram in the imac anyway, he can get it from just about anyone. Also this won't help much but OWC is a great place for mac upgrades.
  18. There is nothing illegal about building a mac. The problem is even if you could find a logic board (mobo) and some G5's it would cost more to build one then to buy one new. Tell him to save his money and wait there are some incredible mac's coming out soon. Even if he can't afford a new one this will bring the price of old models down. What audio software is he using? And 256mb of ram is minimum to run os x if he drops in another 512 he will see better performance. I've been doing recording on mac's for a few years now and started with machines slower then 800mhz G4.
  19. Well there are a few easy things you could do to fix this or any problem. 1. Pay someone to fix it. 2. Reinstall the os. 3. Buy and install Tiger. 1 is a waste of money because all they will do is reinstall the os. 2 should fix it and won't cost you anything. But number 3 would be my choice not only will it fix the problem you then get a better os to use.
  20. The scary writing your getting sounds like a Kernel panic. Seeing it happens when your shutting down, it may be something running that doesn't want to shut down. You wouldn't have any software from norton or some other anti-virus software on your system would you? There are a few things you should do. First download mac janitor, onyX or main menu and run the maintenance scripts. Then repair permissions with one of the app I mentions or use disk utilities. this won't help but I like to do it after any updates or any disk repair. Then put the Tech Tool pro cd in and restart holding down the C k
  21. With all the WYSIWYG editor out using HTML is less important. But there are times even with templets and good editors a little knowledge of html comes in handy. I do HTML so rarely that I forget a lot so when ever I work on my site I bring out my cheat sheet with all the most used tags. Here is a good place to go in case html xml css may be in your future.
  22. Some player don't like some media. Also some older players do not support -R or + R and dual layer. Sony being one of the companies that always seams to be very picky at first about what type of media plays in there products, would lead me to believe this is the case. DVD players are so cheap now just pick up a new one.
  23. How do you like it? What do you like about it and what don't you like about it? Windows box? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Like I said I use it at work, and for work I want something super stable, simple to use, and don't want to always worry about viruses and spyware. Linux does all this for me. What I don't like is although you can install and do most anything right away. You still have to spend a few weeks figuring out how to install plugins and many apps. I used a version of Linux called Ark Linux that is still in Beta that was incredibility simple but the new version won't install for me
  24. I'm at work right now and using Unbuntu. I do almost all my work with this computer and have never had a problem opening .doc files or other people reading mine. I would check with a publisher about using open office. Also you may need to keep a windows box around just for your book.
  25. Good take on this issue. I guess in the end we owe Charles Hirschhorn a big thank you. Although Leo, Kevin and the rest of the crew didn't invent audio / video on the net they are bring it to the next level. I just downloaded the video of episode 23 twit podcast and looking foward for Alex Lindsey's Macbreak that should primer today.