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  1. Grum worm poses as IE7 beta Spamvertised malware spreading fast By John Leyden Published Friday 30th March 2007 13:20 GMT Hackers are trying to trick prospective marks into loading malware that poses as a "beta" version of Internet Explorer 7. Widely circulated emails, which pose as messages from [email protected] and feature subject lines such as "Internet Explorer 7 Downloads", display an image which invites gullible users to download beta 2 of Internet Explorer 7. Users who click on the authentic-looking image download a file called ie7.0.exe infected by the Grum-A worm. Source: The Register»
  2. Windows zero-day flaw 'very dangerous,' experts say With Vista at risk, eEye issues unofficial patch; attacks traced to Chinese hackers Gregg Keizer -- The Windows zero-day bug now being used by attackers is extremely dangerous, security researchers said today, and ranks with the Windows Metafile vulnerability of more than a year ago on the potential damage meter. "This is a good exploit," Roger Thompson, CTO of Exploit Prevention Labs, said in an instant message exchange. "It's very dangerous. One of the reasons is that there's no crash's instantaneous. And all it takes is visiting a site." »»Yesterday, Microsoft Corp.'s Security Response Center (MSRC) issued an advisory acknowledging a bug in Windows' animated cursor, a component that lets developers show a short animation at the mouse pointer's location. Attackers, who are already exploiting the bug in limited fashion, can hijack PCs by tempting users to malicious Web sites or by sending them a malformed file via e-mail. "It doesn't require a PhD in hacking," Brown said. "The number of people who can use this is huge." eEye considered it so dangerous that early this morning it released a rare unofficial patch to temporarily plug the dike. This is only the second time that eEye has put out an unsanctioned fix for a Microsoft bug. MORE HERE:
  3. jimras, as taken from the ewido site, download page: "This setup contains the free as well as the paid version of AVG Anti-Spyware. After the installation, a free 30-day trial version containing all the extensions of the full version will be activated. At the end of the trial, these extensions will be deactivated and the program will turn into a feature-limited freeware version. The purchased license code can be entered at any time." Additional features of the Plus-Version(paid) NEW Scheduled scans Real-time monitoring of the entire system Memory Scan detects active threats Self-protection at kernel layer guarantees gapless monitoring Automatic online-update
  4. October 07 2006 : New test board, "Firewall termination defense" testing Some malware in the wild are trying to terminate various Anti-Virus and Firewall softwares 13 firewalls are tested against 38 termination methods, which means at least 500 tests done. Scoreboard Explanation: Test Results: (bottom page, click: View Results) KAV, Outpost and Comodo Free 100% pass!
  5. Thanks for the post Sultan; Please note AVG Anti-Spyware is formerly ewido and for all members/visitors an announcement can be found Here. Note: For: Windows 2000 and XP (32-Bit) only; (at this time.)
  6. The final major pre-release of Windows Vista—Release Candidate 1 (RC1)—is now available through the Customer Preview Program (CPP). Customer participation and feedback are integral parts of our development process. If you decide to install and test RC1, thank you for being part of the Windows Vista team! Note: This is beta code and should not be used in a production environment or on a primary computer in the home. RC1 is intended for developers, IT professionals, and technology experts to continue or begin their testing of Windows Vista. Before you decide to use RC1, you should feel comfortable with installing operating systems, updating drivers, and general PC troubleshooting. Some risks of using beta operating systems include hardware and software incompatibility and system instability. If you have concerns about installing this beta software on your computer, we encourage you to obtain the final release version of Windows Vista when it is available in 2007. Access to the Customer Preview Program is limited. Once the program capacity has been reached, the program will be closed and no new orders will be accepted. Windows Live™ ID required - signup - signin to get your Vista Key: (If you have a Hotmail address, MSN e-mail address, or Microsoft Passport, it's already a Windows Live ID.)
  7. Chachazz is happy Liz is back here is something just for you & new computer: Dell De-Crapifier (Dell=infamous for loading 'garbage' on their machines...
  8. The August AV Comparatives are now posted. "On this site you will find independent comparatives of Anti-Virus software. All products listed in our comparatives are already a selection of some very good anti-virus engines. In order to get tested by us, companies must fulfill various conditions. Various AV products are presented in our forum." "Please link ONLY to our main site and not to the other subpages. It's forbidden to use/provide our test results/documents on other sites without our permission." Website: (click on "Comparatives")
  9. A very slightly belated Happy Birthday Besttechie forums
  10. If you missed it this past weekend - it's being made available again! Simtel sponsors PCA Special Offer Extension "We are proud to present Simtel as a sponsor for the promised extension of our PCA Special Offer. As we have informed you in our previous newsletter, many users were not able to access our website last Sunday. Therefore we give you and all your friends a second and last chance to sign up for your award winning WinRAR 3.51 license key (this license key will only be valid for 3.51 and cannot be used in later versions of WinRAR)." Please fill out the form at and wait for further information that will be sent to you by email immediately. This form will only be online untill Saturday, August 5th, at midnight (CET). Please note that this is really the last chance to get your free registration for WinRAR 3.51. After midnight tomorrow there will be no other extension to this offer. Yahoo! Grab it now!
  11. Happy Birthday Sub and Carnevil!
  12. Works in Firefox and IE for me
  13. SPAMfighter SpamPal Use the New Security Improvements in Outlook Express
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