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  1. Also kevin does the TWiTcast with leo and company and he will a regular on Call for Help, I think leo said kevin was going to be doing eight episodes a month.
  2. UPS it to your hotel or where ever your staying. This way you don't have to worry.
  3. isteve


    Also Apple and Google team up to sell itunes through google.
  4. It's either a stereo amp or a two channel PA system. Either way it's got some power.
  5. I don't think mine needs explanation but... my name and I'm a mac user. Tymekyller, what kind of guitar is Tyme? I have a bunch of guitars but only one has a name "Gib" but that's not to creative kind of like my screen name here.
  6. 28mm is all ready pretty wide, are you looking for a fisheye? A good lens under 28 mm with little distortion can be very expensive. Maybe you could do a quicktime VR.
  7. Second Gen ipod 10gig for car, a ipod shuffle for work, and computer / airport express hooked to stereo at home.
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    A quick look at my itunes play count for the last week or so shows Incubus, Fiona Apple, Nirvana, Evanescence, Smoosh as my top plays. Don't really have any favorites but I do know what I don't like, but I won't get into that.
  9. Naming is hard check out Gimp Tutorials to get you started with Gimp.
  10. Diggnation, Systm, This week in tech, Leo and Steve Gibson security report, Leo on KFI are all available through itunes podcast. All you have to do is click on it. If you can't find it do a search. You can also subscribe to a podcast but set your preferences or it will start downloading all the previous podcast.
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    One of my favorite quotes from Homer Simpson; Beer... the cause of and the solution to all of life's problems.
  12. 01101000011101000111010001110000001110100010111100101111011011100110100101100011 011010110110001101101001011100110110101101100101001011100110001101101111011011010 010111101110100011011110110111101101100011100110010111101100010011010010110111001 100001011100100111100100101110011100000110100001110000
  13. Beating someone up probably won't help and you could wind up in court or even worse on Jerry Springer. The best thing may be to do nothing for a few weeks by that time your sister may have a new boyfriend or be back with the punk. These things happen. If you do decide to do something make sure your sister is being totally truthful and not just trying to put a hurt on a ex. I know it's hard to believe but females can sometimes be vengeful.
  14. I just have one suggestion when a person comes to a website they usually judge the site by it's welcome page. I personally like to start with a picture or logo and a short general statement about the site is about. Sometime making people read on you start page will make people go somewhere else, unless of course it a blog.
  15. Just curious, why can't you boot from a CD?
  16. If apple announced a dual core 1.5 Freescale powerbook my credit card would be smokin'. But... I guess I'll just have to wait for a Intelabook.
  17. I have never seen pear pc os x running in person but have seen videos online of it. And it seemed much slower then a G3.
  18. Looks like uberpenguin has been here for a while member #180
  19. I'm pretty sure all he wants is a faded background pic for his website wallpaper. I would just use two layers the BG layer white (or whatever color) and you picture layer and set the opacity, merge and save as.
  20. Looks like apple may be putting some Dual core PPC's in the G5's soon. A dual, dual core G5 has got to be some serious potential horsepower. Also Apple may be a little unhappy about os x on x86 websites here.
  21. Check your software update's, there's a update to the last update.
  22. Hi blim, just to let you know call for help never left TV. It's been on in Canada and Australia, and IMO better then the old CFH. If your interested you can get the shows off bittorrent. If you all ready knew this...Never Mind.
  23. Call for help in the USA, again. Leo seemed pretty excited about it on the twitcast even though he could not say anything yet.