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  1. SpinRite6 is also a good HDD tool for this, but it's not free. It does have some major power to restore bad sectors tho and is probably one of the best I've ever used....finally something Useful from!! Most of his other stuff is just fluff, including his port scanner, it's the easiest one to fool. The HDD utility from Seagate will work for most brands of HDD's, others are proprietary. If there are unrecoverable sections on the HDD, you can map them so Windows will not use them again, and run a Repair Install so you don't have to go thru a full backup & install again. Repair Install
  2. I d'loaded thes updates as Beta's about 2 weeks ago. I noticed faster file transfers but I didn't have the real bad problem before that some users had with it. Every now and then I'd have an impossibly long file transfer or it would not move everything (reportedly) and then I couldn't access the original to try moving it again...that kinda stuff, and so far it seems to have fixed those issues. But I haven't done a whole lotta transfers since I installed it so I can't be certain it's fixed. My bootups have been so painfully slow, that I just don't pay attention to it anymore...I start it and go
  3. Some chips can only handle 1 or 2 refills also, and then they're toast and you need a new cartridge. You can't constantly be refilling the same cartridges over & over again, they just don't stand up that long, at least I've never heard of one doing that. I never use refills anymore anyway, the ink was always garbage for the most part, and it "can" damage your printer in the worst case.
  4. First, be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the only instance of "services.exe" is in your C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory, if you have one anywhere else as well, it's a bad guy and you'll need to post into our Malware Removal forum about it. A secondary services.exe or service.exe anywhere other than system32 can be any number of infections, including the MyDoom infection, so be ultra sure that you only have one of this and it's in the proper directory. Services.exe (the real one) is the Windows Service controller and is responsible for starting and stopping windows services as required by the system or
  5. 4 sure Shane! Not many companies will do business with someone who works out of the house, they think that they may be unreliable or "fly-by-night"'rs or sumthin along those lines. Having an actual Store location shows that you've got investment in this now and will work reliably to ensure that you don't lose it. Get some nice cards made up now and get them circulating out there. Those little puppies are Great at drumming up business! Take out a 1/2 page ad in the local paper with your "Grand Opening" announcement, and offer a 10% discount or something, to new customers...get those people thru
  6. Hi Guys Just an update My new RAM arrived on Monday and you won't believe how apprehensive I was about something as simple as installing 4 sticks of RAM!! I think it took me about 4 hours just to work up the guts to get started....can you blame me after my last episode concerning RAM?? Prolly not eh...well everything went very smoothly. After should, it's only RAM for gawds sake, but I know that my last board was defective to begin with, starting right with the RAM sockets themselves. The sockets on this board were ultra easy to get the clips to snap into place, whereas the last board
  7. I know I did an "All Inclusive" birthday post awhile back, but I just HAVE to post into this one! HAPPY B-DAY HITEST!!! You've reached the big "FIVE-O", welcome to the club! That means you're old enough to remember an old rhyme...."Georgy-Pordgy, Puddin pie....Kiss da girls and make em Cry" What the heck does that mean anyway??? Geez there were allot of idiotic rhymes when we were kids eh..
  8. Chappy

    Idiot Admin

    Ummm....inserting code at that hour??? That'll teach you.....remember the old addage.."If it ain't broke......" (I should learn the rest of that saying someday) The young-un's are playing with code now eh, leaving us older admin's to keep the place sane. Isn't it funny how one incorrect little snippet of code can make EVERYTHING go wonker-diddles? You probably sent it into a loopback that it couldn't get out of and normal traffic couldn't get authorized because all the cycles were used up in the loop right? Well, glad it's all sorted out 4 now, that is..until your Next "play around with serv
  9. Chappy


    Glad to hear it's Benign Mark! That's good news my friend but I'm sure you're still in some discomfort with what's happened, so stick it out and it'll get better! Like Barb say's, we have computer parts kickin around in the Garage Sale that you can pick up cheap & even free. In fact, I now have a ton of parts kickin around but most are fairly new (as in a couple months) and I need to get some $$ out of them to help offset the costs of my new build as much as possible. I also have a good friend who I promised he could have the pick of the litter of my older parts, so there's probably not mu
  10. Hey RV!! Actually I had a chance to go to the game but was a bit under the weather that day and I decided that the heat would not do me very good, so I watched it at home. Were you guys in town for the game?? (and you didn't call if you were.....) Once I found that deal on the monitor on Ebay, I went looking around at some other stuff and I just couldn't pass on what I found, so I figured "To Heck with it"!! If I'm gonna replace a MoBo, I'm gonna rebuild the entire rig even tho it's only 5 months old! It's "close" to what I would've built so with a few upgrades I now have a decent custom rig,
  11. Good Job Buddy! Yes...a Virtual Storefront is Exactly what you need too! I now do most of my shopping online and a good website will bring in some much needed business, maybe you can start selling parts online. There are many Cable, Case, and other parts makers who are looking for more retail resellers for their products and the parts business is a huge aspect of computers today since most folks do allot of their own building too. I know I've run across a number of manufacturers this last few weeks as I've been searching for my parts, that use resellers exclusively and are looking for more. (M
  12. I know how you all feel...I too am a big time softie when it comes to animals, and Bobby...don't fret being 6'2" and breaking down when you've lost a beloved pet. I'm 6'2" of blubbering jello when I lose a furry family member, and even when my sister's lose one of theirs. (we're all big animal lovers in my family) I have a male cat, Midnight right now who's also been diagnosed a diabetic. He's 12 now and for the last week he hasn't eaten hardly anything. Then a couple days ago I noticed his breath is highly "Acetone" which is a sign of uncontrolled diabetes. Stupid me was a bit lax recently on
  13. Chappy


    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never even noticed that the OP was from 2005...jeez Pierce....WTF took you so long!!
  14. Thx Folks! (and fellow Hoser!!) Actually JSKY, my new RAM has yet to arrive so I still have that to do. There'll be a bit of apprehension for sure as I push that in..I'll be relieved when the clips snap into place before the MoBo snaps out of place! Even tho they say you shouldn't, I think I'll Help the clips snap in this time, just to be sure. Also, the new MB has more standoffs around the RAM modules so it should be stiffer and more support this time. Family is sure growing up there TK! Congrats old friend!! I just ordered a Zalman 9700 CPU cooler also and I'm going to make some custom SATA
  15. Chappy


    YO! Where you Bin man?? When I go MIA, it's only for a month or so...not YEARS!! Welcome back, Glad to have you here again (isn't it nice to have a homecoming like this?? Can't find this at most other forums eh)