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  1. iTunes doesn't work in ME or older. If your asking because you have a iPod there are a few apps that will let you transfer music from ME and 98 to a iPod.
  2. I do remember that Apple computer would be dead before the turn of the century.
  3. I think you would be gullible if you believe that test has any validity what so ever.
  4. 100% signal only means he is connected to the router. Try restarting the modem.
  5. Keith is a pretty smart guy, so I'm guessing he has found something by now.
  6. On the Mac side it's in Preferences / Advance, at the bottom.
  7. The cd doesn't care what type of data it has on it, it's all just 1 and 0. It shouldn't matter if it's one 400mb file 400 1mb files or whatever. And your computer doesn't care if the data is on a hard drive a cd, dvd, thumb drive, network or even a floppy as long as it has permission to use it.
  8. I can't do that every time I get to 4 someone punches me...hmm
  9. isteve

    6.8ghz Laptop

    I like the 8gb of ram made with a 1/8" stereo plug. Or how about there crack staff of engineers.
  10. isteve

    6.8ghz Laptop

    I hear that company also makes flying cars.
  11. 55% General American English 35% Yankee 5% Dixie 5% Upper Midwestern 0% Midwestern No midwestern for me...don't yu know.
  12. I saw your name Kev and though this was going to be iPod post.
  13. The Mythbusters had a show about coke myths and most of the ones listed were busted except for the chrome bumper one.
  14. So who do we talk to about a music thread, I'm pretty good with grageband that's sort like tech. And most people like to talk about music, new and old. Also I did put up some pics of my guitars if anyone is interested you can see them here.
  15. Old am radio too bad... now if you had a old turntable... you could be a star.
  16. I wanted to put some pictures of my gear on my website, but been too lazy to bother to take pictures and work on my website. This sounds like a good saturday morning project...I can mow the lawn anytime.
  17. Hey I got a 72 SG that had a bigsby. I also have a 73 Marshall super lead that never gets used just to loud. Maybe we should start a separate thread so we can show off our music gear.
  18. DOSError what you been doing there is trolling you have been starting those fires by insulting people for no reason.
  19. Any broadband is better then dial up. There is no reason that a well maintained cable system should slow down unless they oversold your local node, and you got to have a pretty bad cable company to do that. Most cable companies sell packages by minimum speed you will get. The DSL providers then started selling by maximum speed you may get. Then some cable companies started doing the same so it sounds like you will get more. When you look for a broadband provider just read the fine print to see if there selling minimum or they say "up to".
  20. I'm not sure if your going to have much luck finding a usb Wireless adapter. Tell him to get a airport card. If he has a newer mac he can get this airport extream card for $69.
  21. Podcast are now both,good thing about using itunes is it will download, organize and play them and if you want even delete them when your done.
  22. Are talking about the maximum speed you could get, what speed your paying for. Or the actual speed of a given download. Any file you download depends on the server your downloading from it's like having a garden hose and a fire hose, if your feeding the water in with a eyedropper your going to get one drop at a time.
  23. You can't judge all podcast by just one some are very good some not so good. I personally love Tech news and beer drinking so I enjoy the Diggnation vidpodcast. I also subscribe to a few other podcast most Leo related and some of the Mac podcast. The only down side is I'm watching less TV...wait thats not a down side.
  24. isteve

    Free Opera

    Just letting you guys know you can get a free registration for Opera Not sure how long it will last.