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  1. Just checking in here. It was recently Tim Jetmore's (Ejet Pecan) birthday and that made me realize that he and Dana (Cherokee Chief) passed. I haven't heard from Mike Legget in some time and think he too is gone. (He did change his name to Mike Miller for a bit but that too is gone) Only ones I still see on Facebook are Dave Chapman (Chappy FD) and Jeff (Beluga).. Is Flash4 still here? I don't see any recent posts from him? Any others? We had some good times back in the days of TechTV and G4TV forums. Sad that so few of us have survived, but old age catches up with us all eventu
  2. You can set up a loop in a host file so that when the IP address is looked up , instead of using your ISP it looks there first and gives a loop back to your computer or redirects to a site you select (by entering their IP address). There are many host file editors to make this easy
  3. Personally I am opposed. IF I find out that a business is dishonest in any way; I do not trust anything about them. Pay for advertising, not fake reviews , not fake followers, not fake promotions. If you are good, your loyal customers will do their part.
  4. So many of us have passed and so few from the old days are left. I stay in touch with Mlegg , Tjet, and Jeff and Chappy on Facebook...(maybe a couple I forget, this getting old is hell). Dana's death was unexpected. He went to the doctor to see about some weakness and instablilty and got diagnosed with tumor in his brain. Got radiation / surgery and was going to start chemo when he had stroke like complications and was admitted to hospital. He had a couple brief days where he managed to post and contact friends, before he rapidly declined. At least he was with with friends and family
  5. Please join us in prayer and grief for the loss of Dana Turner to cancer. He will be remembered as a kind hearted soul. Please know. He did not experience pain and went peacefully in his sleep. Party on Dana with all the loud metal rock that one.
  6. I have notified Jeff. Avast Antivirus blocks Access to as URL:Blacklist meaning someone submitted it and they have thrown it into the blackhole. Hopefully he can resolve this.
  7. Not sure how many people from the old days still stop in. Dana Turner AKA Cherokee Chief is in the hospital with brain cancer. His condition is deteriorating and they are moving him to a nursing home for hospice care He will be missed. He was a good friend and fought the good fight. Shannon posted this update " I spoke with Dana today. His hospice ase manager used her phone. He no longer k ows how to work his phone. He was telling me about cookie monster. And that he had been playing dodgeball. I asked him if he was winning and he said no. He was very perky and sounded happy in
  8. So few from the old days remain; and few of us are remembered. It was a great time. We did a lot of good.
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    Just stopping by to see who is still around. Social media really killed the forums.
  10. Doubt you will see this any time soon. I too stop in only rarely. Howdy Bearskin.
  11. Chuck , sounds like a DNS redirect infection. Spoofed site in place of real one or ransomware.
  12. Insufficient power supply for the graphics card you have or incompatible graphics card for the demands of the game. " This issue may occur because of any software conflict or incompatible / corrupt display or graphic driver " So if you have not done so, download the latest driver for your card and install it. If that does not solve it, you may need to consider replacing your video card to play that game.
  13. He was a master of the google search. Now that I am old, I look back on the early days and the friends we made nostalgically. We fought the good fight and despite our differences we worked together. We learned a lot and passed it on to the new guys. Kind of like being in the Army; I look back on those days too with a bit of nostalgia.
  14. Note; often when you install an app on windows X it will change from your computer login to your windows live login. If the windows live had a different password, make sure you know it.
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    Just passing through. Hi yall.